Australia and a Prophetic Warning

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Australia and a Prophetic Warning

In a time of change, a vital message goes out to Australians.

Genuine Australians are a hardy lot. They tend to hold strong opinions and have no truck with the sanctimonious. There’s still a tinge of the pioneering spirit of their forefathers in many Aussies, a hint of those pioneers renowned for their initiative, especially when the going gets tough as it often does in a land given to extremes of flood and drought.

Generally not a religious people in the sense of supporting organized religion, Australians nevertheless have a tendency to good heartedness and a wonderful capacity for giving to the deprived in situations of genuine need.

Australia’s small population relative to the sheer empty vastness of its inland, and the country’s relative isolation from fellow Anglo-Saxon nations hailing from the Northern Hemisphere, has bred a spirit of robust independence in the average Aussie.

Yet it’s this very independence of thinking that could prove, in the future, to be Australians’ Achilles heel.

It is with the nature of the true Aussie in mind that the Trumpet has, over the past eight weeks, produced a weekly article for our website with the specific intent of reaching out to our Australian audience with a message that we believe is of vital importance to all Australians, as indeed it is to all of mankind in this age of increasing global disorder.

In these articles, we have striven to appeal to the heart of the average Aussie, not in a necessarily overt religious manner, but rather seeking to highlight some current events that affect the daily lives of Australians and which, in the light of Bible prophecy, are destined to shape the lives of the Australian people in the months and years ahead.

We have commented on the change in direction of Australia’s current government compared to the stability which over a decade of conservative governance brought to the nation. Australia voted for a change last November, and change it got. That’s the way a democracy is supposed to work. Yet, we have posed the question, will Australia really get what it really wants—more importantly, what the nation really needs—through this change of government?

We have sought to highlight some of the dangers inherent in an economy overly dependent on demand for its massive mineral resources, especially when much of those resources are being bought up by one particular nation that shows a high degree of impunity for the basic rights of human beings, especially considering that nation is a declared enemy of Australia’s greatest ally.

In respect of the multicultural trends within Australian society, we have warned of dangers ahead. We have pointed to the record of past nations that have divorced themselves from the foundational institutions that have given them both prestige and a sense of history. We have stressed the dangers inherent in Australia severing its connection with the Crown.

We have highlighted the connection between the feminist and homosexual lobbies and the politically correct thought police, and the increasing breakdown of the traditional family unit.

In respect of Australia’s need to defend itself in a world of rapidly changing alliances—especially with the rise of greater Asia in terms of both economic and military strength—we have endeavored to sound some warning bells.

We have dwelt to an extent on the true Anzac spirit upon which Australia rose to prominence in World War i, and in which spirit it joined its fellow Anglo-Saxon nations in the cause of the defense of freedom in another great global war, even as it has since in various other theaters of action, and does so to this day. We have asked whether, despite the rising popularity of Anzac celebrations in recent years, the spirit of Anzac is truly being transmitted to current generations.

In all of these considerations, we have tried to stimulate thinking on Australia’s future, for that is our business. The Trumpet strives to relate current events to history and to Bible prophecy in a process of analysis that challenges the reader to see the connection between these phenomena. We work to enhance public awareness as to why world news demonstrates that humanity is in an increasing state of disruption politically, economically, environmentally and socially and why man seems to struggle so ineptly to find solutions to this world’s increasingly unsolvable crises. What we offer to you is free of charge and without obligation.

For our efforts we receive both brickbats and bouquets. But that’s not why we do it. It’s really not about whether people respond well to our message or not. Our job is to support a warning message, to publicize it to the largest audience possible, and to leave it to the individual to choose whether to ignore it, embrace it or reject it.

Our message is based on divine revelation—often seemingly illogical to the human mind, but always unfaltering in its inevitable fulfillment.

None who have read the special edition of the Trumpet titled “He Was Right” can refute the evidence that there was a man—seemingly called well ahead of his time in many respects, but right on time in another sense—who, beginning in the 1930s, prophesied countless world events that have since come to pass, most of them since his death over 20 years ago. And as each month goes by, more and more detail within those prophecies, declared by Herbert W. Armstrong often decades in advance of their occurring, falls into place.

How come? What made Herbert W. Armstrong so unique in his capacity to prophesy, so far in advance of their happening, so many world-changing events?

Read the autobiography of this unique man. It clearly explains how he came to understand so clearly so much about the future. The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong explains how he came to understand Bible revelation from the One who inspired countless prophecies in your Bible—the living, Eternal God Himself!

Why wonder at that? Jesus Christ Himself prophesied such a power would be given to all who determine to simply allow God to rule their lives. Read it in your own Bible. Speaking of prophecies of events that He had foretold to them in advance of their happening, Jesus Christ declared to His disciples, “But these things I have told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them” (John 16:4). You see, Bible prophecy is the greatest proof of the existence of God!

Yet the marvel of all this is that you too could possess that same power, if you choose to obey God!

Speaking of that great reality, Jesus Christ forecast to His disciples, “Howbeit when [it], the Spirit of truth is come, [it] will guide you into all truth … and [it] will show you things to come” (John 16:13).

Now that’s real power! The power to foresee world events and to understand their outcome!

Of Himself and the manner in which He works in world affairs, Almighty God has declared, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

Now, since the Scripture cannot be broken (John 10:35), that means—in particular with so much Bible prophecy currently and increasingly being fulfilled—there must be a prophetic warning on the scene today!

Where is it? You can find out—and, what’s more, prove this to yourself—simply by requesting our free book Ezekiel—The End-Time Prophet. Find that warning message, and your understanding of world events and just where you, your nation, your family, your loved ones fit into the equation of current and future events will unfold in a real wonder of revelation of provable truth. That truth will give you such a confidence and a great hope in the future (and in just where you fit into it) that your life will take on a whole new meaning!

Prophecy marches on. The Word of God cannot be broken.

For further study on this subject, we offer you a new booklet, Australia—Where to Now?, now available for reading online or downloading.