On the Edge of Tyranny


On the Edge of Tyranny

Within barely nine months of the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution coming into effect, EU elites have swiftly moved to consolidate their imperial power.

Eastern Europeans are starting to get edgy. Having lived for five years under the boot heel of Nazi terror barely 70 years ago, followed by crushing Soviet Communist dictatorships lasting over 40 years, perceptive minds in Eastern Europe are fearful that by joining the European Union, their nations may have leaped from the frying pan into the fire.

They have reason to be concerned.

It has taken less than one year since the enacting of the Lisbon Treaty for EU elites to move to establish the world’s largest diplomatic force and a consolidated European police force, and to commence moves to develop a combined European army and implement a pan-European spy network.

Through the implementation of treaties, the European combine has evolved from a European Coal and Steel Community, comprising just six nations, to the 27-nation monolith comprising a single imperial political entity. To astute observers who have watched this process, the EU’s moves over the past year are proof positive of EU elites’ imperialist intentions.

Yet the sharpest of minds now fear that these latest moves may recreate the very tyranny that European elites duped the public into believing the EU was set up to prevent.

Herbert Armstrong said often during the early postwar years that the German Nazi elites had gone underground during the last stages of World War ii, to reemerge, postwar, to carefully revive their imperialist vision within new Europe. Numerous other authors at the time agreed with this perception.

Berlin- and Chicago-based wartime journalist Sigrid Schultz, from her close and personal contact with Nazi elites, knew this was the case and publicized this in her book The Germans Will Do It Again.

Recently I spoke with a former British Army colonel who was an aide to Germany’s first postwar chancellor, Konrad Adenauer. He confirmed that Adenauer oversaw the careful placement of ex-Nazis back into positions of influence in education, the judiciary, commerce, banking, business and industry following the war.

The result has been the education of an upper strata within the German social order that is geared to pursuing the old vision of German hegemony. Of this the German public is largely innocently ignorant.

The famous Red House memorandum is proof positive of Nazi intentions, in the wake of military defeat in World War ii, to build an underground network to reemerge after the war to revive the old imperialist dream of the German elites. Sixty-five years later, that dream is rapidly becoming a reality.

Having successfully moved to establish an EU diplomatic force, intended to subsume the once-sovereign diplomatic corps of the once-independent nations that have since handed over their sovereignty to Brussels/Berlin, senior German political leaders implied during a recent meeting of the EU’s defense ministers in Ghent, Belgium, that a diplomatic service was of no virtual use unless backed up by a European military force. Deutsche Welle reported September 24:

Christian Schmidt, parliamentary secretary at the German Defense Ministry, said on the sidelines of the ministers’ meeting that the pressure on governments to cut costs had “led to the realization that we have a lot of common interests in Europe.” …Guy Verhofstadt, who leads the liberal grouping in the European Parliament, went one step further, arguing for a common European army.”We have now a diplomatic service, which is very important, but we also need the other instrument—a common European defense, a common European army,” he said.”And certainly, at a time when every European country has to make savings, maybe it’s the right time to build up this common European army.”

The article also noted that “German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was among those who championed the idea of closer cooperation on defense ….”

The best of EU observers know that from the time of the conclusion of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, establishing the foundation for European unity, a pan-European military force was inevitable.

Even before World War ii, Herbert Armstrong prophesied this when it was on nobody else’s mind, as he wrote in a member and co-worker letter on July 24, 1983:

A staggering turn in world events may occur suddenly at any day from now on. God has been holding back these world-shaking events. But now they may strike suddenly while the world least expects it.The very first issue of the Plain Truth magazine appeared February 1934—just 50 years ago lacking about six months. The article starting on the cover page warned of a coming sudden appearance of a resurrected “Holy Roman Empire” in Europe—a union of 10 nations in Europe under one government, with one united military force. For 50 years I have been crying out to the world the Bible prophecies of this coming “United States of Europe”—a new united superpower perhaps more powerful than either the Soviet Union or the United States!No one believed me then.

In our February edition, our editor in chief confidently announced the reality that the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire had indeed arisen! How many believe that now? Very few!

Most are blind indeed to this great reality! But they are destined to soon feel its effect! Very personally! Believe it or not, your Bible says so! The glaring reality to those whose minds are open to see is that “the scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35). Bible prophecy will inevitably be fulfilled regardless of the ignorance of the gainsayers! It already has, multiple times, and it is destined to continue to be so, in fulfillment of the most powerful of all prophecies in your Bible!

It’s simply TIME!

And the time to become aware of the reality of the prophecies being fulfilled week by week as witnessed by daily current events is simply running out—FAST!

Now, back to the witness of end-time events in Europe.

Two years ago, clandestine EU plans for the creation of a European police force to overarch and inevitably supersede all the national police forces of EU member nations were exposed: “Secret plans to set up a single European police force are being drawn up in Brussels. … [P]lans for the study will fuel fears that Brussels is planning a fresh power grab once the EU constitution process is completed at the end of this year” (Express,May 25, 2008).

