‘Berlin Is Taking Charge’!

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‘Berlin Is Taking Charge’!

The German Constitutional Court made a lightning-quick decision over the weekend that will have a powerful domino effect on the entire global financial system.

Whatever you think of him, you have to hand it to Herbert Armstrong. He was unerringly and uncannily right on predicting global financial collapse. Being so far ahead of his time, he issued a warning over 30 years ago that we should all get ready for the great coming global crash by preparing then to reduce our standard of living.

Inevitably, given the innate blindness of human vision and the tremendous capacity that human beings possess for self-delusion, few heeded.


Very few indeed are prepared for the economic catastrophe about to engulf this world.

Not one nation will escape this time. That much is prophesied in your Bible—as is the world’s subservience for a very brief but very cruel period to one dominant tyrannical power!

Though this may seem crazy to the majority, it certainly is not anymore to some of the better analysts of the current world scene. They are increasing their efforts to warn that we teeter on the brink of global financial catastrophe. It may be too little, too late. Most Anglo-Saxon political leaders remain either oblivious to it all—intent on working in their own self-interest—or they are simply far too scared to publicly admit to the obvious for fear of the general public finally waking up to its reality with drastic consequences on the streets—witness the carnage and death in Greece last week!

Across the Atlantic, other, more imperialistic minds are speedily preparing to exploit the situation.

Germany has moved with blitzkrieg speed to propel itself to become the leading decision maker in Europe’s time of crisis. In a case that proves the point we have so often made—that the German court system trumps that of the European Union, thus leaving Germany driving the whole EU imperialist agenda—the German Constitutional Court made a lightning-quick decision over the weekend that will have a powerful domino effect on the entire global financial system.

Referring to the weekend emergency session of the German Constitutional Court, Stratfor observes (May 8; emphasis mine):

What we can say is that the Europeans do seem to be moving toward a plan with considerable speed, and we are not referring just to this emergency summit. European summits that run into the early morning hours are commonplace—one downside of a “consensus-based” governing system—but something else happened Saturday May 8 that is unprecedented.Germany’s constitutional court rejected a case asserting that the Greek bailout announced just a few days ago was unconstitutional. It is not so much that the court rejected the case, but that it rejected it so quickly. The case was only filed last week, and the court rejected the case May 8 (a Saturday!) so that Berlin would have the needed legal cover to move immediately on this new crisis fund. Normally EU policy is hashed out over years. Now it is being done in hours, and Berlin is taking charge. Something big is coming.

BIG indeed! Big, historic—and SOPROPHETIC!

To the ignorant, it may appear that the grand vision of European elites to forge a revived political, economic and military enterprise in the image of the old Holy Roman Empire is passé. To those who are versed in European history—especially that of the past 70 years—nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, as our editor in chief has declared, it is already here!

Ever since Herbert Armstrong began publicizing the vision of a seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire—the final explosive tyrannical rule of a German-led combine of 10 European nations under the spiritual sway of the religion of Rome—there have been those who, under his lead, have watched Europe closely and monitored its progress, step by step.

For 52 years, the progress of that vision toward reality was published and broadcast via the Plain Truth magazine and World Tomorrow program, initially via radio, then by television till it reached a huge global audience. Herbert Armstrong built up this enterprise from a pauper’s income to a multiple-million-dollar work, based solely on the principle of belief and faith in God—until his death on Jan. 16, 1986.

After his death and the rejection of his visionary message of prophecy by those who then seized control of and ultimately destroyed the work he had painstakingly built, two men took on the task of its revival: Gerald Flurry and his assistant, John Amos.

With that work reduced again to the pauper’s income—a treasury of but $80—these men, together with a handful of supporters, began to revive a work that today spans all continents, produces a weekly television program that airs throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, publishes a magazine that is subscribed to by over a quarter million readers and maintains a dedicated website that exposes its message to a vast global audience in numerous languages.

It is in the very same spirit of that work of Herbert Armstrong that the Trumpet seeks to remind the world of what he forecast, based on inerrant biblical prophecy for these times. This we do—down to giving you the very details of the main national players who act out their parts on the world scene today, matching today’s explosive world events with the obvious and very timely fulfillment of so many Bible prophecies being fulfilled at the moment.

Saturday’s move by the German Constitutional Court, and its ongoing ramifications in Europe and for the rest of the world in this time of global economic and political crisis, ought to give real food for thought to sensible observers of the world scene. It demonstrates what we have being declaring all along: just how powerful are the shadowy German elites who pull the political, economic and military strings of puppet politicians in Europe!

WATCH GERMANY! That has been the consistent message of our work for the past 70 years—initially under the leadership of Herbert Armstrong when Germany lay abjectly in the ashes of defeat after World War ii, to this very day under the leadership of our editor in chief, Gerald Flurry. Watch Germany, as it now suddenly propels itself forward in rapid fulfillment of end-time Bible prophecy!