A More Vital Election

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A More Vital Election

While America and a large portion of the world remains fixated upon the upcoming U.S. presidential election, an even more vital election process advances in Europe.

How naive we Anglo-Saxons are! We gullibly are led by the nose to sit in front of TV and computer screens and swallow the line that a left-wing media really knows just what it is that should satisfy our daily news diet.

How overwhelmingly duped we are!

While masses of couch potatoes sit with glazed eyes rapt in the hoopla of the Democrat and Republican conventions in the United States, leading up to the presidential elections in November, preparations for much more vital elections are moving apace across the Atlantic. The outcome of those elections will have devastating effects on America and its fellow Anglo-Saxon countries, regardless of who wins the U.S. presidency!

Suddenly, right in the midst of the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election, Russia has come in from the cold—with a vengeance—and the U.S. has been caught napping as to what is really going on behind the scenes in Russia and the European Union!

For decades during the Cold War, Herbert W. Armstrong tried to tell the American people that the Russians would never invade America. Still, during the Cold War the very best of presidential advisers had the nation digging holes in the ground to hide from a Russian nuclear attack.

It never came.

What’s more, it never will!

How could Herbert Armstrong be so adamant—and so RIGHT—about the Russians for so long?

Simple. He did not heed the very best of human advisers on international relations. He went to an inerrant source, the ONLY source that could reveal just what was building on the world scene in his day and that clearly shows the structure of the final global order as it will prevail over the next decade. And it was all documented thousands of years ago! Herbert Armstrong went to the Bible to understand the reality behind the ebb and flow of world events and their final outcome! He prayerfully studied the inspired revelation of prophecy from the Supreme Intellect that has ordered these things from the beginning, written down and reproduced in your Bible to be understood by our generation today!

From the same source, Herbert W. Armstrong tenaciously prophesied the revival of another nation, historically much more threatening than Russia, given certain conditions that inevitably have stimulated those people to war throughout their history!

The great paradox is that this nation, which has driven Europe to war three times over the past century and a half, is the only nation to have repented, en masse, of its national sins and turned to God for deliverance! (Jonah 3). This is a people obviously given to no half measures when it comes to their belief in the rightness of that which a certain type of leader inspires and motivates them to do—be it war, or be it national repentance. The problem is that too many of its leaders have inspired them to the former rather than the latter! And the signs are that certain pressures are building in that nation that bode ill for Europe and, most especially, the Anglo-Saxon nations.

We are particularly attuned right now to readings of the current electoral scene in Germany as a number of vital state and local elections approach, building toward Germany’s own federal election in 2009.

Most striking is the rapid progress being made in certain regions within Germany of the National Democratic Party (npd). Founded in 1964, the npd is aggressively nationalist, collectivist, and “third way” in its orientation. Its political philosophy is basically fascist. The party embraces many neo-Nazi sympathizers.

From all of our years of research of the nature of the German peoples, their post-World War ii politics, their well-ordered return to world-power status, in particular their foreign policy since the unification of East and West Germany 18 years ago, we have found few that can match the brilliance of the intelligence, the logic and the analysis of Germany’s domestic and international politics as those minds who operate German-Foreign-Policy.com.

No doubt this is due to the fact that these analysts are German folk who understand the collective German mind and how it has historically reacted given the tensions of the like that are currently building in Europe and on the world scene today.

So it is that we were struck by the warning tone of a recent release from this source that leaves all of the pontificating, the stirring of racial overtones, the rank hypocrisy and the downright infantile behavior of so many involved in the U.S. presidential campaigns, as so much whistling in the wind.

A few days ago, German-Foreign-Policy.com released a story that ought to have been headline news across the world. Its August 27 release led with the following stark statement (emphasis mine throughout):

In the aftermath of the Saxonian npd Party’s local electoral victories, experts are fearing another parliamentary reinforcement of this right-wing extremist party. In the coming 12 months, there will be elections held in each of the npd’s regional strongholds. In Brandenburg, where they are sharing the candidature with their dvu rivals, local elections will be held already in September. In the meantime the npd has been able to establish a “firm foothold” in several areas and seeks “to slowly take over other regions from these satellites,” reports Andreas Speit, an expert on right-wing extremism, in a discussion with German-Foreign-Policy.com.

