The Great Wiki Non-Leak

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The Great Wiki Non-Leak

In all the hoopla surrounding the WikiLeak scandal, one so-called leaked story has in fact had more public exposure over the last 70 years than all the others put together.

I like Stratfor.

It’s not just because Stratfor ceo George Friedman’s charming wife is a fellow Aussie and a fellow Sydney-sider to boot. It’s because, next to those very sharp chaps at, Stratfor seems to have the clearest current perspective on the nation that has traditionally dominated Europe since Bismarck united Germany in 1871 and, most especially, since postwar Germany was reunited following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Take Stratfor’s European analyst Marko Papic’s recent observations on what the leaked U.S. diplomatic dispatches have “revealed” concerning Germany. In his recent cogent analysis, Papic highlighted the “growing sense of unease between Berlin and Washington,” concluding his analysis with the observation that this “may be the most significant and yet the least understood geopolitical issue of the moment” (December 2; emphasis mine throughout).

Amen to that!

For the past two decades, the Trumpet has warned of the revival of “the German question” and has continually pointed out just how little understood this major geopolitical phenomenon is by foreign-policy exponents and diplomats from Washington to London. For a sound analysis of the new “German question,” see Stratfor’s report of October 19.

What is worthy of note for Trumpet subscribers is the congruency between Stratfor’s “thesis … that Germany is no longer shackled by Cold War institutions and particularly … is looking to evolve its relationship with nato and the EU” (op. cit.), and the message the Trumpet has constantly publicized on the same theme.

Our readers would know that since this magazine’s inception, we have consistently declared that Germany is destined to dominate Europe, overtake nato and replace Europe’s Atlantic alliance by a pact with Russia. That has been our theme for over 20 years, totally consistent with the prophetic warnings of our late mentor, Herbert Armstrong, which go clear back to even before World War ii.

There ought be no surprise, then, when the sharpest intelligence group in the U.S. declares, as Marko Papic did under Stratfor’s banner last week, “We have also seen the German-Russian relationship grow and in particular this has given Berlin an impetus to evolve its relationship with its nato member state allies” (ibid.).

As Herbert Armstrong declared fully 50 years ago when Germany was still divided by the Berlin Wall, “Right in the middle—between Russia and the West—will rise a third power bloc with more people, a mightier military and nuclear force than either the U.S. or Russia. For more than 27 years, now, I have been telling the world it is coming” (co-worker letter; April 18, 1961).

But, again, to our longtime readers—especially those who remember the message Herbert Armstrong preached and published for decades, committed as he was to warning the world of the consequences of a coming revival of Germany as a global power—there is another observation that Papic makes that should ring in our ears: “The 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent 2010 eurozone sovereign debt crisis have allowed Germany to exert more influence on EU affairs. In particular, Berlin has looked to reshape and reformulate European Union and the eurozone in its own image” (op. cit.).

Compare that observation to the following statement from Herbert Armstrong to his supporters on July 7, 1984:

I believe that some event is going to happen suddenly, just like out of a blue sky, that is going to shock the whole world, and is going to cause the nations in Europe to realize they must unite! …I think I can see what may be the very event that is going to trigger it, and that is the economic situation in the world.

All of a sudden, Germany is in the box seat, calling the tune on the European economy. Germany’s central bankers, and corporate and political elites are holding closed-door meetings contemplating the future of the entire eurozone. They fully realize that the decisions they must make now will have global impact. Their decisions will affect the whole world’s economic situation!

With Germany forcing the euro onto many EU member nations to replace their sovereign national currencies, the eurozone nations effectively handed control of their economies to the regulators in Berlin/Frankfurt/Brussels. The question to be addressed right now, and very urgently, to stave off total financial collapse within the eurozone is, effectively, what do we do with the euro?

Having created the present crisis, German elites are now busy planning how to convert this euro-crisis into an opportunity to impose German imperial power upon Europe yet once again. Amid this crisis of confidence in the euro, almost 60 percent of the German population is clamoring for a return to their beloved deutsche mark.

The Daily Mail recently reported: “The latest poll for the ard tv broadcaster … showed that 66 percent of Germans fear that the current financial crisis will torpedo their savings. … Fifty-seven percent want the D-mark back …. This is the highest percentage of Germans wanting the D-mark to return since several polls in the 1990s showed close to 70 percent of them wanted to retain the currency of the ‘economic miracle.’ … Many Germans who embraced the EU after World War ii, seeing it as a way to preserve peace and forge new business opportunities, now view it as a vast, unaccountable, bloated bureaucracy that stole their beloved D-mark and gave them the struggling euro” (December 4).

