China: U.S. Kowtows to the Enemy

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

China: U.S. Kowtows to the Enemy

It seems the current U.S. administration will go down in history as the first to bow in obeisance to America’s historic enemies.

We have oft quoted Herbert Armstrong’s declaration, following World War ii, that “the United States has won her last war” (The United States and Britain in Prophecy).

Now it seems, with America having suffered continuing and increasing ignominy for failing to vanquish any enemy that has attacked it since obtaining victory in World War ii, the current U.S. administration is intent on taking that ignominy one step further.

Take the case of China.

China’s leadership has consistently declared by its actions, if not by its invective, that America is its number one enemy. Its defense forces are being rapidly built up on a platform designed to contend with, and ultimately dominate, U.S. power. This was clearly revealed 17 years ago in a report prepared by senior Chinese foreign and military specialists declaring that the United States was China’s “international archenemy” (New York Times, May 11, 1999). Nothing has changed China’s orientation since then. To the contrary, the nation’s actions over the ensuing period serve but to endorse that policy. On the very occasion of U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’s visit to China barely two weeks ago, the Chinese tested a prototype of their new stealth fighter jet. Not only was this a most provocative action in the face of Gates’s visit, but the similarity between the Chinese J-20 stealth bomber and the Lockheed Martin FB-22 reeks of design obtained by online espionage—a double insult to the visiting American defense chief.

China has mounted multiple cyberattacks on federal U.S. departments, in particular the Pentagon, and continues this high-tech warfare daily. Recent reports indicate that “each day, there are more than 1,000 attempts to break into the Pentagon’s classified computers—most of them emanating from China” (Fox News, January 19).

On top of this list of unfriendly actions, China has the U.S. by its financial throat through a deliberately cultivated strategy of the progressive ownership of U.S. debt.

In the face of all this, what is the response of the current U.S. administration? Simply to treat its high representative, President Hu Jintao, with all the pomp and circumstance normally reserved for our most powerful and influential allies.

It is interesting to compare such treatment of an archfoe of America by the current U.S. administration to that meted out by the Bush administration, which took a more realistic view of Chinese intentions. When President Bush entertained Hu at the White House, he did so over a working lunch. Compare this to Hu’s recent visit when he was given a private White House dinner and later a full state banquet, a 21-gun salute and a review of the enemy’s troops!

The contrast between how the Obama administration has feted President Hu and the manner in which it has treated the monarch—and the prime minister—of its traditional and current chief ally, Britain, in addition to its shoddy treatment of the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu—leader of a nation that has contributed greatly to America’s spiritual heritage—is marked. It certainly tells a story, a story that reveals the true hand of the radicals that run Washington at this sad moment in the decline of America from its pedestal as a once great superpower.

The list of acts that have publicly shamed the White House started with the president, upon moving into the White House, bundling up the bust of Sir Winston Churchill which was on loan from Britain for display in the Oval Office, and dispatching it posthaste back to Britain. There followed the awful treatment by the White House of Prime Minister Brown, the lack of respect and decorum paid to Queen Elizabeth and the denial of a front-door welcome to the prime minister of Israel as he was hurried through the tradesman’s entrance to the White House to avoid any impression that his visit to the president was welcome.

Since his inauguration, America’s current president has bowed low in obeisance to the Saudi king, done the same before the emperor of Japan, and now greeted the leader of America’s declared chief enemy, China, with a 21-gun salute and the full red carpet treatment once due to America’s most favored and friendly of world leaders of high status.

One does not have to be an expert in human behavior to read the glaring signals in all of this. Here is an American administration intent on denying the nation’s Anglo-Saxon heritage, a heritage of a great people, of genuine heroes, who, as Sir Winston Churchill declared, became the sole bastion standing between the prospect of a free world and the imposition of global tyranny but 70 years ago.

Had it not been for the British nation and the Jewish heritage, America’s current leaders would have no free and unfettered voice to speak with, and no concept of the God who gave them their blessings in the first place. In fact, America would have no real heritage to speak of as a nation.

By contrast, what has the Chinese leadership contributed to America over its successive administrations since World War ii?

Two long and agonizing Indo-Chinese wars—Korea and Vietnam—a continuing drain on the U.S. defense budget holding the demilitarized zone to this day in Korea, continuing daily cyber harassment, a thumb-the-nose attitude to continual pleadings for the improvement of its dismal human rights record, and resistance to adjusting its exchange rate to aid the U.S. dollar’s troubles.

This can hardly be rated as the actions of a friendly nation.

Nor can the reactions to such behavior as exhibited by the White House last week be regarded as the expected and most typical reactions of any sane and sound-minded U.S. administration sporting the most powerful military force in the world.

Such is the mindset of the radicals in charge at Washington. The outcome will be one that can only lower even further the esteem with which the once great United States of America was once held in the world’s eyes.

Veil America, all hail China—to the detriment, ultimately, of the remaining free world.

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