Germany—the Blind Leading the Blind

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Germany—the Blind Leading the Blind

Why is the world so blind to the dangers posed by a German nation once again robustly asserting its own national interest?

Germanophobes, racists, conspiracy theorists, we’ve been called the lot simply because we are willing—in fact driven—to warn the world of the prophetic reality that, to use the words of that respected Germanic journalist Sigrid Schultz, “Germany will try it again.”

Our message concerning the reality of the inevitable rise of Germany from the rubble and wreckage of World War ii to today’s powerhouse economy and chief political power of Europe has been one that we have published for the entire 20-year history of the Trumpet’s no-holds-barred, politically incorrect, prophecy-based journalism. It is a message that our mentor, Herbert Armstrong, published and broadcast for 40 years, in the face of great skepticism, following the Allied victory over Nazism in 1945. It’s a warning message that we will continue to proclaim until its reality dawns on the world in the not-too-distant future.


Simply because, skeptics and doubters to the contrary, “the word of God cannot be broken” (John 10:35). And as the very book that guided Herbert Armstrong’s highly accurate forecasts—and which propels the message of our own editor in chief to even more precise declarations of the prophecies for our day—the Bible clearly declares, by divine, revelatory authority, that we have “the more sure word of prophecy” to guide our analysis of current world events (2 Peter 1:19).

If your mind is not open to accept that reality at this time, then it’s pointless continuing reading this article.

So, addressing the open-minded, let it be said that there are three great problems that people face in accepting this warning. One is the overt political correctness that has perverted the mainstream mind such that it no more has any real concept of reality. The second is either the lack of, or the loss of, the memory of the horrors that the world suffered on the two occasions that German nationalism was given full rein in the 20th century. Third is the almost complete lack of balanced vision and real depth reflected in the reporting of world events by today’s shallow and liberally biased press and mass media.

The generation that fought to save the world from Nazi tyranny is quickly fading away. Opinion shapers today hail from a significantly feminized, homosexualized sub-culture produced by an education system in the Anglo-Saxon nations that has pretty well succeeded in removing any prospect of students gaining a sound grasp of history. This especially relates to any history that denies the German nation is anything but a free-wheeling democracy. To a fair extent, German rationalists are to blame for a good deal of the destruction of the true history that was often taught in our schools up to the close of the 19th century.

Historian Dr. Herman Hoeh, himself a German, commented of the German intelligentsia who drove the swing away from reality, beginning the late 18th century, to what became known as “higher criticism,” that “The historians of that day were greatly influenced by the subjective reasoning of the German higher critics” (Compendium of World History).

Hoeh cited Freidrich August Wolf and Johann Gottlieb Fichte as being powerful influences in education at the time, driving the creation of a new “historic method” that reconstructed history, completely eliminating the Creator of man from the very history of God’s own creation! The result was the rise of German rationalism. “Within a few decades the entire study of history was reshaped to meet the new theories” (ibid.).

That same mindset has worked powerfully within the intelligentsia in Germany to convince the world that the Teutonic mind has changed—that the very nature of the people labeled “war men” (a meaning of the term Ger-man, “Ger” being a corruption of the French geurre, meaning war) has become willingly peace-loving and democratic.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

History can be a hard teacher, particularly if it is ignored.

To return to wartime journalist Sigrid Schultz, she understood—having lived through both the two world wars instigated by Germany and also having lived in Germany during the interwar years—that Germany’s second attempt at global domination never ceased from August 1918, when, even as the smoke was clearing following the armistice that brought the hostilities of World War i to a halt, a group of German elites were brought together by Gen. Erich Ludendorff to plan for that effort.

By 1945, the second attempt had failed. At that point German elites realized that another strategy had to be adopted if ever the Teutonic dream of world conquest was to be realized. Seizure of global power by aggressive warfare had been twice tried and dramatically failed. Even as the tide was turning against Nazi Germany upon America entering the war, the legacy of General Ludendorff’s elites continued to live on, going underground for a moment at war’s end.

Siegrud Schultz commmented at the time, “Long before the second World War could be finished … another war was launched in Berlin. It was not declared, nor would it ever be, for this was a secret war, a war within a war … make ready, far in advance … put the best minds in Germany to devising new undercover strategies. Miss no single detail in plotting the chart of intrigue … with double-edged secret weapons of their own perfecting—propaganda, penetration, economic sleight of hand, political intimidation” (Germany Will Try It Again). This was the Germanic plan to “win the peace.”

It reemerged, with unwitting encouragement from the Allied victors, the United States and Britain, to reestablish itself behind the scenes in postwar Germany under Germany’s first postwar chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, through the efforts of “picked experts in the kind of warfare in which the Germans excel: war-in-peace” (ibid.).

Their efforts succeeded admirably—up to the point of the promulgation of a virtual European Union constitution, under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty, on Jan. 1, 2010. Then it all seemed to come apart at the seams.

Right now, catastrophe appears to loom in Europe.

At least six prominent EU member nations’ economies are rapidly becoming basket cases, let alone a whole swag of lesser economies that have continued to struggle since they escaped the Soviet boot heel to become EU members. Unemployment is on the rise. Rioting is occurring in Europe’s cities more regularly as economic conditions tighten. Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands have all recently installed far-right-wing governments. Switzerland, Italy and France are showing signs that xenophobic right-wing extremism is rising in popularity. Such a swing to the right opens up conditions for the rise of populist leaders. Europe is set for a hot summer on its streets.

