“Germany … Undisputed Master of Europe”

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“Germany … Undisputed Master of Europe”

Amid the European Union’s time of greatest crisis, Germany becomes, yet once again, its master.

Among the few clear-eyed observers of the continent of Europe, the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard observes the European Union from a true realist’s perspective. As such, he was one of very few indeed who saw the historic poignancy of two of the world’s top bankers meeting with Germany’s chancellor last week. “The heads of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund made a joint pilgrimage to Berlin, pleading with lawmakers in the Bundestag to throw their full weight behind rescue efforts before the chain reaction spreads to Portugal and the rest of the emu periphery,” he wrote. “Their presence as supplicants in Berlin marks the symbolic moment when Germany appears the undisputed master of Europe” (April 28; emphasis mine throughout).

Eight years ago, our editor in chief declared:

Germany has a master plan. We have warned about that master plan since immediately after World War ii. (Write for our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.)Germany is fast becoming the fascist superpower of the West, as the U.S. collapses as a superpower. You urgently need to understand why this is happening.

How many heeded that warning then? How many really sought to understand why an imperialist spirit in Germany, seemingly vanquished in the wake of its World War ii defeat, had raised its head yet once again to dominate Europe?

How many heeded the warning of Dame Margaret Thatcher, who, with a view to Germany’s habitual behavior throughout its history, declared of Europe 15 years ago: “You have not anchored Germany to Europe; you have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you’ll find it will not work.”

And how many heeded the warning of an insider at the time, ex-Eurocrat Bernard Connolly, who declared with the benefit of his own experiences working at a senior level attached to the European Union’s developing European Monetary System (ems) within the European Commission, that there he got a “feeling for the distinctly German way of approaching monetary questions” within “an environment hostile to thought”? (The Rotten Heart of Europe).

Connolly was one of the earlier whistle-blowers to publicize the truth about the European Monetary Union cemented into place via the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. He understood the German corporatist approach to monetary union as one which, following the forced devaluation of the French franc against the German deutsche mark in 1983, had “much more to do … with the Third Reich.” The approach of France, being the primary pawn at the time in the ems progress toward European monetary union, he described as a combination of “mysticism, quasi-religiosity and something approaching Aryanism,” reflecting the deeply Roman Catholic—“Holy” Roman—spirit of its elites.

It was patently obvious from the beginning that unless the members of a monetary union had the flexibility to maintain their own means of exchange, thus allowing for each member of the union to absorb economic shocks by adjusting their own exchange rate, it seemed destined to fail. To put it in another context, “history shows it is impossible to have a fully-fledged currency union without having fiscal union. Unless there is a central treasury with the power to tax and spend, at some point one or other member state will borrow too much, throwing the region into economic disarray” (Brisbane Times, May 1).

Yet these arguments would never have been accepted by German elites. Their whole idea of monetary union based on the German model was to allow the strong (read Germany) to dominate and eventually control the weak. The present case in point is Greece, which is but a harbinger of many other weak European economies that will soon be the vassals of Berlin, courtesy of Germany imposing a system that deliberately disallows for national monetary adjustments to reflect economic strength and weakness.

More than a year after our editor in chief announced that Germany caused the Greek financial crisis, the Globe and Mail has admitted that Germany is “linked to a circle of countries that have become economic colonies …. [T]he Greek crisis, and the mounting Portuguese and possibly Spanish and Italian crises, are, at their heart, and in their origin, German crises. … Through [the] constantly repeated cycle of exports, payments, surpluses and then loans to southern Europe, Berlin became an imperial center …” (May 2).

There’s the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in action!

Evans-Pritchard, following up on his earlier comment, wrote on the Telegraph.co.uk in words reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s warning: “If the aim of Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand at Maastricht was to tie down a ‘European Germany’ with the silken chords of emu, they failed. Monetary union has delivered a ‘German Europe’ after all. … What is undeniable is that Club Med and Ireland are being told to implement the same policies that crippled Europe in the early 1930s, that led … in different ways to Hitler …. Is that a good idea?”

As the Daily Mail headlined in a commentary musing on the chancellorship of Gerhard Schröder over 10 years ago, “What Germany wants Germany will get. … [A]nyone who still not has realized who will rule the roost in the fast developing European superstate should take note” (Jan. 12, 1999).

Yet, in reality—particularly given the power of the prophecies of Revelation 13 and 17—one cannot divorce the whole European imperial project of continental elites from that “mysticism and quasi-religiosity” alluded to by Bernard Connolly. As he states in relation to Roman Catholic dominance in Europe, “the attitude of … Catholic churches in many continental countries was influenced by a desire to see a shadow Holy Roman Empire recreated in Europe” (op. cit.).

