Greece—the German Solution

Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images

Greece—the German Solution

Germany started the Greek financial crisis—now it’s imposing its solution.

“Berlin has been planning for this crisis before it even adopted the euro. European elites knew it would eventually come. And they will soon present a solution.”

So wrote our editor in chief in our February 2009 print edition.

That solution is now being imposed on Athens by Berlin.

As we predicted, Germany is now demanding that Greek assets be sold off in a fire sale to offset Greek debt. There is simply no alternative. Germany holds the whip hand in the eurozone and dictates conditions for the bailout of any country within the European Union. Berlin now has a complicit and compliant central banker heading the European Central Bank based in Frankfurt, the Jesuit-trained Mario Draghi. When the whole euro crisis is over, it will be game, set and match to Berlin and Rome—your Bible prophesies that result (Revelation 13).

The appointment of Draghi—already holding the top position in the most powerful financial regulatory authority, the Financial Stability Board—to the world’s most powerful central banking presidency, brings with it a vital piece of the equation that is guiding the European imperial project. It’s a piece of the equation to which the press and mass media remain blinded, yet the record—which we have been documenting for over 70 years—speaks for itself. As Gerald Flurry wrote in the article quoted above, “[T]he Vatican obviously approved of the EU plan to take more power for itself. The real power of the EU revolves around Germany and the Vatican—as it has throughout the history of the Holy Roman Empire.

“That spells real trouble for this world—as it has for over 1,500 years! Any student of European history knows about the violent past of the Holy Roman Empire.” (Read our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire for insight into that history.)

Greece finds itself with no good alternatives. No amount of political or economic squirming will register now with Berlin. The chips are down and the banker is calling in the debt.

As Gerald Flurry wrote, for Greece, “There is no way out—and, according to some analysts, it was designed from the beginning to become that way. Those analysts agree with the brutal facts unfolding in Europe” (ibid.).

So, it was no surprise to read the latest insight from our friends at “German enterprises are preparing themselves to take over big Greek state companies up for sale under pressure from Berlin” (May 27; translation ours throughout).

Two Greek state assets that German business and bankers are seeking to devour are the telecommunications enterprise ote, and Athens airport. comments that German telecommunications giant Telekom “started investing in ote in 2008 with a 30 percent share. However, at the time, it had to prevail through a good deal of resistance. Beyond this, the Airport Fraport in Frankfurt am Main has declared an interest in investing in the Athens airport. Fraport is enhancing its position as one of the biggest airports worldwide” (ibid.).

German interests literally are holding Greece to ransom. They are demanding the sale of vital Greek assets in exchange for bailout money. further comments, “While sales of Greek state property have begun, the debate about possible EU support measures for Greece continues. Experts point to the fact that Germany profits from the euro, and advise Berlin to assist Athens. However, an ever stronger faction within German industry is not convinced, due to the weakening of business within the eurozone and debate about the schism within the currency region.” German industrialists have been a vital part of the Teutonic imperial vision on two previous attempts at world dominance.

So what is going to be the end result? Greece will be forced to sell off its principal assets to survive. In the process, it will devolve to a low-cost-labor vassal state of the rising Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation! “Mediators say that Greece could be transformed, with the help of a ‘Marshall Plan,’ into a low-salary location for foreign enterprises” (ibid.).

But this will be no benevolent Anglo-Saxon Marshall Plan. No, indeed not! This will be the further ongoing enactment of a plot to bring all the nations weakened by the imposition of the European Monetary Exchange into complete subservience to Berlin and Rome.

We’ve been telling you this for years. Greece is but a prototype for other EU dominoes that will soon fall before the might of Berlin and Rome in submission to a rising, 10-nation combine which is destined to dominate not only European trade, but even global trade for its brief moment in time (Revelation 17:12).

That these unfolding events are but glaring harbingers of the imminence of our Maker’s intervention in world affairs—to arrest the prospect of global destruction that a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire will leave in its wake—is clearly prophesied in your Bible. Read our booklets The Rising Beast and Daniel Unlocks Revelation for deeper insight into these prophecies. For a vision of the great hope that they foreshadow for the future, read our book The Incredible Human Potential.