Al Jazeera Broadcasts From D.C.

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Al Jazeera Broadcasts From D.C.

The television enterprise that once was always first to publicize bin Laden’s messages is setting up to broadcast from America’s capital.

While in Washington, d.c., recently, we took time out to visit the Newseum. Sponsored by the Freedom Forum, it’s certainly worth a visit, especially from any newshound intent on appreciating the history of the documenting and distribution of news.

The Newseum tracks the development of the news business from the 15th to 21st centuries. It covers the evolution of the war correspondent from its pioneer, William Russell, designated as special correspondent for the London-based Telegraph newspaper in the time of carrier pigeon and telegraph communication on the Crimean war front, to America’s Edward R. Murrow of World War ii radio reporting fame, on to the time of today’s citizen on-the-spot reporting by iPhone.

For an old news buff, the tour of the Newseum brought back many memories from the days of the valve wireless sets of yesteryear to the tweets of today.

Yet there was one area of this fascinating museum that I did want to view—its state-of-the-art, cutting-edge television studio, with its classic backdrop looking straight down Pennsylvania Avenue to the glistening dome of the Capitol building. Famous names have broadcast from that studio since its opening in 2008.

However, we were to be denied access as we were informed that the studio was closed to the public at that time due to preparations to host a new broadcaster. When I queried just who that broadcaster was, the reply was “Al Jazeera”!

I was a little taken aback.

Here was the Arabic news channel that once, before an apparent falling out with the master of jihad, was always the first to somehow get hold of Osama bin Laden’s hateful video messages to air them to the world. Here was the tv station whose ceo had visited and been entertained by the leader of Hamas, the terrorist enterprise that has the declared goal to destroy the nation of Israel. Here was the very media entity which it is claimed has direct links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Here was the Arabic news broadcasting enterprise that had been so often charged with biased reporting and even manufactured stories.

This was the news source now setting up to broadcast within a stone’s throw of the very symbol of the freedoms for which the American nation once so proudly stood. And here was I speaking to an American citizen who appeared so pleased at the prospect!

I left the Newseum rather dumbfounded.

What an upside-down world we live in.

The announcement that Al Jazeera would commence broadcasting from Washington was publicized with minimal coverage in April.

The “legitimization” of Al Jazeera—so patently opposed to the Bush administration’s efforts to guarantee freedom to oppressed peoples, regardless of that administration’s perceived flaws at the time—has been achieved by its acceptance by Western politicians, pundits and media viewing it, referring to and using its reports for their own ends. The icing on the Al Jazeera cake was the acceptance of its news feeds from Egypt by the media at large during Cairo’s recent series of uprisings.

In March, publicity was given to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s accolade, declaring before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the wake of Al Jazeera’s coverage of the so-called “Arab Spring,” that, as Huffpost Media reported, “Al Jazeera is gaining more prominence in the U.S. because it offers ‘real news’—something she said American media were falling far short of doing.” This was powerful public endorsement of the Qatar-based media enterprise that must have had its ceo rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of America paying for Al Jazeera’s Mideast, anti-Israel propaganda.

Within the space of two months of that endorsement, we now have Al Jazeera setting up to broadcast from the heart of downtown d.c.

This is more than a powerful commentary on the socialist, anti-American political leanings of this current U.S. administration. It sends a powerful signal to the world about the absolute ineptness of much of America’s journalistic establishment. It’s like inviting a Tokyo Rose to broadcast from d.c. following Pearl Harbor, or a Lord Haw-Haw from London during the blitz. We permit al Qaeda’s prime media mouthpiece to broadcast from the capital city of the nation that is their prime target in the declared war on terror that was instigated following al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack!

It was very telling that Al Jazeera actually had the effrontery to place an obituary on its website to Osama bin Laden. The language was carefully chosen so as to be non-condemnatory of the murderous al Qaeda mastermind. And this is the media enterprise that has been encouraged to broadcast from the capital of the nation which bin Laden had sworn was his bitter enemy.

Nothing surprises anymore, it seems, in this world devoid of true statesmen, those once genuine national heroes who were prepared to sacrifice political gain for the good and welfare of their country, and absent the upstanding journalists of true integrity, the truly professional journalists of yesteryear.

Be thankful for the Trumpet—the completely politically incorrect source of truth in the news—for its editor in chief and the determination of its columnists and contributing writers to expose the plain truth behind the facade of commercial news, to reveal the why of current events and stress their guaranteed ultimate outcome. Be thankful that there is one enterprise prepared, in the face of all criticism, to use the inspired Word of God as its source, bringing you the biblically revealed outcome of all the major world events building toward the great crisis at the close of this age of man’s civilization, ushering in the dawning of a future age under the direct rule of your Maker.

In that world, the greatest of newscasters will head up the distribution of the plain, unadulterated reality about global events from His global headquarters—not in Washington, d.c, not from London or from any other national capital—but from the prophesied future headquarters of His world-ruling government, Jerusalem!