The Coming Nuclear Meltdown


The Coming Nuclear Meltdown

While world attention is centered on the danger of a meltdown at two reactors in Japan, most remain oblivious to an imminent and far greater global nuclear catastrophe!

The video footage has been riveting. From the time that the first pictures emerged showing the extent of the devastation following Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the world has watched the human drama unfold. This, most especially, as tensions have since arisen over the prospect of meltdowns at two of its nuclear power plants.

Since the proliferation of nuclear power following the unleashing of its terrible potential at Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of World War ii, man has lived with the prospect of a nuclear disaster.

In 1955 we reached the point where sufficient nuclear weaponry had been manufactured to blow all life off this planet. At that juncture, a mind-numbing prophecy of Jesus Christ suddenly leaped into perspective.

“And except those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved” (Matthew 24:22).

At the time, just one lone voice declared that man had reached the point where this prophecy had the potential of becoming current-day reality: the voice of Herbert W. Armstrong.

That lone voice, ever fighting against the tide of human ignorance and skepticism, continued to warn of global nuclear disaster for the next 30 years.

The context within which Jesus Christ prophesied that man would reach the point of possible self-annihilation was in response to His disciples asking Him when He would return to this Earth to set up the government of God. The prospect of the mass destruction of all flesh was one of the most powerful of signs prophesied by Jesus Christ to be a harbinger of His imminent return.

For over 5½ decades, man has lived under the nuclear sword of Damocles, awaiting the first finger to push the button to launch a nuclear warhead in an act of aggression, triggering Armageddon.

Generations have since become numb to that prospect. Yet, in reality, due to the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world, the potential for mass nuclear disaster has increased many times over since 1955.

Yet, despite the potential for some crazed mind to push that button, the world has not yet had to witness nuclear war. Still the proliferation continues, though the publicity given to the reduction of nuclear weapons by the United States and Russia may give an impression to the contrary. The problem is that the proliferation of nuclear armaments is happening largely today within countries with far less stable governments than the U.S. and Russia.

Back in 1984, Herbert Armstrong mused on why, though the nuclear genie had been loosed, 30 years after man had reached the potential to blow all life off the planet, no one had released its powerful potential in offensive warfare (member and co-worker letter; June 15, 1984):

I fully believe God is holding back this final global eruption and Christ’s coming, to allow time for our work to be completed. More and more, God is moving this work into prominence among the major nations of the world. But we are always mindful of our real mission. Just why is the world in such turmoil? Why are we nearing the very end of this world? The world does not understand. The world’s leaders do not understand. They are bewildered. They know well the world stands poised for the nuclear war that could annihilate all human life from the Earth. And they don’t know how to stop the nuclear buildup or prevent such an unthinkable end to all human life.Yet it is all made clear and plain in the book more widely distributed in more languages than any other book—the Holy Bible.

Though Herbert Armstrong died 25 years ago, the work that Christ built through him continues to this day. This website is testimony of that. Herbert Armstrong was a man far ahead of his time. The vision that he was granted of end-time prophecy is unmatched to this day. Yet it is a vision that has been greatly added to over the past two decades and more by continuing revelation being unveiled from the very Bible to which Herbert Armstrong referred.

We challenge you to view the Key of David television program and see for yourself the reality of Bible prophecy leaping into perspective week in and week out as events in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and across the world render vital proof that Bible prophecy is very much a living reality today. It is a reality that is happening within the perfect time perspective of Almighty God giving powerful warning of the devastation that man is bringing on this world due to his rebellion against his very Creator—devastation of a kind that must be soon cut short by the direct intervention of God in human affairs to prevent the annihilation of humankind.

Yes, we are literally living within the times spoken of by Jesus Christ as the “beginning of sorrows.” Times of “wars and rumors of wars.” Times when “nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” Times of warnings of “famine and pestilence” and of the dire shortage of food and water predicted by various international bodies. Times of “earthquakes in diverse places” (Matthew 24).

