The UN’s Campaign Against Young People

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The UN’s Campaign Against Young People

A United Nations-affiliated group has issued a statement endorsing child sexual activity, the legalization of deviant behavior, illegal drugs and abortion.

Last week the United Nations Youth Conference was held in New York. This culminated the UN “International Year of Youth.” As part of the input to that conference, a United Nations Population Fund (unfpa) youth initiative issued a statement claiming that “‘more needs to be done to ensure young people’s sexual and reproductive rights’—especially ‘the right to choose,’ a reference to abortion. The statement also says all young people globally have the ‘right to confidentiality’ and the right to ‘be free from judgment.’ … The UN-affiliated group also issued what UN analysts say is a call for the decriminalization of prostitution and drug use” (, July 28).

The statement issued by the UN-affiliated group y-peer very clearly reveals that it has a specific agenda to open up youth to predation from all and sundry perverts within the global community. The endorsement of a more anti-parent stance could hardly be imagined, given the claim by y-peer that young people “have a right to confidentiality” and to not have their youthful behavior “judged.”

The prologue to its statement reads: “We are members of youth organizations, networks who work in youth sexual and reproductive health and rights; and we are working for youth serving organizations all over the world from more than 55 countries around the world.” Just who are those “youth organizations”?

Among those listed as collaborators of the statement are y-peer, youact, ysafe and the International Committee of Women Living With aids.

They are each worth a brief look before we comment further on their devious, UN-endorsed agenda allowing perverts to take advantage of children’s innocence.

y-peer’s website states that “y-peer, the Youth Peer Education Network, is a groundbreaking and comprehensive youth-to-youth initiative pioneered by unfpa. y-peer is a network of more than 500 non-profit organizations and governmental institutions; its membership includes thousands of young people who work in the many areas surrounding adolescent sexual and reproductive health” (emphasis added throughout).

That statement alone should set alarm bells ringing in the minds of any mature-minded adult. What are “young people” doing working in “many areas” surrounding “adolescent sexual and reproductive health”? Both the inference and the evidence suggests that this enterprise is dealing with and encouraging sexually active adolescents in many so–called “lifestyle choices” outside the norm, otherwise whence the “many” areas?

Note that the statement’s prologue contains no reference to any youthful responsibility to constrain sexual activity till traditional marriage at a mature adult age. The basic premise justifying y-peer’s existence is patently wrong based on any responsible measure of what it is that makes for a sound moral society. The fruits of its efforts therefore will also be wrong.

The age range that the UN defines as “youth” is 10 to 24. The latter age is that which Herbert Armstrong, author of The Missing Dimension in Sex, indicated was the optimum age for a woman to marry and therefore become legitimately sexually active within the God-ordained bonds of the marriage institution.

It is interesting to note that by age 24, a person has spent 12 years in childhood, seven years in adolescence, and just five years in adulthood. Thus most of his or her life’s experience to that point has been within the age of immaturity—the first 20 years. The sole adult experience of a 24-year-old is but five years.

Among its active participants, y-peer lists “youth advocates for adolescent sexual and reproductive health.” The point is that there would be no need for such “advocates” if adolescents were taught proper self-control—to behave with both decency toward and respect for the opposite sex based on the timeless laws of their Creator.

youact’s website bills it as working “to empower young people to take an active role in their communities and organizations and to advocate for sexual and reproductive rights as human rights. We believe that decisions which affect young people should be planned and formed by young people themselves.”

Now there’s a classic recipe for disaster! Here we have a group that advocates for the immature and the inexperienced to set their own rules concerning “sexual and reproductive rights.” On the contrary, such “rights” have for millennia have been regarded as “rights” only to be claimed by mature adults in civilized society within the sacred bounds of marriage between man and woman as commanded by God (Genesis 2:24).

The ysafe website states that “Youth Sexual Awareness For Europe (ysafe) is a youth network on sexual and reproductive health and rights (srhr). It is a project of the ippf [International Planned Parenthood] European Network (ippf en) geared at empowering youth participation in decision-making and implementation …. ysafe also links with other youth organizations to advance the srhr of young people in Europe.” Note that ysafe’s sponsoring organization, ippf, has as one of its prime platforms the commitment to promote the belief “that a woman has the right to choose and access safe abortion services and we lobby for changes in legislation to support this.” This enterprise thus lobbies for the immature to be granted the right to murder their ill-conceived offspring in the womb!

Turning to the enterprise International Committee of Women Living With aids (icwlwa), this appears to be a support network designed to aid and educate especially those women most prone to hiv infection. The South African website Trade Mark states that “From a gender perspective, women continue to bear the disproportionate burden of the epidemic, and with 60 percent of all women living with hiv in eastern and southern Africa. Women are at higher risk of hiv infection compared to men, especially young women aged 15–24 years who are particularly eight times more likely than men to be infected. In this region, which is home to 60 percent of all women living with hiv and where young women aged 15-24 are eight times more likely to be infected with hiv than their male counterparts” (April 14).

