Poland’s Test

Gerard Cerles/AFP/Getty Images

Poland’s Test

Poland’s tragedy—Germany and Russia’s opportunity

Deep emotions surround the tragic loss of a significant component of Polish elites in the presidential plane crash in Russia on Saturday.

Realistically, in the cold hard world of international politics, the catastrophe presents a golden opportunity for two nations to assert their influence on the election of a replacement Polish president and the replacement of the senior government and defense personnel who lost their lives in the Smolensk air crash. These two nations, which have so often determined Poland’s future—Russia and Germany—will each seek political gain out of this tragedy. Of the two, Germany will dominate in the end.

We have followed in the footsteps of our mentor, Herbert Armstrong, in highlighting the prophesied inevitability of 10 nations becoming subservient to a supreme dictator and a supreme spiritual head, leading a European power bloc, as the dominant global power in the wake of a failing American hegemony in the years ahead.

In preparation for this Europe comprised of 10 dominant powers overseeing the weaker EU member nations, we already see Austria and now Hungary swinging hard right and anti-Semite in their politics. Germany and Catholic Austro-Hungaria have a history of powerful influence in past resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire. Added to this, we see the beginnings of what some are terming the “purple revolution” in Italy, yet another nation that has been most influential in the continuum of the perpetually resurrecting Holy Roman Empire. This is a movement in Italy that seeks a return to the heady days of royal pageantry in Europe, purple being the color of royalty.

The politics of each of these nations exerts heavy influence on the politics of Germany in a time of continuing economic crisis in Europe and deep political division in the German government. It is not by accident that the youth movement within Angela Merkel’s own party, the Christian Democrats, is touting the aristocratic Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as the chancellor’s replacement.

Amid this melee, Poland is overnight plunged into a leadership crisis of the first order. With the current U.S. administration rolling over in seeming submission to Russia’s will, reneging on the deployment of a defensive nuclear-armed shield on Polish soil, snubbing the EU on more than one occasion—most recently in the Prague nuclear arms reduction summit with Russia in Prague—Poland is left with but two choices as to whom to turn to shore up its national security. It’s really a choice between two evils, Russia and Germany, both of which have enslaved Poland’s people over the past century.

In reality, the dice for Poland were cast when it signed up to the Lisbon Treaty/European constitution. Try as Russia might to influence Polish politics in the wake of this latest Polish tragedy, Germany will prove the much stronger influence. Do not be surprised to see Poland swing right in the wake of the presidential plane crash, in tandem with Austria and Hungary.

Either way, the Poles are destined to be enslaved yet again in a final chapter to their sad history.

The great Polish plain has proven to be indefensible by successive Polish governments as first German then Russian tanks swept across its vast open space to swallow Poland up as an enslaved state in their respective, and successive empires. Strategically, the Polish plain was served up to EU imperialist domination when Poland became an EU member.

This latest Polish tragedy of the loss of so many key government and defense personnel in the Smolensk airplane crash will but speed the process of the submission of Poland to an increasingly anti-Semitic, imperially dominant German leadership of the rising imperial Europe—literally none other than the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.

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