The item continued with the further startling revelation that “The npd’s electoral victories are reinforcing racism and anti-Semitism in German society, as well as great-power fantasies, strengthening the view that Germany should be a world power, in rivalry with the United States. The npd calls for ‘Europe’ with ‘Germany as its focal point’ becoming ‘an effective political and economic counterbalance to the USA.’”

Author and journalist Andreas Speit, who specializes in the study of neo-Nazi movements, was interviewed by German-Foreign-Policy.com. “The party is not only much more active in local politics than before, it ‘packages its ideology in a terminology, that speaks to anxieties and fears in the population,’ says Speit. The party is also benefiting from the right-wing sentiment that, according to opinion polls, has been growing over the past few years. In its regional strongholds, the npd has been able to considerably broaden its representation ranging from its presence in sports clubs Parent’s Associations, in youth clubs and even their own medium and small business structures” (ibid.).

The npd not only attracts the heel-clicking, Führer-saluting extremist edge of fascists in Germany. It has reached out to the intelligentsia with surprising results. “In fact, with the help of government finances to state parliamentary groups, the npd has been able to gather a large number of academic-trained right-wing extremists for its intellectualization efforts” (ibid.).

Does this all have the ring of the 1930s to it? Same ideology, same appeal directed to much of the same segments of the population—the youth, sports clubs, ptas, academia. One could be forgiven for observing that a sense of déjà vu hangs in the air over Germany right now.

On a European-wide scale, the npd party platform calls for Germany to fulfill its destiny as the focal point of the whole Continent.

This is a party worth watching as state elections progress from September onward in Germany. Watch for the npd to build on gains already achieved during June in Saxony. Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saarland are all slated to show npd gains in elections that will continue through 2009, on up to the race for the chancellor’s office next September. Eyes are increasingly swinging to Germany’s vice chancellor, the more hawkish, pro-Russian, anti-U.S. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as a hot prospect to take Angela Merkel’s job in that election.

Should Steinmeier be successful in ousting Angela Merkel, the U.S. will be rapidly sidelined in Europe.

In the meantime, our friends at German-Foreign-Policy.com issue a stark warning (ibid.):

As always in German history, the military is of prime importance in these great power fantasies. The npd demands that the “National German Armed Forces,” “in the function of a ‘school of the nation,’ mold the oncoming generations and teach them the values of a new ethnic order of sovereign national states” [Europaprogramm der npd]. The world-power ideology loaded with anti-Semitism and racism makes this party into a highly aggressive potential, even for abroad, whose further development can be observed over the next 12 months in its electoral returns.

The U.S. election will elect the national leader of five percent of the world’s population. That the outcome of that election will have a ripple effect on world politics is a given. Yet, believe it or not, the elections taking place in Germany over the next 12 months, climaxing in that nation’s federal election in 2009, will have global impact! What is happening in Germany—politically, economically and militarily—is building toward that which Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied for almost 60 years over radio and TV, via the printed word and by personal representation to world leaders of the time. Germany is on the rise toward world-power status. Global Jewry and the Anglo-Saxons are going to feel that Nazi bootheel on their neck yet again, and it will be far more devastating this time compared to 60 years ago.

It did not have to be so. But it will certainly be so. And when it does happen, as Herbert W. Armstrong declared, the German people will rightly blame the weakness of Anglo-Saxon political will for it occurring!

Yet, when it does happen, exactly as prophesied in your Bible, remember where you read or heard the warning that it was to be so. For then you should also remember that this cataclysmic event is a potent sign that your Redeemer’s return to this Earth is oh, SO imminent!

Read our booklet Nahum—An End-Time Prophecy for Germany for further enlightenment on this subject.