Berlin—Gearing for Combat

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Berlin—Gearing for Combat

The twin pressures of economic crisis and terrorist threat are driving Germany to increasingly arm itself.

The past few months have witnessed a change in Berlin’s typical post-World War ii approach to defense policy. The political mood in Berlin is rapidly evolving from that of a mostly passive to a more aggressive, even combative mindset. Germany is coming out from hiding under the multiple cloaks that have masked the true imperialist intentions of certain elites within its ranks. The nation is moving toward a more assertive role in geopolitics. The EU cloak, the nato cloak, the UN cloak, the friendly, “peaceful, democratic, best-ally-of-the-West” cloak all are being dropped to reveal a nation rising to assert its natural role as leader of Europe.

Almost to a man, it would seem, the world press has been duped into observing the current crises in Europe as a sign of the European Union’s impending failure. Most headlines reporting on the financial crisis in Greece pose the prospect of a weakened Europe, unable to effectively punch in the ring with the heavyweights of global power.

This impression masks the reality.

Europe’s Crisis—Berlin’s Opportunity

Europe may well be in crisis, but Europe’s crisis is Germany’s opportunity. German elites will make certain that Europe’s present series of crises will work to their favor in ensuring their vision for a united European empire, a Holy Roman Empire, will prevail. And prevail it will, if but for a limited time before the whole global system of governance explodes into the third and final round of the great global conflict that commenced in 1914. That much is prophesied in your Bible, and world events are tracking toward that inevitability. Not many believe it, for the outcome would appear to be too horrible to begin to contemplate. Yet the overarching power of what Winston Churchill called “divine Providence” will ensure its fulfillment—immediately before the establishment of the only system ever destined to bring peace to this embattled globe.

The European Union was a German idea. The European Monetary and Economic Union was a German idea. The euro was a German idea. The Balkan wars emanated from a German idea. The Greek financial crisis, with the risk of spreading to Portugal, Italy and Spain, was caused by the inability of those nations to match the criteria demanded by the rules governing the eurozone. Those rules were constructed based on German ideas. Now the whole world looks to one nation, Germany, to solve that crisis. And Germany will solve it—the German way, naturally!

Amid this present Continental crisis, something is stirring in Germany.

Track back to the Kunduz bombing affair. Suddenly there was a huge hue and cry in the German press as though—overnight, despite the fact that the Bundeswehr had been deployed in Afghanistan for the past seven years—Germany realized its soldiers were actually engaged in combat!

Shock! Horror! The very thought of it! This peace-loving democracy, having paid double for its military profligacy of the 20th century, was shedding blood in a foreign country, and “innocent” blood at that! Not only this, but Germany’s defense minister was actually going public and admitting it!

The reaction from the left was predictable. They tore into Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, even demanding his resignation. The leader of the Federal Democratic Party (fdp), Chancellor Merkel’s governing coalition partner, Vice Chancellor Guido Westerwelle, seized his moment to announce that he would not support any call for additional German troops to be deployed in Afghanistan. Rather he sought the Bundeswehr’s withdrawal beginning this year. This directly opposed Guttenberg’s call to deploy an additional 3,000 German troops to that theater.

Meanwhile, despite the Kunduz bombing imbroglio and his call for additional troops to be sent to Afghanistan, Guttenberg’s star continued to rise. Westerwelle’s fell dramatically. Thus, after calling an emergency party meeting, the vice chancellor did a U-turn and came out in public support of additional troops for Afghanistan. Not only that. He even endorsed Guttenberg’s reference to the Bundeswehr being actually involved in a war: “German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle told parliament on Wednesday that the military deployment in Afghanistan was considered an ‘armed conflict within the parameters of international law.’ He said that ‘we have to call things by the proper name; we owe it to those who are exposing themselves to danger on the front lines’” (Spiegel Online, February 11).

This must have been music to Guttenberg’s ears. It demonstrated that the fdp has got the message that the public mindset has to be changed to embrace what is developing as Germany steadily returns to the posture of an overtly militaristic nation.

A Call to Action

It is becoming obvious that, despite the left’s efforts to oust him, the political tide runs in favor of the defense minister. Since taking office in October, Guttenberg has already overseen certain changes in the German government’s stand on the Bundeswehr’s rules of engagement in Afghanistan. Even months before that, Guttenberg had made it known that the public must be enticed to change its collective negative view of German troop deployment in Afghanistan so as to demonstrate public support of the nation’s troops involved in active combat roles.

Two events have combined to even further strengthen Berlin’s more aggressive military approach to the Bundeswehr’s role in defense and its interface with and influence over nato: 1) an increase in attacks on the Bundeswehr over the past year by insurgents, and 2) the Kunduz bombing. Added to those has been the combative determination to change the Bundeswehr’s role into a legitimate and publicly recognized combat role by its commander in chief, Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

At the Munich Security Conference, Guttenberg laid his cards on the table. He “spoke about the need to take action. What was important, the minister pointed out, was that progress be made regarding the long-overdue reforms of the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato). ‘We talk too much and act too little’” (Munich Security Conference, February 6). Guttenberg was highly critical of “the failed attempts at giving a more effective direction to these international organizations” (ibid.).

