Dollar, Euro—or Euromark?

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Dollar, Euro—or Euromark?

Was the EU single currency set up to fail?

“Whoever controls the currency controls the government.” Thus said economics guru Maynard Keynes.

To Keynes, that was not just a law of economics. It was a law that underwrote power politics.

Back in 1992, the power elites in Europe inveigled the hapless member nations of the EU at that time into signing up to the Maastricht Treaty on European Union. The treaty contained a vital clause creating the foundation for an economic and monetary union—emu. Some refer to the subsequent European Monetary Union also as emu. The two are synonymous.

The emu was glued together by a single currency. The euro was introduced in 1999, with notes and coins entering circulation in 2002. To date 16 EU member nations have joined the emu, not only sacrificing their individual national sovereign means of exchange, but also, in the process, setting themselves on a course that would lead to the total sacrifice of their national sovereignty on the altar of the imperialist project of the European Union.

Historically protective of their sovereign means of exchange, the pound, the British have refused to join the emu, as have Denmark and Sweden.

The currency that underpins the emu, the euro, is not a common currency. It is a single currency.

What is the difference?

The difference is that a common currency is a unit of exchange used by agreement among a collective of nations with which to process trade across borders, thus eliminating various exchange controls and fluctuations in exchange rates that can complicate trade in a volatile market. A common currency allows each nation that uses it to maintain its own national currency. By definition, a common currency does not impinge on the national sovereignty of the nations that trade with it. In the past, gold and silver fulfilled the function of a commonly accepted currency before the creation and widespread use of fiat money.

The single currency is an entirely different animal.

In his slim volume The Breakdown of Europe, Sir Richard Body lucidly describes the difference between a common currency and a single currency. In Sir Richard’s words, “A single currency outlaws all others within its area of circulation. The objective of a single currency … is to integrate formally and irrevocably all the economies of the member states. They will be merged together into a single economy under the control of a single authority that will be (de facto if not de jure) a government. In other words, the nations that sign up to the single currency surrender their national sovereignty to the governing authority which controls that single currency.

That, in effect, is what emu member nations have done. They have surrendered their national sovereignty to the governing authority that controls the single currency of the euro, at this point being the Brussels-based federalist authority of the European Union.

But there is more afoot here.

Was the Euro Created to Fail?

Following implementation of the EU single currency system, certain voices—among them, Christopher Story and Rodney Atkinson, who were former advisers to Margaret Thatcher—predicted the failure of the euro. As Story writes, “In 1998-1999, Economic Intelligence Review accurately predicted the prolonged degradation of the euro in sharp contrast to ‘consensus’ analysts.”

A handful of others theorized that the euro may well even have been deliberately created by certain German elites to fail. The theory was that Germany would bide its time and allow the unworkable monetary union to prevail till it reached a point of collapse and then, having wrested control of the European Central Bank [ecb] out of any competitor’s hands (read France, in particular), move in quickly and take direct control of emu administration. Germany could then ensure that a preferred core of EU member nations would receive ecb favor, with the disfavored reduced to vassal status or worse.

The failure of the Greek economy is posing the inevitable test on the emu. And as Stratfor commented, for Germany, intervening directly in the Greek fiasco is “the cost to Germany of leadership that doesn’t come at the end of a gun. So if Germany wants its leadership to mean something outside of Western Europe, it will be forced to pay for that leadership—deeply, repeatedly and very, very soon. But unlike in years past, this time Berlin will want to hold the reins” (February 8). In other words, Germany’s time has come. It can no longer cloak its imperialist vision behind the EU institutions. It is now forced to take direct, immediate and assertive action. The action it takes, to either protect Greece’s EU membership or drop it off the edge of its economic cliff, will be the first of many direct actions that Germany will now need to take in order to realize the great imperial Teutonic dream of European unification.

Whether or not the euro fails under its present stress doesn’t change this reality: Given the likely imminent placing of a German in charge of the ecb, Germany is about to directly control the bullion hoard stashed in the vaults of the ecb and beyond. The ecb is headquartered in Frankfurt; the importance of the German elites ensuring the bank lies in Germany’s heartland will prove a vital key in securing the bank’s wealth in times of crisis. When financial crisis arises, Germany would hold the whip hand over the EU’s singular currency and hence imperial power over the whole of the EU. It would be a case of game, set and match to Germany.

Some have even mused that, as the day of monetary crisis approaches, the German elites, having positioned themselves to seize control of the ecb, would use an appropriate global institution under EU dominance as a regulator to both control and regulate global trade in the EU’s favor.