It would seem that this enterprise, icwlwa, has the best of intentions of assisting with treating the effects of the hiv pandemic yet struggles to grasp how to deal with the cause. Once again, the concern is for the youth, the 15-to-24-year-olds, who are most prone to infection. That is the age group that historically—before the tectonic changes wrought on society by the new-age morality that mushroomed out of the 1960s age of youth rebellion—was viewed as least prone to infection by venereal disease.

This was due to the fact that society then accepted a collective moral obligation to protect them from predation by deviates, especially in the education system. That was the age when the law acted responsibly to protect youth from wrongly perceiving that they had any “rights” to sexual experimentation and to reproduction before reaching mature adulthood. That was the age when marriage between a mature adult male and female was the only legal means of cohabitation allowing for the “rights” for reproduction of another generation.

That is one of the main problems with y-peer. It is set up to work with the effects of sexually active youth, not the cause of such behavior. For it to change its brief to educate youth to postpone becoming sexually active till legitimized within the God-ordained sanctity of the marriage union, at an appropriate age and level of maturity, would be the most responsible action this body could take. To encourage and endorse such an education process would represent an unusually wise decision by the United Nations. Yet, consistent with its amoral, moribund, irresponsible habits, the UN has endorsed and funded the very opposite initiatives.

The pro-life news agency reported that “Of the youth issues that were discussed at the conference, most concerned the ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ (srhr) agenda. unfpa sponsored nine side events, many of which focused on promoting young people’s ‘sexual rights,’ such as comprehensive sex education, the abolition of parental consent laws, as well as contraception and the decriminalization of abortion” (July 29).

Further evidence supporting the fact that the UN had a specific agenda to push that would brook no opposing argument came from the same source further observing that “When a young person attending this week’s UN Youth Conference stood to ask a question and identified himself with a pro-life ngo, the moderator of the side event informed him that the panel was not interested in hearing his perspective.”

The second great problem that the y-peer manifesto raises is that deviants within society have a terrible habit of seeking out such ready-made institutions as a platform from which to peddle their own perverse practices and seek a mandate for legitimizing them. Judged by its recommendations, it would appear that this has already happened with y-peer.

So, consider the devolution of civilized society that has occurred over the past few months creating an avalanche toward a globalized Sodom and Gomorrah.

The most Catholic nation on Earth, Malta, recently agreed via a nation-wide referendum to legalize divorce.

New York has now “legalized” same-sex unions, creating a rush by other American states to follow suit. Other nations are already hopping on the bandwagon of the deviate and the perverse by creating their own copy-cat legislation.

The president of the once greatest nation on Earth refuses to endorse his own country’s Defense of Marriage Act, freely and very publicly entertaining all classes of deviates at the White House.

Now to cap it all, the global institution set up to maintain peace and order in a morally responsible global order, the United Nations, endorses the very worst of practices among the world’s youth.

Of a truth, responsible, legitimate marriage between mature adults of the opposite sex is rapidly becoming obsolete, even as Herbert Armstrong perceived would be the tendency in our age. It’s all so prophetic.

God prophesied that the very immorality that caused Him to wipe most of humanity off the Earth in the great Noatian Flood would be prevalent as Earth’s current post-Flood civilization began to resound with the death rattle. It is here, just as prophesied, and we know what follows the death rattle.

Bible prophecy indicates that we are on the brink of feeling God’s righteous correction for our mass rebellion against our Maker. In Noah’s time, God wiped all humanity out, save for eight souls. The reason is made plain in the book of Genesis. Humankind had descended into the pits of depravity, “marrying” whoever they chose, apparently regardless of their sex! God prophesied that in the time approaching the end of the post-Flood civilization of man the same type of debauchery would dominate society (Matthew 24:38).

But this time, unlike in the days of Noah, it will not just be eight souls saved from global destruction. This time, following the prophesied Great Tribulation primarily brought upon the Anglo-Saxon peoples (Matthew 24:21-22) and the great Day of the Lord on all other peoples (2 Peter 3:10), a remnant of all nations will be saved to start civilization on Earth afresh. But this time they will be educated in the one single, overarching human right that God has given to man to guarantee the fulfillment of His God-designed incredible human potential—the right to obey his Maker.

To study how you may prepare for your Creator’s imminent intervention in this world’s affairs, read Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete? and our book The Incredible Human Potential. They will give you a vision that will empower you to resist the downward spiral of today’s perverse society and give you the real hope to begin preparing to be part of that wonderful future world that will soon replace it!