Flag Day

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Flag Day

America is fast becoming a last bastion of those nations that were once proud to fly the red, white and blue flag of the freest peoples of the world.

One of the most glaring differences between America and other English-speaking peoples is that this is a nation where many are still proud to fly its flag.

When I moved to the United States over a decade ago, one of the first things that struck me as quite different from England, where I had lived for the previous half decade, was that it seemed wherever you looked, the nation’s ensign, Old Glory, was proudly fluttering in the breeze. From backyard flag poles to used car sales yards, the red, white and blue of the Stars and Stripes seemed part of the Midwest landscape. It seemed every senior county, state and federal official had the Stars and Stripes standing proudly in his office.

That’s the way I remember it was when growing up in my home country, Australia. Our neighbor had a flag pole. My folks did not have a flag pole, but we did have a flag that we draped over the front veranda on occasions that were special to the nation and the once-proud empire to which we then belonged. In those days, the Australian flag flew from every masthead atop city buildings. Every morning we commenced school with an assembly where we solemnly were led by “old Luxie,” the deputy principal, in declaring our allegiance to God, king and country. “I honor my God, I serve the king, I salute the flag”—so went the phrase, which ended with the whole school saluting the red, white and blue flag of Australia.

How times have changed!

“In May 2008, 18-year-old Ben Smith was stopped in a routine check. The police officer noticed an English flag on the parcel shelf and ordered him to remove it because it was ‘racist towards immigrants.’ One of the first things foreign powers usually do when they invade a country is to ban its national symbols. The fact that you can no longer run your flag in parts of Britain—and the Netherlands, Sweden, France, etc.—shows that the country is de facto under occupation, not just by Muslims, but by multiculturalists and globalists of all kinds” (Brussels Journal, June 5, 2008).

There was a song that we sang at school years ago titled “There’ll Always be an England.” It contained a chorus that included the phrase, “Red, white and blue, what does it mean to you?” During the first few years following World War ii we sang that song often on special occasions. Old diehard warriors from those days and their compatriots who endured the war years no doubt still sing that old song when they gather on days that memorialize the war dead. Yet the true patriotism that once flooded across the nations that once proudly flew the red, white and blue in earlier days is a dying phenomenon, being greatly diluted by the Muslum push, the globalist trends, and the wretched, insidious doctrines of multiculturalism and political correctness.

“On this July 4, we would do well to renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledges of allegiance, its anthems, its insistence in song that God must single out America to be blessed.” So declared Howard Zinn, Marxist and emeritus professor of political science at Boston University (The Progressive, July 1, 2006). This is the same Marxist professor who has declared himself also an anarchist. In an interview with Ziga Vodovnivk of Counterpunch, Zinn stated, “I am an anarchist, and according to anarchist principles nation states become obstacles to a true humanistic globalization” (May 17, 2008).

In the previously quoted article published in The Progressive, he continued, “These ways of thinking—cultivated, nurtured, indoctrinated from childhood on—have been useful to those in power, and deadly for those out of power.” Perhaps we could also point out that “these ways of thinking” are what helped an appeasing, disarming Britain to rally around the British flag under Churchill’s call to arms to defend the freedom of the world! Without that “way of thinking, cultivated, nurtured and indoctrinated from childhood on” in the generations that fought two great wars against tyranny under the red, white and blue banner, folk like Zinn would not be here today to spout their tired and outworn Marxist, anarchist doctrine.

So, what is a flag?

According to the Oxford Concise Dictionary it is “a piece of cloth … used as a country’s emblem or standard.” An ensign, from the same source, is “a banner or flag.” A standard is “a distinctive flag.” In the same sense, an emblem is “a heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge.” From ancient times, nations have used such devices as a means of identification. Marxists and anarchists and their liberal/socialist camp followers are either ignorant of or deliberately reject the fact that such symbols are embedded in the most ancient records of biblical history as typifying the particular national characteristics of a peoples. Those interested can check Genesis 49, then check the heraldic symbols that currently identify these nations. For that you will need a copy of the book we recommend at the end of this article to help you match the ancient biblical names with the modern names of the major nations today.

Of what significance are the colors of the traditional flags of the English-speaking peoples? In this context it should be mentioned that the original Canadian flag also sported these colors prior to the imposition of the innocuous maple leaf as that nation’s standard. Just what is the significance of the English-speaking peoples being branded by these three colors—red, white and blue—in addition to the colors of their royalty being gold and purple?

The nations of Israel, following the conquest of the northern kingdom by Assyria and the southern kingdom later by Babylon/Chaldea, progressively lost their individual and collective identity. The marvel of it is that the most dominant of those nations, the Josephite nations prophesied to inherit magnificent national blessings from the beginning of the 19th century, have unknowingly carried the signs of their national identity throughout their period of greatness over the past few hundred years! Those colors—red, white and blue—and the colors of royalty—purple and gold—were the very colors chosen by God to embellish His temple in ancient times! Yes, believe it or not, the English-speaking peoples have a direct connection to ancient Israel! Every American flag that flies on Flag Day is a witness to that!

It’s not just national symbolism that is being increasingly denigrated and eliminated from use in the English-speaking nations. It’s their very link as nations chosen by God for a very special purpose!

On this Flag Day, Americans need to reflect on that and to wonder whether there is a correlation between their current rapid descent from national greatness—just as their sister nation Britain lost her imperial power half a century ago—and the denigration of their national heritage by people such as Professor Zinn programming the minds of whole generations against their mother nation!