Watch September

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Watch September

Events scheduled to take place in September herald a toe-curling finish to the year.

Vital events accumulating in the northern autumn promise an explosive finish to what has been an extremely volatile year on the international scene. All these upcoming events are powerfully prophetic in their import for the times we are living through in what amounts to the close of an age—the age of Anglo-Saxon global dominance.

The events scheduled for the northern autumn will provide an electrifying climax to a year that has been one for the record books in respect of massive weather-related disasters on all continents, leading to considerable negative impact on national economies already under pressure from the continuing global economic and financial crisis.

In addition, with the whole of Northern Africa and swathes of the Middle East having erupted throughout spring, Libya, Syria and Yemen still on the boil, this year will go down in history not for the fashionable journalese “Arab Spring,” but more as the year that changed the political structure of most of the Arabian world and added to the power of that Persian nation pulling so many of the strings from behind the scenes—Iran.

It has also been the year of crisis for the European Union, as the dominant few of the EU member nations jostle for the retention of power and influence within a union of 26 nations that has patently become subject to the whim of a predominant 27th—Germany.

In the meantime, the chickens have come home to roost at the mother of all parliaments as the ancient British system of law and jurisprudence finds itself toothless and clawless, let alone clueless, in its failure to deal with a youth culture run rampant in its blatant, amoral destructive self-indulgence.

Across the Atlantic, Washington has proven either unable or unwilling to take the lead or to positively influence or to constructively aid in any of these events. It is a sad commentary on a nation that still claims to be a global superpower, yet whose actions and, frankly, capabilities are unable to match its rhetoric.

The year 2011 has been a year very much out of the ordinary, and it’s far from over yet. The month of September will set the stage for a tumultuous final quarter of the year. Reflecting on the overwhelming events of 2011 thus far, any thinking person would have to wonder just what has gone wrong with this world? In particular, what has gone wrong with those traditional bastions of freedom, the Anglo-Saxon nations?

The Trumpet is in a unique position as compared to any mainstream media outlet that examines the news. We can tell you why these unprecedented events are happening all so close together at this moment in history—and we can forecast, with incredible accuracy, where they are ultimately leading.

Our analyses are entirely politically incorrect. We strive to carry no bias in our stories—to just tell you the facts based on the plain and simple truth, underpinned by the only reliable source on which to base a true predictive analysis of current world events: the more sure word of inerrant, God-breathed Bible prophecy (2 Peter 1:19). We stand on our record. Check our archive.

So, why do we ask you to watch September?

Well, just consider the litany of key events of global impact shaping up for this month:

September 4: State elections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany—a loss by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (cdu) will lead to a major loss of her influence in parliament, posing a coalition government crisis within Europe’s leading economy.

September 7: German Constitutional Court gives judgment on legitimacy of Germany’s involvement in national financial bailouts which are precluded by the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution.

September 16: For the first time ever a Ukrainian combat unit will join in a major military training exercise with Russian and Belarusian forces. This sends a strong signal that Ukraine may now fall to the Russian camp, thus consolidating a clear eastern border for the EU imperial project. We have long contended that Ukraine would form the dividing line between the eastward-expanding EU and the westward expansion of a regenerated imperialist Russia. Once that border is settled, the geopolitical basis for a non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia is established, the conclusion of such a pact thus leaving Germany free to look to its Middle East, African and Atlantic expansionist goals.

September 18: Berlin state elections—a loss for the cdu in this final of seven state elections this year could sound the death knell for Chancellor Merkel’s leadership of Germany’s governing coalition. Will the way be open for the rise of a populist government in Germany, within a Europe that is fast swinging to the right politically?

September 19: The World Trade Organization meets to consider current challenges to world trade. A negative forecast could have a powerful effect on global stock markets and sour investor confidence, exacerbating the current global economic crisis.

September 20: The United Nations will vote on whether or not to recognize an official Palestinian state. The outcome will have powerful effect on current tensions in the Middle East. Watch, in particular, for the German vote and where it leads from here.

September 22: Pope Benedict commences his visit to Germany. He will visit German President Christian Wulff, ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl and current embattled Chancellor Angela Merkel. He will also attend the German parliament. During this visit, the pope plans to stress inter-religious cooperation, meeting with Jewish, Muslim and Protestant leaders. He will be especially working in an effort to further close the gap between Rome and its wayward Protestant daughters by honoring the 16th-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther.

September 29: The German parliament votes on whether or not to approve the European Financial Stability Facility (efsf). If accepted, the implementation of the efsf will create a fiscal union out of the 17 eurozone nations and strengthen Germany’s political dominance of Europe. The issue has divided the conservative alliance of the cdu and Bavarian Christian Social Union within Germany’s parliament. The outcome has the potential to drastically affect the global financial crisis and may cause a government leadership crisis in Germany leading to collapse of the government.

We will report on the outcome of each of these events in progressive analyses week by week through the month of September, revealing their portent in relation to the Bible prophecies which they are very specifically fulfilling during these vital times we are all currently living through.

Watch September, and as you do, remember Jesus Christ’s admonition as He prophesied of these times: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:36).