The Joy of New Life

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The Joy of New Life

One of the greatest proofs of a Creator is the miracle of conception, gestation and the birth of new life.

I’ve just witnessed the birth of my eighth grandchild.

It was a copybook birth.

Naturally delivered in the home, with three wonderfully dedicated midwives in attendance, the sheer exhilaration of hearing that little girl’s first cries cannot be compared with any other experience. The joy in the eyes of the mother upon receiving that tiny squirming bundle of life into her arms after the dedicated care and nourishment in the womb for nine long months is a wonder to behold.

Having spent most of my life disproving the theory of evolution and collecting the overwhelming evidence proving the existence of Almighty God, all of this academic proof seems superfluous after having viewed, yet once again, the miracle of human birth.

At a different level, the season of spring is a wonderful witness to the creation of Almighty God. It’s spring in Oklahoma, and everywhere you look new life is literally bursting into the open.

One step below the human level, animal reproduction is, in itself, a perpetual seasonal reminder of the great Creator who set the cycles in motion that yield fresh new life each year. My most immediate acquaintance with the process of animal reproduction is with horseflesh. Having attended a number of mares in foal, and helped raise their progeny from birth to weaning and beyond, I am still in awe of the basic, unerring instincts and the totally reliable cycle of life that produces a fine bred animal ready for training at the hand of man to become his reliable servant.

True, these are but animals, yet with a tremendous capacity to learn behavioral characteristics and habit patterns based on training via the process of stimulus-response. But though they have an excellent brain, they have no mind. Animals cannot conceptualize, they cannot convert symbols into language, they cannot think, dream, envision, create. At the physical level, only the human mind is capable of such power.

Thus it is that the birth of a new human being is a wonder far and above that of the animal, possessing a potential so vast, if we were only to comprehend it, that it is capable of achieving anything that it can imagine (Genesis 11:6).

The horror of the day is just how cheapened this miracle of human birth has become at the hands of man.

Last night, while watching the news from Europe, a report came through on the sentencing of a woman in Germany who had willingly slaughtered nine of her babies over a 16-year period and buried them in flowerpots on her balcony (abc News, April 8).

That’s hard for any civilized individual to wrap one’s mind around. Yet that is but one instance among so many we see in the nightly parade of horrors that we view on television news that bespeaks the human failing that Robert Burns referred to as “man’s inhumanity to man.”

And as we watch, we can become so hardened to it all.

The sheer wickedness and the depravity that spawns the regimes that dot the world for which human life is counted as next to nothing (except the lives of the murderous perpetrators of human slaughter) boggle the minds of the truly civilized. Yet, the civilized, caught in the grip of the politically correct appeasing mindset so rampant in Western society today, seem entirely too content in allowing such regimes to flourish and continue to wreak their carnage.

Modern China, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the butchers of Darfur, the Congo, these are but latter-day types of the old crooked, murderous regimes of Mao and Pol Pot, not to mention their even earlier mentors, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

Then there is the bloody history of one of the most murderous of empires, the Holy Roman Empire, with its perpetual resurrections and declines, wading through a sea of blood for over 1,500 years in an effort to convert the world to its universal, imperialist doctrine.

Go back in history, even further, and we see how the sacrifice of new little lives on alters of blood and fire was endemic to so many ancient pagan cultures.

Given all this wretched history, still the civilized world is willing to kowtow to China, compromise its so-called humane convictions, and slap the nation on the wrist with what amounts to nothing more than a wet tram ticket, rather than risk insulting the nation—upon which it is so besotted with the idea that it is so dependent for propping up its global economy—by roundly condemning it and powerfully penalizing it for its grossly overt inhumane acts.

How cheap human life has become on this weary old planet; how utterly useless our great institutions in stemming the tide of human carnage.

That’s what’s so refreshing about experiencing the birth of just one new human life into a warm, caring and loving family who will cherish it, nourish it—the parents willing to endure the pain for the gain of training up a child in the way that it should go (Proverbs 22:6)—that it become a responsible member of society, reaching for the stars and beyond, reaching out to the fulfillment of its very God-ordained destiny, its incredible, human potential!

Oh! What a joy is the birth of such a little one, given the revelation as to the very reason for its birth and the incredible human potential that awaits it!

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