The Real Significance of Angela Merkel’s Speech to U.S. Congress

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The Real Significance of Angela Merkel’s Speech to U.S. Congress

For only the second time since World War ii, a German chancellor has addressed the U.S. Congress. Amazingly, the commentators from the popular press ignored the most momentous of Angela Merkel’s statements and zeroed in on a topic that the most astute of climate scientists are increasingly rejecting—the global warming hoax!

Manipulators of public opinion have had a field day using the global warming fear as a smokescreen behind which to hide their true globalist political agenda. This is a reality to which the press and mass media, with few exceptions, remain largely blinded.

It’s time to face up to reality. The real meat was in the main body of Merkel’s speech, not in the global warming smokescreen tagged on the end, though this got the most applause from the Democrat side of the House.

Chancellor Merkel’s address comes at a crucial time in transatlantic relations. The U.S. is in decline politically, economically and financially. The European Union stands on the brink of overnight becoming a giant imperial power, a global power in its own right. In fact, it is becoming the very power that will fill the increasing economic, political and military vacuum being created in the world through America’s decline.

The nation that stands in the lead of the European empire is Germany. As the day approaches for ratification of the treaty that will launch the EU, overnight, as a global player, it is perhaps both a fitting and most historic—let alone prophetic—occasion of huge importance that Washington witnessed today with the German chancellor’s address. Few in that audience would have garnered the truth of the reality America faces, reading between the lines of the chancellor’s speech.

The current year has set a record for the number of EU summits. It seems no sooner is one summit over and we are hearing of the imminent scheduling of another.

Why all the chat in this whirlwind of EU summitry this year? It’s simple. It is time! It’s time for the grand EU design to emerge from behind its facade and finally reveal its true reason for being. And the movers and shakers, the powerfully influential elites who have driven this postwar grand design for Europe thus far, want their enterprise to finally emerge as a powerful global player, not only economically, but politically and, believe it or not, militarily.

The frequency of EU summitry has hinged on the progressive building of a German-dominated imperial power, not by military aggression, but by treaty. Step by step, the European elites have constructed this rising empire by a series of treaties. Each treaty was designed to build upon its predecessor in a process that has taken a simple agreement on access to coal and steel (the treaty of Paris, 1951, that created the European Coal and Steel Community) to rebuild postwar European industry, to its inevitable outcome: a treaty enabling the launching of a powerful pan-European military industry underpinning a powerful imperial military force of global reach.

That old master of international relations, Hans Morgenthau, pointed to industrial capacity as being one of the most important factors underpinning the status of a world power. “[T]he competition among nations for power transforms itself largely into competition for the production of bigger, better and more implements of war,” he wrote in Politics Among Nations. Extrapolating the point, Morgenthau went on to state the logical outcome of this competition for global power. “[A] change in industrial rank, for better or for worse, should be accompanied or followed by a corresponding change in the hierarchy of power.”

The transfer of power that has followed the transfer of industrial capacity, changing the West into major consumers and the East into major producers of goods, is now witnessing a subsequent reduction in power of the previously dominant industrial nations, significantly the Anglo-Saxons, and the rise to power of the world’s major producers, in particular China, Japan, India and a resurrecting Russia.

Perhaps the least understood of all rising industrial powers is the European Union.

People will believe what they choose to believe, regardless of reality. Most choose to believe what is fed to them by the popular press. It has thus played to the huge advantage of the rising European imperial power that it is largely ignored by a poorly educated and largely blind U.S. media machine. While the press and mass media dance to the tune of the liberal socialists’ views on such high-profile stories as the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, economic “recovery,” and the ever-present, nauseating “celebrity” personalities of the day, the behemoth rises across the Atlantic.

So well-masked has been this resurrection of old “Holy” Roman/Teutonic power that when its reality hits, it will send a massive shock wave through North America in particular. Britain, being much closer geographically to Europe, and now beginning to stand aghast at the degree to which its economy, its political and judicial system have been wrecked by membership of the European Union, at least has an increasing number of sensibly aware voices clamoring for their nation to extricate itself from Brussels/Berlin. Sadly, it’s too late for even such action to have a positive bearing on the state of the British nation.

So drastic is Britain’s economic state (the United Kingdom now being Germany’s largest EU creditor), that its prime minister has announced the fire sale of prime national assets.

Pope Benedict xvi in his recent encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” called for a global order to address the world’s 21st-century challenges. Chancellor Merkel added her voice to that call today, declaring to the joint House of Congress that the solution to the world’s problems was a “global order … under global law.”

Germany and the Vatican have a history of operating in tandem under the facade of the European Union to advance their imperialist agenda for universal government. Now that Czech President Vaclav Klaus has signed the Lisbon Treaty, there remains no known bar to implementation of the imperialist European Constitution by December 1.

During her historic address to the joint houses of Congress in Washington today, Merkel called for the institution of a “global economic order” under “global law.” The request is timely, coming on the eve of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution, which establishes the EU as a globalist imperial power.

Now that the European Union stands revealed for that which it was always destined to become—a global power—Chancellor Merkel gave more than a strong hint as to what will now become the new pretense under which Berlin and Rome will aggressively move forward in the drive for global economic order. She encouraged the U.S. to join the EU in using the G-20 to achieve this end, a reality that has leaped into focus since the G-20 began imposing its globalist EU-driven agenda on the world after the great Wall Street crash of September 2008.

Watch now for the full ratification of the EU constitution in its guise as the Lisbon Treaty to take place at yet another EU summit slated for either November 12 or 19, the subsequent announcement of the appointment to the newly created positions of EU high representative and the EU foreign minister, and the implementation of the EU diplomatic service on Jan. 1, 2010.

When all that is in place, watch then for the rapid development of the European military force, the most dramatic and most dangerous of all the institutions the new EU constitution embraces.

The world would do well to take warning that Chancellor Merkel’s call for a global order under global regulation is about to become a reality—under initiatives to be enforced by the very nation from which she hails!

As you watch this rapid-fire propulsion of the European empire to global power status, remember the words of Herbert W. Armstrong: “Watch for developments suddenly to speed toward European political and military union, through religious union! … [I]n very few years at most, it must start. And when it does, events will flash by with a lightning speed that will astound the world …. This sudden blitz toward union … once triggered will move so swiftly the whole world will be caught by surprise. Yes indeed! They shall wonder in amazement!” (Plain Truth, November 1965).