EU—Divide and Conquer


EU—Divide and Conquer

The EU is about to endorse the division of the city of Jerusalem!

Well, at least they are consistent.

The first official foreign-policy directive of the newly reunited Germany back in 1991 was to call for the division of Yugoslavia by recognizing Slovenia and Croatia as separate nation-states. The pope quickly followed with the Vatican’s endorsement of Germany’s actions. The European Union, in turn, quickly followed suit, falling in line with the German initiative.

War was the result—terrible, destructive warfare that pitted Croat against Serb, Bosnian Muslim against Bosnian Serb, Albanian against Kosovar Serb.

Then came the intended devastating ethnic cleansing of the Serb, and the colonization of the Balkan Peninsula by the Teutonic European Union.

Today, it’s the same thing all over again.

No sooner is the ink dry on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution than a document is drafted for presentation before the newly appointed European Commission, within the first days of its operation, seeking the division of the city of Jerusalem.

“European leaders plan to publicly demand next week that Israel’s capital be cut in two, to be divided between the Jewish state and the non-existent state of ‘Palestine.’ The EU will issue its call newly empowered by the Lisbon Treaty, which came into effect Tuesday, and which Europeans regard as placing them on a par with the United States” (Jerusalem Newswire, December 2).

The above report is based on confirmed rumors emanating from sources in Israel connected with observers close to the heart of the EU in Brussels and Berlin. The Israeli daily Ha’aretzreported on Tuesday that “EU foreign ministers are expected to call next week for Jerusalem to be divided, in order to serve as the capitals of both Israel and a future Palestinian state. A draft document authored by Sweden, the current holder of the rotating EU presidency, implies that the EU would … recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood. … The Swedish draft represents the first official EU articulation of a solution for one of the core issues of the final-status arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Frantic shuttle diplomacy has been conducted personally and by phone between Jerusalem and the EU’s leading nation, Germany, over the past months. Ha’aretz further reported that “Israeli diplomats have been following the Swedish initiative for several weeks. Israel’s Brussels-based ambassador to the EU, Ran Kuriel, sent several messages to Jerusalem last week accusing Sweden of leading the Union on a ‘collision course’ with Israel. Kuriel wrote that Britain and France support the Swedish position, while Germany, Spain and Italy are disinclined to side with Israel on the matter.”

Germany is key to the EU’s stance on the Middle East “peace process.” Chancellor Angela Merkel made Germany’s position clear when Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected as Israel’s prime minister. In a personal message to him, she “pressed him … to advance the peace process with the Palestinians and usher in a two-state solution to the conflict” (Turkish Weekly, April 2).

That two-state solution entails the prophesied division of the city of Jerusalem which our editor in chief has consistently forecast would be the ultimate result of the Middle East “peace process.” Notice the following statement written fully eight years ago: “After the Palestinians gain control of East Jerusalem, Israel will turn to Germany and the European Union for help. This will set the stage for a violent clash between the European Union and Islamic fundamentalism” (Jerusalem in Prophecy).

Here is the amazing thing. Germany is a prime driving force in the European Union for the two-state solution in the Middle East peace process that will end with the division of Jerusalem. Prophecy indicates that division will occur not through negotiation, but through violence. Yet Israel will then turn to Germany for protection from the very enemy that the German-led EU will likely legitimize as a Palestinian state right on Israel’s embattled doorstep!

The dramatic conclusion to the forthcoming endorsement by the German-led EU of this coming division of Jerusalem is contained within the pages of our booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy.NOW is the moment you need to read that booklet and understand what is really going on in the Middle East!