Those plans have since morphed into reality.

Speaking last month at the UK Independence Party’s annual conference in Torquay, ukip’s London Member of the European Parliament Gerard Batten declared that “the European Union is creating its own system of criminal law. The EU is in the process of creating its own police state. … Our current situation is of course that over 80 percent of our new laws now originate in the institutions of the EU, it controls most of the major areas of policy, and Britain is well on the way to its intended status of a mere region of the European Union. … [O]ur armed forces are being gradually subsumed into what is eventually intended to become common European armed forces under the direction of the Lisbon Treaty’s Common Foreign Security and Defense Policy. … [O]ur ancient and precious freedoms and protections under English law are being destroyed.”

This is in fact the current reality of a once Great Britain that has become, over time, but a lackey to Brussels/Berlin. The teeth of the old lion have been drawn, and the once proudly regal beast mutely faces caging by the EU monolith.

Batten continued: “Under a European Arrest Warrant, the extradition of a British subject has been reduced to a mere bureaucratic formality.” This has already been implemented, with British subjects incarcerated in foreign jails in the EU. The ukip mep continued, “[E]ven the home secretary has no power to intervene, as they once had, even if it is glaringly obvious that a grave injustice is being done. Extradition has been reduced to the mere export of the carcasses of accused persons.”

The reality of this latest step toward EU tyranny is that British courts no longer have legal power to act in the ultimate interests of British Crown subjects or of the nation of Britain itself!

Perhaps the gravest injustice built into the EU system is that of Trials in Absentia. As Batten described this massive abuse of the rights of British subjects of the Crown, “Under an EU Framework Decision, Trials in Absentia must be transposed into UK law by 2011, or 2014 at the latest. This will mean that a British citizen can be tried in their absence in another EU country and if found guilty the British police will have to arrest them so they can be dispatched to the member state concerned!

“The convicted person cannot argue that they did not return to the relevant country because they did not trust the legal system …. The British court will have no power to protect them.”

Already advanced, the machinery has been created and is largely in place to establish the European Union as a vast continental police state. The system as Batten describes it is founded upon the following institutions: “a European Public Prosecutor;Europol, its own police force; the Euro Gendarmerie, its own paramilitary police force; the European Investigation Order compelling British police to investigate their own citizens on behalf of foreign states; the European Arrest Warrant enabling citizens to be transported across borders with the minimum of fuss; and the ability of one state to collect fines and confiscate assets across borders” (ibid.).

With its own massive diplomatic service, its own legal and policing systems, and a European army in the making, one wonders how much further this movement toward consolidating tyrannical government has to go! Well, wonder no more, for just last week the EU elites announced their pièce de résistance—a pan-European spy force!

“With the cooperation of the German Foreign Intelligence Service, Brussels is proceeding with the creation of an intelligence service for the EU. The new body, which is to be integrated into the EU’s External Affairs Services (eas) by December 1, will be derived through the expansion of the EU’s currently existing Joint Situation Center (SitCen). The SitCen, which is outside of any parliamentary control, maintains a cell of intelligence services, including the German Federal Intelligence Service (bnd). … In the mid-’90s the discussion … began in Germany. According to the unofficial periodical Internationale Politik in 1996, ‘in the course of the development of a security and defense policy, Europe will need a common intelligence service with capacities yet to be structured to ensure a higher efficiency.’ This has become a necessity because of the ‘growing number of military operations’ often carried out ‘in little-known environments.’ …

“‘In one or two years,’ explained the conservative European Parliamentarian Elmar Brok (cdu-Germany), ‘the dependence on national information will be reduced.’ Critics in the British organization Open Europe are already warning of a ‘European cia.’ SitCen’s foreseeable expansion to become a regular European intelligence service is only the logical consequence of the systematic German-European quest for powerful influence on a global scale, to be achieved through a combat-ready foreign and military policy with reliance on espionage” (German-Foreign-Policy.com, September 27).

Surely that places the seal on the European Union’s imperialist agenda, on its way—very rapidly since implementation of the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution but nine months ago—to consolidating a tyrannical power of such force that the impending fulfillment of the great prophecies of Daniel and Revelation which have waited for two millennia to be fulfilled are even now breaking out into terrible fulfillment!

The masses remain ignorant of the impact of these prophecies about to affect their lives. While many who should know better remain willingly blinded to the impending prophesied storm, if you have read thus far, you need your mind opened to further understanding of just what is happening in Europe today. Wherever you live, the great unerring prophecies of your Bible show that this European superpower is about to affect your life!

And you need the hope in such a time of pending crisis! Hope that reaches in a vision beyond the present to the marvelous World Tomorrow that lies ahead, after the impending storm!

Read our booklets Daniel Unlocks Revelation and The Wonderful World Tomorrow for a real reality check, and begin working toward building a life founded on the greatest vision of the future that the terrible time ahead will be but a massive sign of its imminence!