Along the same theme, reports that, “Impressed by the pending national bankruptcies in Portugal and Spain, the German discussion about withdrawing from the European currency is becoming more accentuated” (November 30). analysts further comment, “The discussion is focused on not only the establishment of a uniform EU economic government or the reversion to national currencies, but also on the division of Europe into a strong (northern European) and a weak (southern European) euro and even on the factual exclusion of the weakest countries of Southern Europe” (ibid.).

This observation from analysts within Germany, closely attuned to the progress of this crisis, aligns directly with Marko Papic’s observation on the WikiLeaks revelations, that Berlin is using the eurocrisis to “In particular … reshape and reformulate European Union and the eurozone in its own image.”

Again, for the past two decades, the Trumpet has predicted that the EU would ultimately fracture into 10 specific national groupings, each with a titular head responding to an overarching political power taking its political, economic and military direction from Berlin and employing the societal glue of Roman Catholic ideology to create—even enforce—cohesion and unity among Europe’s rambunctious nation-states.

It is not pure coincidence that the Bavarian Pope Benedict (termed by one German newspaper “the most powerful pope of all time”) is calling for a great evangelical crusade across Europe right as Germany is moving aggressively to “reshape and reformulate European Union and the eurozone in its own image”!

You are now seeing current-day, living Bible prophecy for these times take place before your very eyes! The great temptation is for us to say, “We told you so!”

The cat’s now out of the bag. Diplomatic cables between Europe and Washington reveal as much. But the WikiLeaks revelations about that which Stratfor’s Marko Papic refers to as being perhaps “the most significant and yet the least understoodgeopolitical issue of the moment” is, in reality, the greatest of non-leaks.

It’s been embedded in the prophecies of your Bible for 3,000 years.

For over 50 years it was exposed to multiple millions internationally, time and time again over radio and television by Herbert Armstrong’s World Tomorrow program, from 1934 to his death on Jan. 16, 1986. It was exposed in print, published in countless editions of the freely given Plain Truth magazine, multiple editions of booklets and untold numbers of letters to millions of Plain Truth subscribers throughout his lifetime.

Since the first edition of the Trumpet magazine in February 1990, the exposure of this “least understood geopolitical issue” of Berlin and Rome joining forces in one last, seventh and final attempt to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire of old, has been the constant theme of our editor in chief and the writers and columnists who contribute to the content of the Trumpet magazine.

Now it’s rapidly becoming reality!

It’s the greatest non-leak of the past century.

The stakes are high, extremely high, in fact the very highest in this grand geopolitical game! As the WikiLeaks clearly confirm, four powers currently vie for global dominance in the wake of the rapid descent of Anglo-Saxon power: the Islamist state of Iran with its assorted proxies; Russia; China; and that which Herbert Armstrong prophesied: “Right in the middle—between Russia and the West … a third power bloc with more people, a mightier military and nuclear force than either the U.S. or Russia.”

Leaked cables exposed by WikiLeaks have confirmed what we have constantly pointed out. There are powerful stockpiles of nuclear armaments stacked on EU soil. Germany’s Defense Ministry is working feverishly to bring nato assets to within the purview of a combined EU military/nato command structure. nato’s new strategic concept is a step in that direction.

Bismarck shaped the German Empire to the mold of the Prussian aristocratic military elites. Crucial to Prussian power were the reforms of the German military by Albrecht von Roon and Helmuth von Moltke under Bismarck’s chancellorship. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is on record as recently musing that perhaps the German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg’s reform of the nation’s military forces could prove a model for the reform of the German nation.

Same mindset—same outcome.

You do not have to be as ignorant as are the blinded foreign-policy “experts” in Washington and London to the “most significant” and “least understood geopolitical issue of the moment.”

A good study of our publications The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Germany and the Holy Roman Empire and Nahum—An End-Time Prophecy for Germany will give you a sound foundation from which to monitor this most dramatic issue of global importance. They will also reveal the tremendous hope that awaits the world when the Anglo-Saxon, the German, the Jew and the Gentile will finally commit their energies, under a single supreme governing authority, to activating a prevailing global peace that will truly last for a thousand years.