Global Crisis and the Law


Global Crisis and the Law

There is but one enduring foundation for national greatness—the law of God!

From the beginning, man has been subject to government. The earliest histories of man document the rise and fall of governments. Though man has tried all forms known to him, every dynasty, every empire, every kingdom, every democracy—every regime on Earth has ended up going to war to defeat or be defeated by the forces of an opposing government, or has declined into the dust of decadence and eventual collapse.

The greatest of man’s utopian dreams have all come adrift and foundered on the institution of government.

Why is this so?

How come, in 6,000 years of documented history, mankind has still not found the best form of government for human beings under which to live in peace and security, each nation enjoying an equitable share of the common wealth of planet Earth?

Over time, this world has witnessed every human system of government known to man.

And the results?

Utter failure.

Not one of the principle systems of government known to man—monarchy, democracy, republic, oligarchy, despotism, tyranny—nor known system of political economy from capitalism to communism—has produced and maintained true peace, prosperity and happiness for the masses. None have produced utopia. All have fundamental flaws. The greatest single nation of them all, the United States of America, though demonstrating great power potential, is rotten at its core, drastically weakened morally, having entered a stage of progressive financial, economic and moral collapse.

In the words of Kenneth Minogue, “[H]uman beings are unsuitable material for crafting social perfection.”

Following a century of the greatest growth in technological achievement, general productivity and traded wealth that mankind has ever witnessed, we are now in the throes of a massive global economic and financial disaster.

When one man can dupe countless clients out of over $50 billion and then freely admit that his investment scheme was based on a huge lie, we have to admit that there is something deeply wrong within our society.

Within Anglo-Saxon society, the whole concept of shame has become archaic. Traditional notions of decency and morality are replaced by a new morality termed “political correctness.” The crazy thing about the imposition on Western society of “political correctness” as a moral code is that the gurus who create it come from the school which, in an effort to trash what they called “the Judeo-Christian ethic” (a euphemism for Bible-based values), used to maintain that there was no single right way of judging moral and political issues!

History itself attests to the fact that the mightiest of empires which produced the greatest period of world peace in modern history did so by embedding a single right way of judging moral and political issues within its populace!

Of the time of Britain’s greatness, political commentator Luigi Barzini commented, “Britons of all classes shared the same ideas, absorbed in childhood from their parents at home, from ministers in church, and from the teachers in whatever school they went to. As long as problems could be solved and crises faced with those ideas, the empire and the peace of the world had been secure” (The Europeans).

Those ideas were founded upon ten basic laws. We call them the Ten Commandments.

Deeply embedded within the psyche of the Victorian Englishman and Englishwoman, this standard moral code underpinned the actions of the Anglo-Saxon peoples throughout the time of that hundred years of comparative peace, calmness and security that prevailed when Britain ruled the waves throughout the greater part of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. A descendant of Victorian grandparents, Lady Margaret Thatcher observed, “We were taught to work jolly hard. We were taught to prove yourself; we were taught self-reliance; we were taught to live within our income. You were taught that cleanliness is next to godliness. You were taught self-respect. You were taught always to give a hand to your neighbor. You were taught tremendous pride in your country. All of these things are Victorian values. They are also perennial values” (Gertrude Himmelfarb, The Demoralization of Society).

Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana observed, “Instinctively the Englishman is no missionary, no conqueror. He prefers the country to the town, and home to foreign parts. He is rather glad and relieved if only natives will remain natives and strangers strangers. Yet outwardly he is most hospitable and accepts almost anybody for the time being; he travels and conquers without a settled design, because he has the instinct of exploration. … Never since the heroic days of Greece has the world had such a sweet, just, boyish master. It will be a black day for the human race when scientific blackguards, conspirators, churls and fanatics manage to supplant him” (The Abolition of Britain).

History witnesses to the fact that within the West, it is the English-speaking peoples which, down through the centuries, have maintained the middle course between anarchy and despotism. As French statesman Jacques Necker declared, the British form of government was the only government on Earth “which united public strength with individual security.” So entrenched are the basic freedoms of the individual in the English-speaking countries that we just think it natural and normal to enjoy the civil liberties that are common to our countries. “Nor need we forget that in World War ii those areas of Europe and Asia that were indeed liberated, and not turned over to another despotism, were liberated in the European case mainly by the combined arms of the United States, Britain and Canada; in the Asian case mainly by the combined arms of the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand” (National Interest, Fall 1999).

But this has been by no means due to the luck of history. These rich blessings that manifest themselves in the basic freedoms of English-speaking society—freedom of speech, the right of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, our largely reliable forms of administration, the concept of accountability in office, the basic institutions of our society—these are all bound up in a culture founded upon a rich heritage gifted to the English-speaking nations by the very God they tend to ignore. They were given as the inheritance promised to the ancient nation of Israel due to the faith and obedience of their founding father, Abraham (Genesis 22:18).

Perhaps the greatest witness to the source of these blessings was the rule of law which underpinned the government of the English-speaking peoples through their time of greatness. Trace it back to its origins. It was written in stone by the finger of Almighty God. The system of law which binds free society together in the English-speaking nations, though becoming largely corrupt, is simply based upon the law, statutes and judgments of the Old Testament in the Bible.

Though the queen who ruled the British Empire at its peak, Victoria, generally understood this, the knowledge of their glorious heritage was largely lost to the English-speaking nations, rapidly and progressively, over the past century. And as they have regressed in their knowledge of these great truths, so the erosion of civil society has eaten away at the moral heart and core of the English-speaking nations.

The Eternal God admonishes these peoples, “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein” (Jeremiah 6:16).

Believe it or not, very soon the Anglo-Saxon peoples are going to find—as the great global financial and economic crisis continues to build into a destructive force of such magnitude that the whole of the foundation of their rebellious society collapses—that they are reaping the fruits of mass rebellion against their God and His law!

Read The United States and Britain in Prophecy for a deeper understanding of this prophesied rise and fall of the Anglo-Saxon peoples. Study our booklet on the Ten Commandments for real insight into the only law by which mankind will ever live in peace and international harmony.