Afghanistan—Guttenberg Gets His Way

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Afghanistan—Guttenberg Gets His Way

Germany’s minister of defense triumphs in contest to strengthen military presence in Afghanistan.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition party leaders may well have zipped their lips tightly following their “silent summit” last week. Still, the fallout is now becoming apparent. While backing her defense minister’s approach to his job, Merkel has obviously told his arch competitor, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, to back off.

The conservative and heavily government-influenced media outlet Deutsche Welle reported yesterday that “Following much speculation recently in the German media, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced at a news conference on Tuesday that a further 500 troops would be deployed to Afghanistan to join the roughly 4,300 already stationed there. A further 350 troops would be a ‘flexible reserve’ to be deployed when necessary …” (January 26).

This announcement will give a powerful boost to the already strong support Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg receives from the Bundeswehr, which contains the principle constituents he represents in his ministerial post as Germany’s commander in chief. It has stymied any resistance by Westerwelle, the main fly in Germany’s Afghanistan ointment, to such a move.

“Merkel said the troop hike—850 additional troops in all—was part of a ‘completely new’ approach to cooperating with the Afghan government, which aimed to see Kabul take responsibility for the security of the country as soon as possible. ‘This is a much more defensive approach, for which the German Army’s offensive capacities will be rearranged,’ she said” (ibid.).

Since gaining his present ministerial post following Germany’s September election, Defense Minister Guttenberg has led the way in the call for the nation to strengthen its troop presence in the world’s principle theater of war, Afghanistan. At the same time, he has called for Germans to face up to the fact that their expeditionary forces should accept that they are at war when facing an enemy such as the Taliban.

After the Kunduz bombing affair, the liberally oriented Federal Democratic Party leader, Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor Guido Westerwelle, supported by certain liberal elements in the German media, seized on a moment of apparent confusion of rhetoric by Guttenberg to call for his resignation.

This was no more than plain old politicking at its worst: Take advantage of an opportunity to create a public outcry over an alleged crime against humanity in an effort to oust the one who poses the greatest threat to your own career advancement. That effort has patently failed. Guttenberg’s popularity with the public remains as high as it has ever been.

Meanwhile, Westerwelle licks the wounds to his bruised ego as the Bavarian baron of German politics, Guttenberg, comes out the winner once again. Although he was present during the news conference at which Chancellor Merkel announced the extra German troop commitment, Westerwelle’s only real contribution was to concentrate on the timetable for withdrawal of German troops, commenting, “We aim to achieve the handover to Afghan forces in 2014. We want the London conference to be a turning point.”

The London conference scheduled for this Thursday convenes senior representatives of all nations currently involved in the war in Afghanistan. nato will provide the heaviest representation at this conference. As the vast majority of nato members are also members of the European Union, it follows that it will be an EU-led strategy that will prevail at this conference. As the EU’s largest contributor of troops to the war, it necessarily follows that Germany will have a powerful say in the outcome of this conference and thus the future orientation of the nato campaign in Afghanistan.

With President Obama having vowed to withdraw all 50,000 U.S. troops from Iraq by end of 2011, an obvious future scenario is emerging.

To close observers of Iraq, there is no doubt that U.S. withdrawal will open the floodgates for Iran’s push to take over its eastern neighbor, expanding extremist, terrorizing Shiite influence clear on up to the borders of the countries immediately surrounding the little embattled nation of Israel. With this prospect already a given in the minds of the powerful elites in EU/nato—even more particularly in the German military High Command—Afghanistan is about to be strengthened as the West’s beachhead against any further northward push by pan-Islam via an Iranian linkage with Iraq and Pakistan.

Cleverly, the German elites will play the U.S. for all they can get in the use of American troops, hardware and cash to do their dirty work in Afghanistan for them, biding their time till the EU’s own combined military force is ready to take over under the command of Berlin. Déjà vu the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

German military presence in the Middle East region shown in red.

To be effective in stemming the push into Europe by pan-Islamism, EU/nato desperately needs Russia to stand in the gate at the Caucasus and Caspian regions. This need will only accelerate the consolidation of existing agreements between Germany and Russia (the Bundeswehr is already stationed in Georgia and Uzbekistan) into a formal non-aggression pact. With the German Navy already running security in the Mediterranean off the coast of Lebanon, in addition to the Bundeswehr’s presence in the Gulf of Aden, it is patently obvious that control of Afghanistan not only will secure the remaining wing of a perimeter of security surrounding the center of pan-Islamism, but also of the “golden triangle” of major Middle East oil resources.

Germany, heading as it does the imperialist expansion of the EU, cannot afford to withdraw from Afghanistan. Notwithstanding liberal arguments to the contrary, it was a fait accompli that Germany, rather than reducing its troop presence in Afghanistan, would increase both its military presence and its political and economic impact there. It is simply part of the grander imperial vision of what is, in reality, a rapidly developing resurrection of an old Romish/Germanic imperial power, referred throughout its oft-repeated revivals as the Holy Roman Empire.

Bible prophecy, ever the most reliable predictor of major world events, indicates that an alliance will soon be formed by the German-led EU with the remaining nations that will border an Iran/Iraq combine—Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman (refer Psalm 83). Thus expansionist Iran will be surrounded by EU imperialist influence. Check the map to see the current deployment of the Bundeswehr already around this defensive perimeter. Not only has Germany extended its military presence south and east, exactly as prophesied in your Bible (Daniel 8:9), it is already largely advanced in extending its influence in the region that will soon be conjoined with the EU by what we term “the Psalm 83 alliance”!

Despite the history of two world wars, Anglo-Saxons remain profoundly blinded to the dangers posed by the rising hegemonic, German-led European empire expanding its power in the Middle East, right up to Jerusalem (the biblical “pleasant land,” Daniel 8:9). This major world event is given little coverage by a mass media largely ignorant of the resurrecting old tyranny of the Holy Roman Empire and just what its expansion into the Middle East portends for the Jews and Anglo-Saxon nations.

In the absence of any real warning from the commentariat, it is left to the Trumpet to muster all its energies to increase our voice of warning, using every means at our disposal, to the point that the land can no longer bear our words (Amos 7:10). This we shall continue to do, backing the voice of the Key of David television program as doors continue to open to us. That is an integral part of our mission.

Though the total of our fellow laborers be few, we have a power behind us that no man can shut down—the very power of the Almighty God who inspired the unbreakable and very sure prophecies of the global events that are increasingly beginning to shake all nations (Haggai 2:7).

If you are one of our regular viewers and readers, you are receiving a warning of things that will shortly come to pass, events destined ultimately to consummate in the overthrow of all earthly powers and the imposition, by our Creator, of humanity’s greatest need upon all mankind—the very government of God which alone has the power to change the nature of man from his war-making ways to the point of literally beating his swords of war into plowshares for peace.