This was an effort to apply pressure to nato to revamp its charter by the end of the year, integrating German imperial goals with nato objectives. Guttenberg is particularly interested in eliminating overlap between the developing imperial European military force and nato. Ultimately, German military elites will be eyeing either a merger with, or takeover of, the nato organization, whose majority members are EU member nations empowered under the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution to develop a Continental military force.

In another move toward a more aggressive defense posture, Berlin is considering an upgrade to its military strategy toward the prospect of terrorist attack by air. “The German constitutional court in Karlsruhe is meeting Wednesday to discuss the domestic use of the German military in campaigns to combat terrorism. The court is once again debating the Aviation Security Act, which does not allow the shooting down of hijacked planes,” reported Deutsche Welle. “The state of Hesse has a special interest in clarifying the rights and responsibilities of airspace defense, said [Hesse’s Interior Minister Volker] Bouffier, given its proximity to Frankfurt, home to Europe’s busiest airport and a susceptible terrorist target. A ruling by the constitutional court is expected in three months” (February 10).

Germany has come a long way since the Luftwaffe was the first Bundeswehr force to return to active combat outside of the nation’s borders as it did in the skies over Kosovo in 1999. Each step—from Kosovo, to Afghanistan, to combating piracy in the Gulf—each fine tuning of the Bundeswehr’s rules of engagement, each challenge to the nation’s law—is steadily preparing Germany to legitimize its leadership of an imperial European military force destined to wreak its havoc one more time on this planet.

This is not a politically correct message. But it is the plain truth underpinned by the inerrant prophecies of your Bible.

We are not German haters! We are lovers of humankind. But we are also realists who are unafraid to tell it like it is.

Germany, despite the clamoring headlines predicting the failure of the vision of European unity, is now primed to pose the solutions, and to impose the methods by which Europe’s present and pending series of crises will be solved. To strengthen its imperial role, it needs the very capability that its defense minister is determined to give it: real, potent, useable military power!

Germany‘s time has come!

Berlin is the primary focus as the world looks to see what it will take to prevent the eurozone from collapsing and bringing in its wake financial chaos that would have global implications. Germany has been handed the crisis. It’s up to Berlin to pose the solution. But, as Stratfor opined, “If Germany is going to do this, there will no longer be anything ‘implied’ or ‘assumed’ about German control of the European Central Bank and the eurozone. The control will become reality, and that control will have consequences. For all intents and purposes, Germanywill run the fiscal policies of peripheral member states …. Taking a firmer tack would allow Germany to achieve via the pocketbook what it couldn’t achieve by the sword. … [T]he premium on Germany is to act—if it is going to act—fast. … That is the cost of making Europe ‘work.’ It is also the cost to Germany of leadership that doesn’t come at the end of a gun. … But unlike in years past, this time Berlin will want to hold the reins” (February 8; emphasis mine throughout).

The German Mind Change

Germany is undergoing a mind change. The result will dramatically accelerate the fulfillment of those prophecies that Herbert Armstrong preached and published throughout most of the latter half of the 20th century. He was, indeed, a man well ahead of his time. Now, with the benefit of hindsight and the witness of current events, we see how startlingly accurate those prophecies were that he so consistently and unswervingly declared throughout his ministry.

We have often harked back to the prophetic words of Herbert Armstrong. For over 40 years before the Berlin Wall came down, he said Germany would arise from the ashes of World War ii, would work to dominate Europe—not by the sword this time, but by means of controlling its markets, politics and finances first—then would unite to become the dominant power leading the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Now even high-level think tanks are comparing Germany’s present role to that of imperial Rome.

“[I]t seems that Berlin is changing its mind. That Germany is looking to merely enhance its powers within the EU due to the crisis is already a step in a direction that Cold War Germany never would have contemplated,” wrote Stratfor. “The most potent analogy here may be that of the Roman Republic. The Roman Senate had provisions by which, in times of emergency (such as when Hannibal threatened at the gates), it could bestow dictatorial powers on an individual. The EU may be nearing such a choice, albeit with the EU in the position of the Roman Senate, and Germany playing the role of Caesar. The offer may be too tempting for Germany to ignore” (February 11).

Herbert W. Armstrongwas right! Germany has Europe now at its beck and call. As Gerald Flurry announced in the February edition of the Trumpet magazine, “The Holy Roman Empire Is Back!

That simply means time is running out for those who once knew these prophecies and believed them, only to either forget or reject them over the years since Herbert Armstrong’s death and the demise of the global enterprise he headed, as it was handed to a cabal intent on its absolute destruction.

Yet prophecy marches on! The weeks and months ahead will bring world-changing, nation-shattering consequences as a result of this old beastly Holy Roman Empire’s increasing dominance of the global scene. Those consequences will take your breath away. To ensure that they do not take your life as well, you need to do what Stratfor has implied that Germany will now do: act, and act fast!

The time for procrastination by those who believe and have proven this message is over. For many who have lost the vision of Bible prophecy for these very days we are living through, it is already a case of having reached the point of no return!

Read our book Mystery of the Ages and get a hold on your future NOW, without delay! The cost of ignoring this warning will be huge. The reward for heeding it and acting on it will be eternal!