Europe: Storm Before the Storm

From the September-October 2002 Trumpet Print Edition

How will the destructive weather affect Europe in the long run? Can it recover from the billions of dollars worth of lost crops, structural damage, lost tourist income? If, despite the euro’s strength, many European countries were beginning to feel the pinch due to the increase in the cost of living brought about by their change of currency, meeting the tremendous repair costs in the wake of these devastating storms will force Europe to tighten its belt even more. It might even temporarily slow the rapid march of Europe’s ambitions.

Prophecy gives us the answer: It is certain that Europe will recover. A brief period of contemplation and of taking stock while rebuilding could actually be beneficial to Europe, leading, through shared adversity, to consolidation and an increasingly strong sense of identity.

Central Europe, presently devastated by rainstorms, may be forced into a phase of rapid reconstruction, deeper integration and reflection, but it will be like a lull before the storm—a much bigger storm than World Wars i and ii together—soon to rain down on an unsuspecting world.