South Sudan—Future EU Vassal State?

Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

South Sudan—Future EU Vassal State?

South Sudanese independence works powerfully in the interests of European imperial elites.

Described as “one of the least developed regions on Earth,” South Sudan officially became the 54th African state on Saturday, and the world’s 196th nation-state.

The division of Sudan into two separate nations is welcomed by the elites within Germany and the Vatican as it plays right into the hands of European imperialists. There are at least three vital reasons for this:

· Oil

· Strategic location

· Religion

In respect of the first reason, both Chinese and EU interests have vied for some time for the reliable flow of oil to their respective economies. Though China has borne the brunt of developing the infrastructure to transport the oil in South Sudan to Port Sudan in the north for shipment abroad, Germany’s proximity to Sudan gives it the edge in influencing government policy as the new nation develops. It also allows for the rapid deployment of EU “peace keeping” battle groups to the region, something that the German defense establishment, together with other EU defense elites, is currently working speedily to develop.

Concerning the second reason why South Sudan independence is vital to EU elites, we have previously highlighted the strategic importance to the EU imperial project of Sudan and its Red Sea peripheral neighbors.

The Bundeswehr is presently deployed in North Sudan and in Ethiopia, and the Deutsche Marine in the coastal waters off the Horn of Africa as well as in the Mediterranean.

These deployments plus those of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan provide increasingly vital toeholds to Germany in the strategic effort to surround Iran in preparation for a stronger presence in the region when Iran takes over Iraq, pending the U.S. withdrawal from that country. Germany and China simply cannot permit any prospect of Iran shutting down access to the transit of oil through the Persian Gulf.

The German and Chinese economies have become so mutually dependent on each other that this demands each works to protect the other’s interests in the vital Middle East oil triangle.

This all speaks volumes for the rising strength of German-Chinese political connections and argues not only for the continuing German military presence in the region, but also for the future strengthening of that presence.

The trade-off for Germany securing this region will be Beijing granting it access to the international ports that China controls. This temporary cooperation between Germany and China will prove to be devastating to the Anglo-Saxon nations at the time of the prophesied siege by the resurrected German-dominated Holy Roman Empire during its period of greatest strength and aggression (Revelation 17:12-13).

The third reason why South Sudan independence works to the favor of EU elites is the prospect of the enhanced cooperation and eventual control of the South Sudanese oil economy that it presents through control of the minds of the masses in that country. The Vatican highlighted this by sending a high-powered delegation to South Sudan’s independence celebrations. Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. on Friday released the following declaration: “Tomorrow, July 9, the new Republic of South Sudan will be proclaimed in the city of Juba. For this solemn occasion, the Holy Father has sent an official delegation headed by Cardinal John Njue, archbishop of Nairobi and president of the Kenya Episcopal Conference. The delegation, which will also include Archbishop Leo Boccardi, apostolic nuncio to Sudan, and Msgr. Javier Herrera Corona, secretary of the apostolic nunciature to Kenya, will bring the authorities of the new state, and all its citizens many of whom are Catholic, best wishes for peace and prosperity.”

The same statement highlighted that “The Holy See … has had stable diplomatic relations with the authorities of Khartoum since 1972 and will give due consideration to any request from the government of Southern Sudan …; at the same time she expresses the hope that those peoples will enjoy a journey of peace, freedom and development.”

It is interesting to note that during the time that the Vatican State “had stable diplomatic relations with the authorities of Khartoum” (capital of Islamic North Sudan), the Sudanese government oversaw the death of nearly 2 million people and displacement of some 4 million in southern Sudan as a result of raids by northern Islamists. The Vatican certainly did not permit this slaughter to interrupt its strategic “stable diplomatic relations” with Khartoum. Vatican diplomacy is specifically geared to enhance its long-term goal, yet another resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.

The International Federation for Human Rights reported that barely two months ago, “border disputes escalated into armed clashes in Abyei when the Northern troops took possession of the region, displacing more than 110,000 people fleeing the fighting.” Such incidents indicate that peace between north and south in Sudan will only come under the oversight of a “peace keeping” force supplied by a third party. Germany and attendant EU battle groups will stand ready to fill that gap.

The German government-sponsored news source Deutsche Welle recently showcased an opinion piece headlined “Berlin should lead by example to help South Sudan,” written by Thorsten Benner, co-founder and associate director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin. Benner is also a leading professor at the Berlin-based Hertie School of Governance, which is tasked with educating German and EU elites in how to increase EU imperial dominance globally. In the Deutsche Welle column, Benner declared that “Germany should lead by example and within a European framework increase its military and civilian contribution. … Germany should also push for a stronger coordination of the flood of assistance activities on the ground” (July 8).

Benner further noted that Germany was in pole position to powerfully influence developments in Sudan due to its enhanced role in the United Nations over the next six months: “What’s more, Berlin during its current presidency of the UN Security Council should also push for realistic goals for the mission in South Sudan.”

Watch for Germany and the Vatican, with diplomatic support from China, to work to shape events in Sudan in the months ahead. It may well be that, like events on the Ivory Coast, South Sudan may effectively become a vassal African state to the imperialist European Union, none other than the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire!