The EU—Unstoppable!

Patrick Hertzog/AFP/Getty Images

The EU—Unstoppable!

The European Union is on a roll. Any resistance to its undemocratic methods is treated with impugnity.

“I will not sign Lisbon Treaty, says Czech President,” headlined the Times on October 13. “Germans seek to oust Czech President Vaclav Klaus over EU treaty,” declared the headline in the Sunday Times a week ago. Then on Saturday, the Telegraph ran an article under the headline, “Vaclav Klaus says it is ‘too late’ to stop Lisbon Treaty.”

Quite an about-face in just five days.

Whether the latter headline was a direct result of the threat from Germany is not a matter on which the popular press is reporting. Yet, given past results achieved by Teutonic political bullying within the European Union, one surely does not have to use much imagination to figure it out. As Klaus himself said, virtually declaring defeat in his one-man stand against the EU monolith, “I do not consider the Lisbon Treaty to be a good thing for Europe, for the freedom of Europe, or for the Czech Republic. However, the train has already traveled so fast and so far that I guess it will not be possible to stop it or turn it around, however much we would wish to” (Telegraph, October 17).

All that is now lacking, following the earlier capitulations by Ireland and Poland, is for Vaclav Klaus to allow his trembling hand to sign the document. Then once again it’s game, set and match to Berlin/Brussels on the most recent European imperial project, the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

But guess what. Lisbon, in reality the European Constitution, will not be the final treaty that EU member nations will be bludgeoned into signing. On the cards is a draft treaty set to ultimately grant the stronger nations within this most undemocratic of global powers regional power over the EU’s weaker economies.

It’s not yet a matter that’s hit the news, as all eyes have been focused on the recalcitrant few who were delaying ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until now. But, judging by conversations with some of the more astute EU watchers during our recent visit to the EU’s heartland, this is a reality well known to those who keep an ear to the ground.

Not only that, but, as Herbert W. Armstrong always maintained, Bible prophecy supports the inevitable conclusion of a treaty between Germany and Russia to formalize the already well-advanced arrangements enacted between the two on the industrial, military, financial and political fronts.

The next intra-European treaty will certainly set the scene for the European Union to divide into the 10 strategic regions, each overseen by a leader compliant in the hands of the Catholic-German elites who really run the EU show, largely behind the scenes. The EU-Russian pact will finally sever the Atlantic alliance that has held things stable in Europe, behind which facade the EU imperial project has been free to develop with the largely unwitting support of the Anglo-Saxons. It’s all only a matter of time before this falls into place.

So, what to look for now?

In the offing is the next vital EU summit. There, appointments should be made to the two new, powerful top offices created by the EU constitution—the president and the minister of foreign policy. Once those positions are filled, 130 EU offices around the world should almost overnight turn into EU embassies, staffed by the new EU federal diplomatic corps. Then early next year, watch for the big one—the one we have forecast for decades based on unerring Bible prophecy: the formation of an EU military force of global reach. Then, finally, will come the piece de resistance: the overlaying of the whole European Union collective with the only ideology that has any hope of gluing its fractious member nations together—the imposition by law of an imperial religion governed from Rome.

The Trumpet has its gainsayers, yet one thing even the most naive should be able to figure out by simply going to this website’s archive is that we have consistently publicized the inerrant Bible prophecies for our time and clearly demonstrated, just as Herbert Armstrong did, the reality of their inevitable fulfillment by pointing to the actual world events that fulfill them in the clearest of detail.

Nothing will sway us from our cause, which is to daily warn of the rapidly approaching catastrophe that will befall the Anglo-Saxon and Judaic peoples in particular, and the Israelitish Western democracies that are already caught in the EU’s maw. This is an inevitable result of those nations rejecting their God who gave them every known physical blessing, only to see the recipients trash those abundant blessings in hedonistic, grossly immoral living that has destroyed the backbone of their economies.

The result will be a justified correction of those nations by a nation especially selected for the job.

The pain that the Anglo-Saxon and Judaic nations will suffer as a result of their national sins is prophesied to be largely unbearable by the masses. Yet that there will be great gain at the end of that massive national punishment is news that vastly overshadows its pending reality to those who have ears to hear. If ever there was a time for a new vision of a new, freshly minted civilization, surely it has to be now, amid this present heaving global disorder.

You owe it to yourself to read our booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What it Will Be Like. Within its pages is contained the real vision of the model society that will follow the great catastrophes ahead. Do yourself a favor. At least read it and see if it does not awaken your desire to fulfill its great vision in your own life!