EU Crisis—German Opportunity

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EU Crisis—German Opportunity

Old Nazi ploy plays out in Europe.

Well, at least one keen-eyed analyst got it right.

Marko Papic, Stratfor’s analyst for European affairs, declared of the Irish financial crisis (November 22, emphasis mine):

For Germany the bailout is another opportunity …. The uncertainty about the eurozone and its markets means that the euro is trading lower, which helps German exports immensely. Furthermore, Germany is using the opportunity presented by the crisis to redesign the European Union and its institutions—especially eurozone fiscal rules and the enforcement mechanisms for those rules. The real test for the eurozone therefore is not the panic level in Madrid or Lisbon or Dublin, but rather the extent to which the policymakers in Berlin are concerned.

It is not by accident that the economies of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are failing, risking spread of the contagion to other weaker European nations. It is a direct result of Germany’s imposition of its single currency scheme for Europe!

Sir Richard Body, in his book The Breakdown of Europe, clearly articulates German intentions behind the monetary union scheme for the European Union:

The objective of a single currency in the European Union … is to integrate formally and irrevocably all the economies of the member states. They will be merged into a single economy under the control of a single authority that will be (de facto if not de jure) a government.

Thus, the true intent behind the European Monetary Union is to consolidate control by a single entity over all European economies. The grave danger in all this is contained in economist Maynard Keynes’s observation that “Whoever controls the currency controls the government.”

Sir Richard further comments that as the Germanic single currency project matures, “A concentration of power over 350 million people will pass into the hands of a few … the few will be the directors of the [European] central bank.”

Ever wonder why the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt, Germany, not Brussels as are the other centralized bureau of the EU?

Dr. Walther Funk, Hitler’s economic affairs minister, planned to have Berlin impose fixed rates of exchange in European countries. Such a plan would work against the growth of other European economies while allowing the Continent’s strongest economy, Germany, to become ever richer, selling its manufactured goods on ever more favorable terms.

German elites have, in reality, imposed the Nazi vision of Dr. Funk on the modern-day economies of the European Union, and it is having exactly the results that he envisioned!

Europe’s sovereign debt crisis is simply taking that old Nazi vision one step further. As Marko Papic so rightly states, it is creating the opportunity for Germany to entirely reshape the European Union to its will.

The current crisis in Europe actually places us on the brink of the imminent fulfillment of the biblical prophecy of the carving up of Europe into 10 specific regions (Revelation 17:12-13), each under a dictatorial power in turn submitting to one overarching government, which the Prophet Daniel labels the king of the north (Daniel 11:13).

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