To really understand the spirit that drives the “Holy” Roman imperial vision of the elites in Europe, one must understand their deeply entrenched mindset. It is a mindset rooted in Holy Roman Empire culture that sees the 19th- and 20th-century dominance of the Anglo-Saxon nations as but an uncomfortable interruption to the thread of Holy Roman destiny.

Connolly puts it this way: “Just as the French establishment has never forgiven the Anglo-Saxon world for liberating the homeland from the Nazi occupation their incompetence and decadence had permitted, so also the [German] Christian democrats and Christian Socialist tradition in Europe has never forgiven the forces of nationalism and liberalism that in the 19th century seemed to have finally freed the church from the self-imposed chains of its pretensions to temporal power.”

Hence both French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel being so quick to point the finger at the Anglo-Saxons as being the cause of today’s global financial crisis. Hence, also, the cry of the popes John Paul ii and Benedict xvi for Europe to return to its traditional, historic, pre-19th-century “Holy” Roman roots!

Today, Europe is unquestionably dominated by Germany. Even sensible journalists are now prepared to acknowledge that. To the rapidly diminishing generation of those who experienced the bitter fruits of the last time that Germany dominated Europe, this is sobering news indeed. To the masses of ignorant Anglo-Saxons, it still does not even register—but it soon will, and—as their own Bible prophesies—much to their hurt!

The wonderful thing about being absolutely politically incorrect is that you can publish the truth without equivocation, and let the chips lay where they fall.

The wonderful thing about Bible prophecy is that, despite the railings of puny men to the contrary, it ALWAYS is fulfilled!

The wonderful thing about working for a magazine that is unfearing in its message—fearing no man, no criticism, no threat no matter from whom, only reverentially fearing the great Creator of humankind—is that one can write on both accounts—the plain, unvarnished truth and inerrant Bible prophecy—and sleep well at night knowing that your message will prove to be uplifting to some genuine seeker after truth, giving genuine God-given hope in the future, something no other publication can ever offer!

So we focus yet again on Europe, where so much Bible prophecy is being fulfilled to the letter at this very moment—where Bible prophecy is suddenly the stuff of headlines in major daily newspapers. Yes, Europe is finally making the news—even the headlines—in America! But we had to wait, inevitably, till it threatened our pocketbook, to notice that Europe does matter after all!

Some years ago, on behalf of our editor in chief, I approached America’s national radio network, National Public Radio, with the offer of having one of the clearest-minded British analysts of the European scene interviewed in an attempt to raise the general public’s interest in the pending dangers of a resurgent imperialist Germany. The response was that the interview had “no news hook” for the American public. My response was, “Just wait, it soon will!”

Now, suddenly, Europe has a news hook for America, even though this nation is still very slow to wake up to that reality. The fact is, what is happening on the European continent today, with this ever burgeoning, soon-to-be-out-of-control financial crisis, will soon slam America right between the eyes. Well, when it does, we shall be bound to say, “We tried to warn you—for over 70 years!”

There’s no point to a warning unless it comes ahead of catastrophe. In fact, the more ahead of the time that warning comes before catastrophe hits, the more successful will the effort to sound the warning be seen to be—but only with the benefit of hindsight—after the event!

Herbert Armstrong’s critics often criticized him for prophesying things they claimed did not happen—at least did not happen when they wanted them to happen! Yes, he may well have been 50 years ahead of his time—but that’s just more clear evidence of the extent of his vision and of the mercy extended by God to those of His creation whom He has sought to warn of impending catastrophe emanating from this seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation!

The fact is, the Anglo-Saxons have been warned of impending catastrophe to befall their nations, literally decades in advance. Warned by the Eternal God, through the untiring efforts of Herbert Armstrong, a dedicated servant of God who devoted 57 years of his life in an effort to publish and broadcast the prophecies that forecast the destructive conditions descending on our nations today. In his latter years, Mr. Armstrong delivered that message to more heads of state than America’s own secretary of state visited in a given year, some with whom Mr. Armstrong enjoyed very close friendships.

Now the danger of which he warned is on our doorstep, hammering at the very doors of our Anglo-Saxon nations and the tiny Judaic nation of Israel, exactly as prophesied in your Bible! And the eye of the pending storm is centered, yet once again, in Germany!

The Greek financial crisis is Germany’s moment.

The crisis of crises has now been created and just cries out to German elites for them to impose their solution on it—and impose it they will! This crisis will prove to be but one more giant step toward the revival of Germany becoming the “undisputed master of Europe”!

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