A Bridge Too Far …

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A Bridge Too Far …

The Battle of Arnham should be a perpetual reminder of the power of a militarized Germany. It can also be a reminder of the danger that lies ahead for those too blind to comprehend the reality of Bible prophecy.

ARNHEM—“A bridge too far,” exclaims my Dutch friend as we gaze across the river to the spot where a tenacious German general rallied his troops to resist and repel the combined forces of the Allied troops in this flat expanse of lowland river and canal country 65 years ago.

Having traversed the old World War ii battlegrounds of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany over the past several days, it becomes apparent that the Low Countries lend themselves so readily to blitzkrieg warfare. Hitler demonstrated this most powerfully at the beginning of World War ii. His panzer brigades took only six days to overrun the flat lowland landscape of these countries back then.

Traversing one famous battleground on the roads that now thread past Eindhoven Nijmegen and Arnhem in the Netherlands brings back memories of the old newsreel films of the great Battle of Arnhem shot by military cameramen at the time. This is one of the famous battlegrounds of the Allied military effort to quell the Nazi advantage in Europe, and the scene of the only defeat suffered by the Allied European campaign.

When, in 1944, the battle for Europe became seemingly bogged down, British Field Marshall Montgomery conceived a plan to bring the end of the war forward. It centered on the series of bridges crossing the rivers and canals that thread through Holland.

The battle plan was code named “Market Garden.” It sought to cut off retreat by the Germans via the Allies taking possession of all the bridges that crossed the rivers over which Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model’s forces would have to withdraw under pressure of the Allied attack.

Montgomery’s plan involved the First Allied Airborne Army supporting a rapid advance by the British Second Army from the Meuse-Escaut Canal to the Dutch town of Nunspeet on the Zuider Zee. They would then turn east into Germany in the direction of the industrial heartland of the Ruhr Valley. The airborne Allied troops planned to capture the road bridges over the major rivers and canals that lay along the route at Eindhoven Nijmegen and Arnhem in addition to two smaller bridges at Veghel and Grave that lay between Eindhoven and Nijmegen.

The plan failed simply because the Allied forces were met with such powerful resistance by the tenacious German military force under Model’s expert command. The result was that the Allied forces stretched their communications and supply lines just “a bridge too far” beyond their capacity to fulfill the initial battle plan. Their only choice was to retreat and regroup.

Operation Market Garden cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as did the entire D-Day operation which was to end in final victory for the Allied forces.

German military strategist Carl von Clausewitz was one of two military experts of renown who virtually wrote the textbooks on strategic military warfare, the other being the oriental Tsun Zu. Their works are still retained as standard texts in military colleges worldwide.

Winston Churchill had great praise for the tenaciousness and courage of the German military man in battle. There existed a mutual respect and even a code of honor between the upper echelons of opposing forces during World War i, which even impacted some of the more honorable German professional soldiers in World War ii, such as Field Marshal Irwin Rommel. This did not extend to officers who came from the Nazified ranks of German society.

The point is, given inspired leadership, few can match the sheer dedication of the German soldier to his task. As Sebastian Haffner, renowned German philosopher, explained, to place a German in uniform is to change a German’s whole persona. A generalization this may well be, for Haffner and his ilk are marked exceptions to the rule. Yet, that the generalization applies in the most general sense to the German peoples has been powerfully born out by 20th-century history.

This same united focus of mind and spirit is identical to that which the Assyrians, progenitors of the German race, exhibited around 2,870 years ago at Nineveh when a prophet of God warned them of the wrath of God that was to be visited upon them for their sins against Him (Jonah 1-2; 3:1-4).

They repented en masse (Jonah 3:5-10).

This is a powerful witness to the phenomenon of national repentance of which this race is capable given the right leadership. The Assyrians put the Israelites to shame with their sudden and immediate yielding to the will of God. Nothing has matched that experience in the entire history of man.

Yet, there will be that which will, and not too far into the distant future. But not before the German nation rallies to the call of a prophesied autocrat and sweeps across the Middle East, knocking out the pipsqueak, upstart Islamic nation of Iran in the process, and then blitzkriegs onward to the coastlands of the Anglo-Saxon countries of the northwest, besieging them into submission, and then enslaving those who survive the prophesied massive destruction of their cities.

The German nation will powerfully fulfill its destiny as the rod of God’s anger against the bloated, perverse, utterly sin-laden, rebellious Anglo-Saxon nations which have so consistently turned against the God who granted them the most precious possessions on the planet (Isaiah 10:5-7).

This is a horrific vision to accept. But its fulfillment is as sure as the rising of tomorrow’s sun. For the Word of God that has prophesied this great clash of nations, just prior to Jesus Christ’s return, simply cannot be broken (John 10:35).

Some who read this will laugh the Trumpet into derision. They are simply blinded to the prophetic reality that is occurring right before their very eyes, day by day, as current world events steadily, and with accelerating pace, lead with an awful and inevitable climax to the grand clash of civilizations at the end of this current age of man. For such, the leap of faith required to simply believe the Word of God is simply a bridge too far. They simply lack the spiritual resources to reach beyond mere human sight, into the realm of spiritual reality.

But the sheer horror of these prophesied events pales into relative insignificance by comparison with the wonder of the incredible human potential that Almighty God will open up to all mankind at that time. Indeed, the transfer of power that will take place at Jesus Christ’s return—a massive and historic transfer from the source of all war, all deceit, all the murderous intent of those demagogues who have been responsible for the slaughter of multiple millions of souls over the past 6,000 years of documented history—will take one’s breath away.

Too many of those blinded to the wonder of this prophesied reality will remain so blinded and as a result suffer the massive consequence of their blindness to the reality of it all. But, thank God, the prophecies for that time just ahead include one wonderful prospect. Many of those now blinded, in particular within the amoral, perverse Anglo-Saxon nations of today, will repent before God in a great national repentance akin to that of ancient Assyria under the warning of the Prophet Jonah.

The events that are currently occurring in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and indeed all major nations of the world are powerfully coalescing toward a time when all mankind will become aware of prophetic reality and be given the choice to seize and fulfill their God-given incredible human potential. We can be thankful prophecy indicates that the broad majority of mankind will make the right choice! But, each in his own time.

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