Germany blocks southern émigrés

On Monday, reported on the stepping up of efforts by the European Union, under Germany’s prime influence, to blockade immigrants from the south from entering the Continent. Such action is entirely in line with more strident demands being made by politicians in France, Italy and most particularly of recent date, Germany, to restrict immigration to the most advanced economies within the EU.

EU regulations transfer the reception of refugees de facto to the countries on Europe’s outer borders. This has resulted in Athens, in particular, becoming completely overloaded. The tiny island nation of Malta is becoming similarly impacted by the influx of illegal immigrants. The increased sealing off of the Mediterranean, currently patrolled by the German Navy, as well as the mass deportations of refugees from Italy, is leading to an increased number of refugees attempting to travel to the EU by land through Greece. reported that “On Tuesday the EU police troops, under German leadership, will start to hunt down refugees at the Greek-Turkish border. The first mission of the so-called Schnellen Grenz-Eingreifgruppen (Rapid Border Intervention Teams, rabits) is being introduced as a result of Greece’s asylum system, for all practical purposes, falling apart” (November 1; translation ours).

Further efforts to seal off access to Europe from the south involve Libya setting up a radar system for the EU at its sea border that detects even the tiniest refugee boat, thus allowing fast deployment of German naval vessels to herd the émigrés back to the northern shores of Africa. notes that “Protests from human rights organizations against the German-European refugee blockade continue: Berlin and Brussels do not act according to any guidelines for the protection of protection, rather after the motto ‘separate, pass on, deport,’ notes Amnesty International.”