Monkeys, Murder and Marriage


Monkeys, Murder and Marriage

Political correctness reaches ever greater depths of inanity in its confusion over apes, marriage and the rule of law.

How I love the fact that the Ten Commandments are so downright and beautifully politically incorrect! I’m so thankful for being raised within a generation that took it as a given that a child should learn those 10 binding laws of God by rote.

What a rotten age we now live in by comparison.

Once the Anglo-Saxons saw it as an obligation to teach heathen nations about the Creator and His commandments, the very basis of the law that we imposed upon them in colonial times in an effort to bring order, self-discipline and a personal sense of responsibility for one’s actions into their societies.

There was a time when the Anglo-Saxons put in a massive effort to translate the book within whose covers is documented the principles to which Judeo-Christianity aspired, and to distribute it in all languages. We established missionary outposts in far-flung lands out of a conviction that we had a responsibility to teach the people the ways of God.

Now it seems we have run up the white flag of surrender and capitulated to the heathen in our midst. We kowtow to their demands to practice their pagan beliefs within our so-called Christian societies and denigrate our own heritage to the promotion of not only medieval religious perversities of Middle East origin but even the base serpent worship of natives in the antipodes. Meanwhile, Christianity is forcibly banished from schools and government buildings.

So, having tossed the source of our previous definitions of right and wrong clear out the window, it ought not be surprising that the result is, increasingly, mass confusion. News stories routinely show that, on a whole range of topics, we’re simply losing our grip on reality.

Take one example, from a couple of years ago, when “a Spanish parliamentary committee voiced its support for great apes’ rights to life and freedom, opening the door for Spain’s legislature to become the first national one to call for such rights for nonhumans” (New York Times, June 26, 2008, emphasis mine throughout).

The Brussels Journalnoted that the “Spanish newspaper El Mundo (25 April) reports that Spain’s governing Socialists are submitting a bill to grant human rights to four species of animals. The species are chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans: the so-called ‘great apes’ or ‘pongids’ (grandes simios in Spanish).”

It appears that National Geographic has already applied human rights to the great apes. One of its covers about that time carried the banner headline in red, “Who murdered the Virunga Gorillas?” The story chronicled the shooting of a family of gorillas in the Congo. The humanizing of the dumb ape by use of the term “murdered” has a singular purpose: It equates man, the sole representative of intelligent life on the planet, with a dumb animal. This is the outcome of “the Great Apes Project, devised by scientists and philosophers who say our closest genetic relatives deserve rights hitherto limited to humans” (Reuters, June 25, 2008).

Herein lies the problem. As we have increasingly divested the law of the land of any semblance of Christian morality, our definitions as to that which constitutes absolute reality simply lose their meaning. We can’t even distinguish the difference anymore between man made in the image of God and animals. The resulting confusion of mind engenders subsequent confusion in the basic meaning of word-concepts as expressed in our mother tongue. This leads to a confusion of ideas that in turn leads to a corruption of the absolutes that have governed the moral and ethical standards that have been basic to the past stability of our society.

Take the term murder.

That bastion of the English language, the Oxford Dictionary, defines the term thus: “the unlawful killing of a human being by another, 1 kill (a human being) unlawfully, esp. wickedly or inhumanly. 2 Law kill (a human being) with a premeditated motive.” Note that the word-concept “murder” is in each instance, by definition, expressly related to an act by a human being against another human being! By precise definition, murder does not apply to animals!

The definition of murder, in fact, hearkens back to the immutable law that originally defined the act of murder, the earliest documented record being found in the Bible in Exodus 20:13: “Thou shalt not kill.” The Hebrew word translated into the English as “kill” is ratsach, literally meaning murder, as in manslayer! By definition, at its root source and in its meaning in law, murder can only apply to a human being. Humans do kill animals. All too often they murder other humans.

To apply the term murder to killing an ape is a gross confusion of reality that hearkens back to efforts by the intelligentsia to divorce man from God simply so they are then justified in not being in subjection to his law! This approach is evolutionary to the core and is part of the evolutionist’s agenda to reduce humankind from its natural level far above the rest of physical creation—destined in fact to rule over all other forms of physical life (Genesis 1:28)—to the same plane as a dumb animal!

The same logic applies to the term marriage over which the law is ever so busy right now making an ass of itself within English-speaking society, seeking to bend the concise meaning of the term to embrace something the very opposite–-the union of two persons of the same sex!

After all, what IS marriage?

Turning to the Oxford Dictionary again for definition of the term, we find, “The legal union of a man and a woman in order to live together and often to have children … in marriage as husband and wife. This definition and its foundational principle in law again hearken back to the creation of a binding institution created by God at the time of the very first marriage of the first created human beings. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). The term translated wife in this instance stems from the Hebrew sheem, meaning “woman, wife, female.” Thus, any attempt by man to join together in “marriage” that which is other than a man and a woman is a practice that, by definition, is right outside of the fundamental institution of marriage as created by God, and as has been institutionalized in the law of the Anglo-Saxon nations from time immemorial.

The English language and the basic rule of law, with its clear definitions as to right and wrong, were two of the greatest blessings bestowed on the world by the British Commonwealth and Empire up to World War ii, after which their influence continued to be spread, to an extent, by the United States of America from the mid to late 20th century. Yet, over the past 40 years, the tempo of change to the long-held definitions of basic word-concepts that constitute the English language, and progressively, to the laws that govern Anglo-American society, has served to break down the absolutes upon which the commune of the English-speaking peoples was founded and developed to eventually triumph over all other civilizations.

That time of greatness of the Anglo-Saxons is now past.

The impact of godless communism, of the influence of such perverse thinkers as Darwin, Marx and Freud, has produced, as its legacy, the social confusion engendered by the feminism of the past century and the political correctness of the 21st century. This has produced the current-day self-hating, Anglo-America-detesting commentariat that daily feed us via the mass media with a diet of godless, increasingly lawless, morally perverse and intellectually vacuous tripe designed to so confuse the average citizen so as to blind him to any semblance of reality, of any knowledge of the absolutes that underpin a godly, civil and moral society.

The result of all this will be absolute SHOCK when reality finally hits home with a mighty crunch!

The few clear thinkers left within Anglo-Saxon society can see the flood of its self-destruction advancing, and advancing with increasing speed. Too few heed their cries of alarm.

Sadly, that’s the way it has always been with these stiff-necked peoples. There’s only one way that their Creator has found which will lead them to finally cease giving Him lip service and begin to yield to His will. It’s a way involving great hurt, great suffering, in the short term. Yet in the end, and for the longest term, it brings with it unbelievable blessings.

In these unprecedented times of mass confusion, you need to have a clear vision of reality. You need to know without doubt that the gulf that exists between apes and human beings is unbridgeable, that the absolute laws that God implemented to govern marriage are unchangeable. They are part of that immutable law that God created by which mankind may live an abundant, enjoyable, peaceful life, fulfilling his incredible human potential. You need to know that such a life can be yours to embrace, to live abundantly, and to give to you and your loved ones the greatest hope in your future, despite the troubles ahead.

Read our booklet No Freedom Without Law, and begin to gain a fast hold on reality. You will sure need it not only to survive, but to learn how to thrive through the testing times that are even now advancing upon us, increasingly, with every passing month.