A Vision Realized

Ten years ago, certain pundits viewed such predictions as nothing more than conspiracy theories surrounding the European Union’s already well known and documented fraudulent project. Among many treatises produced that have already exposed the massive fraud and corruption at the core of the EU project, are Bernard Connelly’s The Rotten Heart of Europe, Rodney Atkinson’s Fascist Europe Rising, John Laughland’s The Tainted Source and Alain Minc’s The Great European Illusion. Even more recently, Booker and North’s The Great Deception has peeled apart the duplicity masking the EU’s true intentions to reveal just how rotten it is at its core. The fact that conspiracy has been at the center of this imperial European entity from its beginnings is no matter of conjecture. It is the nature of the beast itself.

Just how successful have the elites been in achieving their vision of a European empire? Measure it!

They have imposed, by stealth, progressively since the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, their goal of a single market governed by a centralized Commission. They have imposed a single currency on most of their member nations. They have gained control of all emu member nations’ finances via a single central bank. They have set up a global regulating authority (the Financial Stability Board) under EU dominance via the G-20 nations to regulate the global economy. They are establishing their own imperial foreign service across the world under a newly ratified imperialist constitution. They are rapidly developing a single combined European army in consortium with nato, destined to operate under a single high command that will ultimately be based in Berlin. In association with Rome, they are currently encouraging an aggressive evangelizing effort to impose a single ideology on the entire population of Europe. The EU’s leading nation, Germany, has legally enforced Sunday as the national day of worship according to the dictates of the EU’s overarching religion based in Rome.

It ought to be clear for all to see. All of the above is either already deeply entrenched in Europe or, as with the EU’s latest project—the projection of its military power beyond its own borders—has advanced rapidly since the German election in September 2009.

Anyone with a clear-sighted grasp of European history—especially since the time of Charlemagne in the ninth century a.d.—should be able to see the same old centralizing approach of history’s most well-known, ever reviving, collectivist imperial dream resurrected before their very eyes—that same old beast that has worn down nations over generations with its iron fist, shedding so much blood in the process: the Holy Roman Empire!

Creating a Crisis

Back to emu and the tottering euro.

Why, if the theory is correct, would Germany deliberately set out to create an economic and monetary union that was destined, from all the tests applied by the clearest thinking observers at the time, to fail?

Again, the answer ought to be obvious.

By gearing a whole continental economy to a single currency, imposing rules for membership of monetary union that it was clear no member nation could reliably and consistently fulfill, the German elites crafted a scheme designed to create a continental crisis. Once they control the ecb, they will be positioned to respond to that crisis by enacting, at their will, a totally reconstituted European Union. Such a union will vest financial and economic power in the hands of a select group of nations. These core nations will act in consortium under Berlin and Rome’s direction to propel the Holy Roman imperial vision to reality. They will no longer be frustrated by having to seek a majority vote from 28 fractious, disparate EU member nations. The weaker nations will simply become slaves to the beck and call of the ecb, beholden to it and its governing authority for their economic survival—a literal fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation 13.

The true portent of all that is happening in Europe will only be obvious to those who understand the reality of the prophetic words of that once “ambassador for world peace without portfolio,” Herbert W. Armstrong.

Relying on the Bible for his vision of the future—and on a deep understanding of world events, coupled with his high-profile discourse with the upper echelons of international leadership—Herbert Armstrong powerfully proclaimed these events that have occurred in Europe, especially since the unification of Germany, itself one of his most oft-repeated prophecies. Fully five years before World War ii, Herbert Armstrong prophesied these events. He continued to air those same prophecies while Germany lay in abject defeat, then on throughout the wirtschaftswunder—the German economic miracle of postwar revival—clear on up to his death four years before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the resultant reunification of Germany.

Ten years before the wall fell—13 years prior to the signing of the Maastricht Treaty which created the European Monetary Union—Herbert Armstrong declared (Plain Truth, January 1979; emphasis mine):

I have been proclaiming and writing, ever since 1935, that the final one of the seven eras of the Holy Roman Empire is coming in our generation—a “United States of Europe,” combining 10 nations or groups of nations in Europe—with a union of church and state!The nations of Europe have been striving to become reunited. They desire a common currency, a single combined military force, a single united GOVERNMENT. They have made a start in the Common Market. They are now working toward a common currency. Yet, on a purely political basis, they have been totally unable to unite. …This new united Europe will be, militarily and economically, as strong, or even more powerful, than either the United States or the ussr. It will be a third gigantic world power! But it will be exceedingly short-lived (Revelation 17:10, 12)—as iron and miry clay are not adhesive, and will not stick together (Daniel 2:42-43).

In our February edition, our editor in chief proclaimed that, as of Jan. 1, 2010, “The Holy Roman Empire Is Back!

That ought to be a call to action to those who once heard and believed Herbert Armstrong’s words. If those words ring in your ears today, then you ought to realize the time for delay in your returning to the only way of life that guarantees true freedom, safety and protection from this seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire is up! The words we publish are a powerful warning to you in particular!

The ball is in your court. The door is before you.

Christ said that all you have to do is knock, and He will open unto you!