These are literally those times prophesied by Jesus Christ as the very beginning warning signs of the imminent intervention of the Creator, just prior to His return, to mercifully put a stop to this mad race toward the prospect of the nuclear annihilation of humankind!

But events in Japan following this devastating earthquake, terrible as the effects have been, still fall into that classification of being the very beginnings of far worse to come!

One thing such events should not do is sway us from keeping our focus on the keynote prophecy that Herbert Armstrong labored at publicizing throughout his long ministry: the prophesied rise of the biblical king of the north! It is that event which is prophesied to unleash the horror of global nuclear meltdown via atomic warfare!

“So what will cause the Great Tribulation just before Christ’s coming? We find the very event of His coming described in Revelation 17. A woman—symbol for a great false church—is described as riding on a beast—guiding it as a woman riding on a horse guides the horse. This symbolic beast is pictured in verses 12-14 as fighting against Christ at His coming. So they will be on the scene up to the instant of Jesus’s coming. Who and what is this mysterious beast? Revelation 13, Daniel 2 and 7 show it to be the revived Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages” (ibid.; June 25, 1985).

Yes, that which is threatened currently in Japan—localized nuclear meltdown at two or more nuclear power facilities, terrible as that prospect is—is but a small reminder of greater international meltdown to occur in the wake of the rise of the prophesied king of the north.

It is vital for your future safety and protection that you become familiar with that great prophecy—in fact all of the prophecies of Jesus Christ that are literally leading into His imminent return as they are fulfilled, week by week, month by month, through current-day world events.

Read our booklet He Was Right for an-up-to-date exposé of just how far Herbert Armstrong was ahead of his time in declaring these events in advance of Jesus Christ’s return. It is a great reminder of the mercy of God in holding back these events till all humankind has been warned of their imminence.

Study our booklet Daniel Unlocks Revelation for a complete, provable exposé of the current rise of the king of the north and all that it portends in triggering the prophesied Great Tribulation.

But time is running out. The countdown to Jesus Christ’s return is far advanced! The very stepped-up pace of the fulfillment of prophesied world events over the past few months is a powerful indicator of that reality.

We urge you, even as Herbert Armstrong did for nigh on 60 years, to “blow the dust off your Bible” and prove these prophecies to yourself. More evidence exists today of the fulfillment of those prophecies since he died than ever did through that long period of delay that allowed the true gospel message to be preached globally during his lifetime.

Time is now fast running out, the time to heed God’s warning of that imminent Great Tribulation which is to come on all this Earth in response to humankind’s rebellion against their Maker!

The earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear meltdown in Japan is but a timely reminder of what is to soon befall the most accountable and the most rebellious nations of all, the Anglo-Saxons! But Jesus Christ also prophesied of His protection over His flock during that time of Great Tribulation to come. As Herbert Armstrong put it (ibid.; April 21, 1982):

Speaking of this same end time, “In all your dwellingplaces, the cities shall be laid waste” (Ezekiel 6:6). Cities now have populations into multiple millions. No such destruction in all the cities could have occurred before the hydrogen bomb!But God will intervene! His Church shall be protected!We who have restored Christ’s true gospel to the world, who have come out of this world, and served the great God, and suffered persecution and false accusation, shall be delivered from terrifying evils such as never occurred before. Let us remain faithful and supportive of God’s great and end-time work!

Read The United States and Britain in Prophecy and become acquainted with just what you can do to ensure the protection of you and your loved ones from impending nuclear catastrophe. And ensure that you read our booklet He Was Right, with an open mind and an open Bible at hand.

Every word of these vital publications stands absolutely verifiable as the plain and simple, unvarnished truth from Almighty God—truth that is vital for you to ensure that you truly grasp the portent of current world events and where they are leading—right on into the return of Jesus Christ to this very Earth to put down all of the rebellion of mankind against its Maker and bring peace, safety and security to all!