The Mideast and Europe—Where News and Prophecy Meet

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The Mideast and Europe—Where News and Prophecy Meet

Events in the Mideast and Europe are developing toward a tremendous clash of cultures.

When you have been watching Europe and the Middle East from a prophetic perspective for as long as this magazine and its predecessor (the Plain Truth under Herbert Armstrong’s editorship) have, there are certain events that literally leap off the news pages today in terms of their relevance to the events prophesied to occur toward the end of the age of man.

One such prophecy which our editor in chief highlighted in a recent Key of David television program is that which we term the Psalm 83 alliance.

Having exposed this prophecy years before it has—in very recent times—taken on a greater significance as a current-day emerging reality, it is worth revisiting in the midst of the current North African and Mideast turmoil.

The Psalm 83 prophecy takes on powerful import when considering the developing alignments of the Gulf states and Germany, especially in relation to current Mideast turmoil.

It is Germany in particular that is being ignored by the press and mass media at large when it comes to considering this so-called “Arab spring.” Yet it is Germany that holds the key to fully understanding the relevance of the current Mideast and North African crises.

As Gerald Flurry showed recently on our tv program titled “The Psalm 83 Prophecy,” we have already written on the high level of involvement that Germany has in the Middle East. Most especially this involvement is more recently being centered on the provision of arms and the training of security and police personnel for certain Gulf states which figure prominently in the Psalm 83 alliance. Remember that prophecy was penned by King David 3,000 years ago. But its application to current world affairs today has really only leaped into focus this Arab spring of 2011!

As this volatile Arab spring continues to gather momentum in a continuous rippling revolutionary phenomenon throughout the Middle East, it is most significant that the European Union’s largest defense enterprise, the Franco-German aerospace corporation eads, is gearing for rapid development of its Middle East markets.

Yet once again the story is broken by our friends at “With the help of business deals with Arab dictatorships, the German-French eads Corp’s armaments sector will double its sales. This was announced by Stefan Zoller, the ceo of the sector. According to Zoller, who is German, this branch of the corporation, which changed its name last autumn from ‘eads Defense and Security’ to the more PR-compatible ‘Cassidian,’ will seek its clients mainly in threshold countries because EU arms budgets are stagnating. Alongside India and Brazil, according to Zoller, the countries receiving the most attention over the next few years will be Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates” (April 4).

The Balkan wars were important to Germany for creating the opportunity for the Luftwaffe to enter combat for the first time since World War ii, thus creating a precedent for further Bundeswehr combat involvement such as is occurring now in Afghanistan.

Yet, though Germany has so far refused a combat role in Libya, that war is important to eads as it is trialling its Eurofighter aircraft in combat conditions—with French pilots—for the first time.

In relation to the deployment of the Eurofighter in the current Libyan war, “Cassidian says that the plane has given a ‘very good performance’ in this attack” (ibid.).

This is important to one of eads prime customers, Saudi Arabia. “A few years ago, Saudi Arabia had already purchased 72 Eurofighters. This dictatorship at the Gulf has become a regular Cassidian customer, which has set up a busy branch office in Riyadh. In early 2008, the Saudi Arabian regime ordered command and control centers for ground-based anti-aircraft defenses, at the time, from eads Defense and Security Division” (ibid.).

The importance of these developing arrangements between Saudi Arabia, the most powerful Gulf state, and Germany, in relation to their developing alliance in resistance to Iran, is highlighted in one particularly astute observation by “Germany is supporting the Saudi Arabian military and other repressive organs, to stabilize the Gulf dictatorships and position them against Iran, the recalcitrant potential leading Persian Gulf power. [T]he Saudi regime is living up to its side of the deal and insuring the necessary ‘stable conditions’ on the Arabian Peninsula and now has intervened in the repression of the rebellion in Bahrain …” (ibid.).

That intervention involved the use of German-manufactured weapons specifically designed for the repression of insurrection, with training in their usage and in police techniques designed for such circumstances provided by Germany.

Can you put this together?

This is the Psalm 83 alliance literally building before our eyes, and no one, outside of the Key of David television presenter, Gerald Flurry, editor in chief of the Trumpet, has drawn attention to this vital prophecy for our times! Our writers have taken his lead and delved into researching its ongoing development. We shall continue to air news of this vital prophecy to our audience as it grows in importance and finally leaps into full focus following the prophesied whirlwind attack of Germany on Iran.

And when that occurs, remember, you viewed it first on the Key of David television program, and you read it first in the Trumpet and our booklet The King of the South!