EU’s Beastly Fines

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EU’s Beastly Fines

The EU bares its teeth through another brutal fine, this time on computer processor giant Intel.

“Intel faces biggest-ever EU competition fine,” ran the headline in Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph. “Neelie Kroes, the European competition commissioner, is expected to deliver Intel, the microchip maker, with the largest-ever European anti-competition fine on Wednesday,” the article read. That fine was $1.45 billion.

But it’s not so much the fine that’s the problem here. It’s the mindset.

It’s anti-Anglo Saxon, anti-free-enterprise, and it is part of a general mindset that is determined to see the end of America’s status as a perceived superpower. Yet long-time students of the history of postwar Europe ought not be surprised. It’s simply the outcome of an agenda that certain European elites have been nourishing for the past 65 years.

Both the French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy and the Bavarian bureaucrat charged with cutting red tape in the European Union, Edmund Stoiber, have recently railed against Anglo-Saxon business methods, blaming them for the current global economic crisis. Now, for the second time within two years, the EU has slammed record fines on an American software company. This trend is but a harbinger of things to come as EU leaders gear up for a showdown with the U.S.

The rank hypocrisy of EU elites is mind-boggling. Keep in mind we are speaking here of the most undemocratic political and economic combine in the world, an institution that has consistently failed its annual audit and which promptly sacks anyone who has blown the whistle on the accumulated multibillion-dollar wastage and fraud endemic to the European Union. This is the hypocritical, self-righteous trading bloc, the most dominant in the world, which deigns to cry foul when free enterprise interferes with its grab for global economic might.

Although there is a basic moral principle at issue here, what must not be lost on anyone who seeks to understand the agenda behind the EU is the long-term strategy that has been in play since its inception—a strategy to destroy the Anglo-American economies and replace their postwar dominance with a European imperial power having its economic and political hub in Berlin, its bureaucracy in Brussels, and its spiritual headquarters in Rome.

This strategy is as ancient as is the history of the Holy Roman Empire. In fact, it tracks right back to mother Babylon, to the time when the Chaldeans and Assyrians seized the wealth of ancient Israel and Judah. It’s an intriguing history which our book The United States and Britain in Prophecy explains in detail.

Herbert Armstrong consistently pointed to the reality—long known by the upper echelons of Anglo-American intelligence services, many of whom were clearly compromised, if not complicit, in its dealings—that the Nazis went underground toward the end of World War ii. They established a global network of seemingly legitimate business fronts, financed by Nazi loot channeled to them at locations all over the world, especially in Latin America, the Middle East and Spain, but also to covert Nazi cells in the U.S., Canada, Australia and certain African countries.

Underground Nazi operations were funded via a conduit that flowed with cash and bullion from Switzerland, through the Vatican, to a laundry of overseas operations and often back to Germany to aid the Wirtchaftswunder, the economic “miracle” by which Germany so speedily returned to normalcy to once again become the powerhouse of Europe following the devastation of World War ii.

The details of this Nazi web of intrigue have been published in such accounts as Sigrid Schuktz’s Germany Will Try it Again, Mark Aarons’s and John Loftus’s two bestsellers, Unholy Trinity and The Secret War Against the Jews, Martin Lee’s The Beast Awakens and Adam LeBor’s Hitler’s Secret Bankers among numerous other well-researched publications.

Recently, LeBor had an article published on London’s Mail Online that drew attention once again to the uncanny similarity that exists between the attainments of the European Union and the goals of the underground Nazis who worked for the revival of Germany as the dominant power in Europe with a view to global hegemony. Overwhelming evidence shows that the success of postwar German industry, banking and commerce is directly attributable to the efforts of the underground Nazi strategy that have worked to produce today’s greatest global trading entity, the European Union. LeBor’s conclusion is chilling: “[T]he German economic miracle—so vital to the idea of a new Europe—was built on mass murder. The number of slave and forced laborers who died while employed by German companies in the Nazi era was 2,700,000.” Added to this was the massive loot gained from the Nazi plundering of Jewish assets in the wake of the Holocaust, incorporating the slaughter of 6 million Jews.

It is this entity, founded largely upon the plunder of the Holocaust, the Nazi rapine and pillage of European wealth, that now has the gall to bring a record fine against an American corporation for questionable business practices.

The grave danger that Anglo-America faces at the hands of the EU’s elites in Berlin, Brussels and Rome seems well beyond the capacity of the present governments of the U.S. and Britain to comprehend. Their apparent knowledge of history is so shallow, their moral base so deeply warped. This is exactly the political climate that EU elites are determined to take advantage of in their push for global dominance.

For too long, these Europeans have smarted under the dominance of the Anglo-American way of doing things, even as the U.S., in particular, became so powerful in global commerce and military strength following World War ii. Now, the Anglo-Americans’ days as influential world powers are clearly numbered. EU elites perceive the inherent, irrecoverable weakness of the Anglo-Saxon economies and the apparent ineptness of their current administrations. Now they are seizing their moment to make their presence felt.

This latest ridiculous fine on Intel by the European Commission is just one more indicator of the bullying character of the EU of which we can expect so much more in the very near future. Even now, an EU clone, the Financial Stability Board—to which the top 20 economies of the world recently yielded the sovereign control of their chief banking and commercial enterprises—is meeting behind closed doors in Europe planning the method and the timing of moves that are destined to suddenly bring into play the fulfillment of dramatic and fearful prophecies in your Bible.

To read these prophecies in Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18 can be quite chilling if one truly sees them in the context of current events. Yet read on! Read on to the end of the story in the final chapters of the book of Revelation. There’s the real hope for the future!

What is currently building on the world scene today is but the forerunner to that which Trumpet columnist Stephen Flurry published on our website last week, “The World’s Most Shocking Headline.” It is but a harbinger of the best news of all, the imminent return of the Savior of mankind to finally set this world on the track to peace among nations, to abundance of national blessings and to the ultimate fulfillment of the incredible human potential for which that same Savior created man!

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