Meanwhile, in Germany the signs aren’t good. The writes (emphasis mine throughout):

For 50 years, Europe has been Germany’s passport to peace, prosperity and power. When Germany pursued its national interests, it did so effectively, benignly and called it “Europa.” Those days are over. … In public, and much more frankly in private, senior figures talk of robustly asserting the German national interest.”It may be new for Europe that Germany is representing its interests with new vigor,” said Thomas de Maizière, the interior minister and a Merkel confidant. “But for Britain, France or Italy, this was always a matter of course.””‘The mood among the Germans is quite defensive. They feel people are ganging up on them,” said an EU ambassador.A senior official in Brussels who deals regularly with Merkel added: “The love affair [with Europe] is over.” …The change—from pushing Europe forward to balking at the sacrifices Germany has to make—is a tectonic shift in the EU.

The question is, what does this “tectonic shift in the EU” catalyzed by Germany’s breaking off its “love affair” with Europe mean for the continent of Europe, and, indeed, for the rest of the world?

Even if your mind is not open to heed the Trumpet’s prophetic warning, then at least learn the lesson of history. And learn it from German minds! An enlightened German knows best the mind of his own people—his own mind!

Listen to the mind of one of Germany’s most respected philosophers, economists and geopoliticians, the late Ludwig von Mises, recognized internationally as brilliant in his field. In respect of German arms production, Mises said of his own nation, that to prevent it ever considering war again, “No kind of armament production should be tolerated. … They should not be permitted to fly or build any planes. … It is wrong to regard unilateral disarmament as unfair to the vanquished. If they do not plan new aggressions, they are not in need of arms” (Omnipotent Government).

Today, Germany either directly operates, funds or partners one of the greatest arms production networks in the world: “Germany is one of the world’s major arms exporters. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the country is No. 3 in the global market, trumped only by Russia and the United States.

“Companies including ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann develop high-quality submarines, ships, armored vehicles and tanks. And European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co., a multinational giant producing all kinds of airplanes and helicopters, has a strong German profile” (United Press International, May 27).

While cleverly juggling publicity concerning its military forces and expenditure such that it publicizes figures that reflect but a minor portion of this involvement in arms production, German industrialists, with the overt encouragement of the nation’s minister of defense, Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, beaver away at arms production on a global scale. The fact that this industrial commitment to arms production could so easily be directed at a moment’s notice to home consumption, rather than export to foreign markets, seems to escape the minds of most observers.

Likewise what escapes most observers are the brilliant political tactics of Baron Guttenberg, who has recently so cleverly manipulated both the German parliament and the German media machine to actually begin turning the climate in Germany toward encouraging both parliamentary and public support for Germany’s re-militarization. Deutsche Welle reports:

German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said proposals for massive cuts in military spending had forced him to re-consider the concept of military conscription. Chancellor Merkel is reportedly up in arms.German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has reopened a long-simmering debate about the draft in Germany, saying he wouldn’t shy away from “radical and controversial measures” in his efforts to cut back on military expenditure.”Against the background of the latest savings proposal, I’m determined to put the issue of military conscription back on the agenda,” the German defense minister said in a keynote speech on military policy in Hamburg recently.

By cleverly throwing down the gauntlet to Germany by threatening massive cutbacks in his own budget, one would think that Guttenberg is cutting off his own nose to spite his baronial face.

Not so.

The baron is a very shrewd politician. He has already used the Kunduz bombing affair to effect personnel changes at the highest levels in his department. He has overtly changed the debate on Germany’s defense and security by clearly declaring that Germany was once again at war—at least in Afghanistan. Now, without any reference to his chancellor or any forewarning to parliament, he has opened wide the debate on German national service.

The last thing that Guttenberg wants to see is massive expenditure cuts in Germany’s defense budget. But by seizing the initiative and threatening drastic cuts in military expenditure he has guaranteed to make defense a hotline issue for Merkel’s struggling coalition government. At the same time, he is fulfilling his stated objective of bringing Germany’s military profile before the public for more open discussion and acceptance.

One of the most potent aspects of German character is its chameleon-like ability to appear one thing at the moment and another perhaps quite opposite thing at another. As that quintessential European, the respected journalist and author Luigi Barzini said of the German nation, “Its economic weight influences them all [EU member nations]. Its stability and glowing health in good times, or its despondency, internal strife, and emotional storms in bad times can spread like rings in the water over the whole Continent. Its decisions could once again overwhelm Europe and the world” (The Europeans).

Well, when a respected journalist observes that Germany’s actions today have led to a “tectonic shift” in Europe, we ought to understand that we have reached a point where Germany’s decisions are now weekly “overwhelming” Europe.

So let the scoffers scoff. Deny reality they may so easily do—yet the European chickens are coming home to the roost under great financial and economic pressure, and they are beginning to find out that there’s a wolf in the EU chicken coop.

Our clear prediction? Europe will fracture into precisely 10 individual entities, each under a leader paying obeisance to one overarching political leader under the influence of the great universal Church of Rome.

But, then again—that’s not a prediction. It’s a prophecy, a prophecy that is bound up in your Bible, set for fulfillment at this very time we are living through right now! And the beauty about Bible prophecy? It cannot fail. It is clearly destined to be fulfilled.

So all the skeptics have to do is just wait and they will see such prophecies fulfilled before their very eyes. Of course, the longer they wait to perceive this reality come to fruition, the less the chance of their being saved from its drastic effects.

You need to study our booklet Daniel Unlocks Revelation to gain a quick grasp of the foundation of just what the future has in store for this world. The prophetic reality will astound you. And while you are about it, read our latest booklet, He Was Right, for a true perspective on the unerring prophecies of the Bible, and how they are daily coming to pass before our very eyes!