Eliminating Father


Eliminating Father

From the creeping feminization of the family unit to the elimination of the father—it’s almost a done deal in Britain.

It’s one thing for the liberal socialists to seek to change the whole fabric of society by aggressively taking over everything from education to entertainment, religion and the mass media. But when a nation’s government seeks to legislate to eliminate the father figure from the basic family unit, it’s past time to cry STOP!

It’s happening in Britain right now.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill is currently in the advanced stages of its reading in the British Parliament. One commentator said of the bill, it’s “hard to imagine a legislative package whose moral sweep and potential ethical consequences could be greater” (Spectator,March 26). This is what happens when a nation loses its moral compass.

When a nation divorces itself from the biblical foundation of morality that stood it in good stead throughout its turbulent lifetime as a once great people, heading up a much greater Commonwealth and Empire, then it is destined for the scrap heap of history.

If this bill passes into law, Britain will have most effectively destroyed the basic building block of its ancient society: the patriarchal family unit.

In IVF treatment, there will no longer be the recognition in law of the need for a father.
In a commentary on just how far down the moral scale British politics has fallen, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made it clear that though his party members are free to vote according to their consciences on key elements of the bill, they are expected to fall in line and still support it in its entirety upon its third and final reading. This is tantamount to placing party discipline ahead of each party member’s moral conscience.

Three issues are at the heart of the debate on this far-reaching legislation. Each strikes at the very heart and core of the concept of the sanctity of individual human life and of the traditional nuclear family. The bbc reported March 25 that “the three areas where Prime Minister Brown said there would be free votes during the passage of the bill through the Commons are:

  • “Preventing fertility clinics from refusing treatment to single women and lesbians—under current legislation clinics must take account of the welfare of the unborn child including “the need for a father.” This will be replaced by the “need for supportive parenting.”
  • “Creating a child with the correct tissue match to save a sick brother or sister.
  • “Creating so-called hybrid animal/human embryos to aid stem-cell research.”
  • In simple terms, these three issues allow firstly for the elimination of a father figure from the process of gestation, birth and parenting, secondly for the creation of a clone of any given child—a so-called “savior sibling”—as a factory for the replacement of tissue that may be defective in any given child, and thirdly the monstrous Jekyll-and-Hyde prospect of the creation of hybrid human-animal embryos.

    The most glaring of changes that this perverse legislation is designed to achieve is the first one: the elimination of the “need for a father” from British law. As Matthew D’Ancona states in the previously quoted article in the Spectator magazine, “In ivf treatment, there will no longer be the recognition in law of the ‘need for a father.’”

    To say that such legislation is “far-reaching and ethically contentious,” as that article states, seems rather trite. In fact this legislation seeks to overthrow the singular authority of the Creator as the initiator of God-given family life, according to innate and constant design, geared to the ongoing natural reproduction of families comprised of a father, a mother and offspring reared under the guidance of both to the status of responsible members of a wider human community.

    The government’s own chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, has questioned the efficacy of the science upon which this legislation is based. In giving evidence before the parliamentary Joint Committee on the bill, Donaldson stated that “there was no clear scientific argument as to why you would want to do it, and, secondly, a feeling that this would be a step too far as far as the public are concerned … the scientific arguments for wanting to do it are not particularly strong or convincing, or even existent” (ibid.).

    The way that the godless minds that are pushing this bill react to any criticism of it is far less than scientific in motive and content. “Predictably, the more vociferous champions of the bill have tried to present the argument as one between ignorant superstition and enlightened progress” (ibid.).

    This Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill, in short, fiddles with the basic building blocks of human community. It mocks the fundamental laws of marriage and family life as laid down by the Creator at the beginning of time (Genesis 1:27-28; 2:24). It is patently anti-God, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-society.

    The Creator of humankind foresaw the grave danger of man reaching such a state of devolution in mind, character and motivation early on in the history of civilization. At Babylon, God declared of the early post-Flood civilization, “And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do” (Genesis 11:6). So God confounded the language of the people and scattered them behind natural geographic barriers according to race and nationality.

    This action simply postponed the inevitable. Now, since the world became a global village with the onset of mass communication, mass transit and shared scientific knowledge, that which was about to become a possibility over four millennia ago—stymied temporarily by the hand of God—has raised its ugly head again in these latter days.

    Man, denying the very existence of an omniscient, omnipresent eternal, self-existent Creator God, seeks to place himself on the throne of the Creator and play God with the building blocks of human life.

    At this point, mankind must be warned that Almighty God is about to declare, yet once again, “Enough!” The consequences of man’s descent into the moral abyss are about to be reaped, and the results will not be pretty!

    Yet, as has been often said, it is always darkest before the dawn. Thank God that He does exist, that He is vitally interested in the affairs of mankind and that He has prophesied that He definitely will step in to arrest the decline in human affairs that sears the conscience of men to the point that they can deign to even contemplate imposing such legislation as this dastardly Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill on any nation!

    For a deeply meaningful and enlightening exposé of what is causing the moral destruction of British society—and of the prophesied outcome to which it is leading—read our booklet Conspiracy Against Fatherhood. It reveals the brightest rays of hope that are yet to be realized during the great dawning that will follow this world’s darkest hour. And it all has to do with the revitalization of the great, God-given institutions of marriage and the family!