Global Warming Farce


Global Warming Farce

Record cold temperatures prevailed across the Northern Hemisphere as Britain’s parliament debated a global warming bill.

Talk about farcical.

There they were, the sad lot charged with administering government in the nation that once ruled the greatest empire in history, debating a hugely complex and costly system ensconced in a bill designed to deal with a fictitious global warming threat, while, unseasonably, the snow tumbled down on London town!

Perhaps it was poetic justice that while this global warming foolishness was being given over to such sanctimoniously serious debate in the mother of all parliaments that London had its first snow recorded at this time of the year since way back in the cooler interwar year of 1922.

But the men and women with the minds of children (Isaiah 3:4) plowed stoically on, ignoring the evidence of the unseasonable blanket of white covering the city—and the 60 percent of the British public who don’t want the legislation enacted by the Climate Change Bill—to vote into law onerous provisions with only five members of Parliament voting against it.

In fact, as British parliamentarians voted in a bill that will add huge encumbrances to their constituents’ daily living and business, temperatures tumbled to record lows in several counties in Britain and spread their effects westward to create record low temperatures across the Atlantic in America. Even in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia experienced record lows.

“[Australian government] Treasurer Wayne Swan had to get out of his woollies yesterday before telling us the world really was warming—and we must pay. …

“Brisbane, his home town, had just endured its coldest October morning in 32 years, yet here was Swan telling us to spend billions in the belief the planet was cooking instead” (Herald Sun, October 31).

At least America has the sane voice of Sen. James Inhofe, derided though he be by those entrenched lackeys of the liberal left, the press and mass media who cower before the altar of the great global warming hoax.

One website published the extent of record cold temperatures according to U.S. federal agency National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (noaa) data under the headline, “NOAA: U.S. Breaks or Ties 115 Cold and Sets 63 New Snowfall Records.” With tongue in cheek, the author observed, “Of course many of you that live in this weather already know this, but there is an early start to winter this year, not only in the usa, but also in London, where it snowed in October for the first time in over 70 years. So far, no mention of this broadly distributed U.S. record event in the mainstream media” (October 30; emphasis mine).

I wonder why?

Well, it’s simply all about who pays the piper.

The fact is that global cooling appears to be an increasing fact supported by an increasing body of evidence produced by legitimate science. But it’s just not a fashionable story in our glazed-eyed, perverse, dumbed-down, rapidly collapsing Western civilization. If you want to sell the news, then you’d better stick to that which is the acceptable story of the moment, though it be patently the product of bad, very bad, science—you might say “science falsely so called”! (1 Timothy 6:20). Above all, avoid the cold, hard facts of the truth!

Well, that’s not what the Trumpet is all about. We publicize reality, the reality of history, the reality of current events (such as unseasonable snow in London and frosts in Florida). What’s more, we take that reality one step further, to the level of ultimate reality, to the God-plane level of divine revelation. That often gets us more brickbats than anything else we post on our website or write in our monthly magazine.

But the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Just go check our archive. See how long in advance of major world events we have been predicting them based purely on Bible prophecy, way ahead of actual events happening. Then dig deeper, and read how Herbert Armstrong predicted the very conditions that we are living through right now up to 75 years ago. And he died before most of them came to fruition!

How did he know?

How do we know?

Read our booklet The Proof of the Bible and find out for yourself. It’s been a life-changer for thousands of people. It could help change your life for the better too.

Who knows, you might even come to see the great global warming hoax for just what it is, a huge lie designed to penalize the many and add profit to the few, while adding fuel to the fire already raging to destroy our national economies!