Why Such Global Disruption?

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Why Such Global Disruption?

A sudden rash of world events is dislocating whole nations from any semblance of internal order. Meanwhile, records fall as extreme weather strikes. What’s it really all about?

Tunisian leadership overthrown, Egypt on the edge of chaos, Jordan cabinet sacked. Add to this the masses hitting the streets in Yemen, the Lebanon takeover by a terrorist-backed regime, EU economies at risk, the collapse of Ireland’s government, devastating floods across the Southern Hemisphere, U.S. debt out of control, Germany touted as model for world economy. What’s going on? Why such a sudden upsurge in national disorder and weather-related devastation?

To the ignorant, these things are but part of the natural cycle of events. To those with a firm grasp on reality, they are not. It is not normal for so many weather-related events to take records off the charts over such a short space of time as we have seen over the past two decades.

It is especially not normal for such a number of ruling regimes to topple or undergo such sudden change over the space of weeks as we have witnessed since the start of the current calendar year.

There has to be more to all this than meets the eye—and there definitely IS!

Being snowbound under blizzard conditions in Oklahoma yesterday gave time to reflect on the great disruptions by a combination of natural phenomena and the political turmoil currently sweeping extremely strategic portions of the globe.

My heart went out to my fellow Australians in Queensland facing devastation by the massive Category 5 cyclone that swept ashore last night, hard on the heels of the destructive floods of just a couple of weeks ago. I watched commodity prices—particularly coal—spike as a result.

Then the picture switched to the Middle East, with Jordan the latest nation in that region to react to pressures for government change. The domino effect stimulated by regime change in Tunisia was sweeping with great speed from North Africa through the key nations that had provided embattled Israel with reasonable security on its southern border for so long—Egypt and Jordan—on to the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula as the public in Yemen continued to agitate for regime change.

Further south eyes turned to Pakistan as news broke that its stockpile of nuclear weaponry vastly outranked that of India.

To the north, in the wake of the Davos World Economic Forum, Germany was being touted as a new superpower with the real answer to the world’s economic ills. In the meantime, as pundit Barrie Wilkinson warned of a financial catastrophe in the offing within four years, politicians, executives and financiers continued to stick their heads in the sand and party as though the whole future of the world economy looked bright and rosy.

Across the Atlantic, the rift between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress was as pronounced as ever under a Washington administration still intent on pushing its own radical agenda.

Meanwhile, in the multicultural British Isles, that element of the public with any sense of Britishness left in their bones grows increasingly restless about their continuing loss of national sovereignty to the technocrats of Brussels and Berlin.

What’s happening in the world? Why is it that the global disorder that has spread since the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the Cold War seems to be escalating, rather than dissipating?

Surely there has to be a reason.

Well, yes there is. But few there be who have minds open to truly see it. Why? Simply because the answer lies in an increasingly unpopular source—your very own Bible, believe it or not!

Now, to those who may have read thus far and not clicked off following the previous statement we will speak, being hopeful of a more ready audience.

The Bible is the Creator’s instruction book to the created. It contains the divinely inspired messages delivered by the eternal Maker of man to His human family. Those messages were delivered by God through the power of His revelatory Spirit into the minds of prophets and apostles directly appointed by Him for the purpose of recording those messages most specifically for His Church at this time. Following the New Testament Church era, God has predestined that the messages contained in the Bible be opened to all mankind.


Because they contain the revelation of what and why man is, what his true and incredible human potential is, and just what is man’s ultimate destiny.

Now, all that may be hard to swallow for anyone reading such claims for the first time. But if we have just piqued your interest, if you are seeking answers as to why the increasing global disorder that is rising like a swelling tide threatening to even destroy the very civilization of man, then it may be that your mind is sufficiently open to at least try to prove our statements.

There is one book that contains the basic proofs to all those questions we have raised. It was authored by Herbert W. Armstrong, a dedicated man of God who for decades in advance of today’s major world events prophesied them all, right out of the pages of the Bible!

That book is titled Mystery of the Ages. You owe it to yourself to at least order a copy. It’s free of charge for the asking, with absolutely no follow up. You’ve nothing to lose by reading this book. In fact, it just may give you the answers that you have been seeking to the major questions of life. We would be surprised if it does not.

Those of us who have proven those answers and have reaped the overflowing blessings that come as a result of striving to live according to the revealed commands of our Maker, despite human weakness, live the proof, daily, as to their very veracity.

Do yourself a favor. Order your own personal copy of Mystery of the Ages now, without any further delay, and start proving the reality of the revealed knowledge it contains, right out of the pages of your very own Bible! (1 Thessalonians 5:21). It will help you tremendously to comprehend the true reasons why today’s global turmoil and reveal to you the wonder of the age that lies beyond it!