Living a Lie


Living a Lie

The British Parliament’s rejection of a referendum on the EU reform treaty is consistent with the continuing rejection of the processes of democracy surrounding the European Union.

Britain’s fate, for the time being, in respect of its loss of sovereignty as a nation, appears that it will be sealed in the same manner as it was drawn into the Common Market 34 years ago—by a simple barefaced lie.

It was the lie told by Prime Minister Edward Heath in the process of leading up to the British Parliament’s agreeing to take Great Britain into the European Common Market that consummated in the country’s gaining membership of that institution. The British people were told by Heath that the European Economic Community was but a benign trading entity with no imperial ambition, no objective to become a political entity in its own right.

When the Maastricht Treaty revealed the imperialist agenda of the European Community, Rodney Atkinson and Norris McWhirter clearly proved a case of treason against John Major’s government for signing up to it. As they pointed out, under the provisions of Maastricht, the Queen was reduced to the status of an ordinary citizen, and Britain stood to become little other than a vassal state of the developing European Union.

The erosion of sovereignty continued, step by step, with every treaty that was signed subsequent to Maastricht in 1992. The Treaty of Amsterdam signed in 1997 and the Treaty of Nice in February 2001 each further prepared the way for the present treaty, the Treaty of Lisbon. This treaty, signed on Dec. 13, 2007, must be ratified by all 27 member states before it can enter into force. The Brussels/Berlin plan is to have all 27 EU member nations ratify the treaty before the next European Parliament elections due in June 2009. The Lisbon Treaty, known also by the term “reform treaty,” is the document replacing the former draft European Constitution which was rejected at referenda in France and the Netherlands.

The current lie is that the Lisbon Treaty is no longer the European Constitution.

That’s just playing semantics.

It’s the exact same document dressed up in even more insidious, largely unreadable, clothes. And that just suits the likes of Prime Minister Gordon Brown down to the ground. For Brown is selling this latest treaty to Britain based on the lie that it is no longer the European Constitution, and that Britain has gained all of its vaunted “red lines” (opt-outs from various clauses), with no loss of national sovereignty. The truth is, by ratifying this treaty, British defense, national security, policing, education, health and welfare, foreign policy and a whole pile of other natural responsibilities of national government will fall under the EU legislation and regulation that trumps all sovereign law of EU member nations within the bounds of this centralizing treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty is being sold on the big lie that claims it strengthens the democratic rights of citizens of the EU.

It patently does not!

On its own website, the EU claims that “The European Union is based on the rule of law. This means that everything that it does is derived from treaties, which are agreed on voluntarily and democratically by all member states.”

What the EU so willingly glosses over is that in a true democracy the member states’ parliaments are elected by the public to represent the will of the people. But the EU has demonstrated that, in those instances where a matter affecting the EU is put to the vote by a referendum within an EU member nation, and the public vote against the will of the EU as has happened in Ireland, France and the Netherlands, the outcome is unacceptable to Brussels/Berlin! In such instances, one of two courses of action follows.

Take the instance of a country such as Ireland, which is constrained to have a referendum on certain political issues rather than have them debated and passed in parliament without any true representation of public opinion. When almost all of the 41 constituencies in Ireland rejected the Treaty of Nice, the EU simply plowed euros into a massive media campaign to brainwash the minds of the Irish to vote in favor of the treaty in a second referendum!

In the instance of those nations which are not constrained by their constitutions to have an EU treaty put to a public referendum, but who elected to do so only to see the EU treaty rejected—witness France and the Netherlands—their governments are simply leant upon by Brussels/Berlin so that they deny the right of their electorates to a say in the matter and then ramrod it through their parliaments!

France’s President Sarkozy spilled the beans on this collusion recently. The February-March European Foundation Intelligence Digest reported:

The French president gave an astonishingly frank answer to this question when he addressed the French people on television on the night of February 10. Presenting the Treaty of Lisbon as a French initiative, and repeating his bizarre argument that he had received an electoral mandate not to hold a referendum, Sarkozy said very firmly, and with emphasis, “In order to convince all our partners to accept this new simplified treaty which we were proposing, and which was no longer a constitution, we had to promise to ratify it in parliament if we reached an agreement. If the condition had not been fulfilled, no agreement would have been possible.”In other words, the European states demanded from France, and easily obtained, an agreement that there would not be another referendum as a pre-condition for agreeing to Lisbon in the first place.

The totally anti-democratic imposition of the will of the EU in this manner simply flies in the face of all of its mendacious claims to be a democratic institution. Its processes are inherently a blend of smoke and mirrors, or as another source would have it, night and fog!

In the case of France, the subterfuge was blatant. “Everything happened very quietly, deliberately so, in contrast to the vociferous debate which accompanied the referendum in 2005. The National Assembly and Senate met in Congress in Versailles on Monday, February 4, to change the constitution first, and the two chambers then separately voted the treaty into law on Thursday, February 8, 2008” (ibid.).

John Laughland, author of The Tainted Source: The Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea, commented that “the heads of state and government of the EU colluded with one another to ensure that no referendum was held in France on the new constitution. It is difficult to imagine a more flagrant demonstration of the deliberately anti-democratic political culture and practice of the EU” (Brussels Journal,February 27; emphasis mine).

In an invidious comparison between Hitler’s Nazi regime and the Sarkozy government’s mode of ratifying the Lisbon treaty, the Austrian newspaper Der Standard described it as Nacht und Nebel, “night and fog” (February 8). This was a way of comparing the French government’s approach with a directive of Adolf Hitler by which political activists were eliminated from Nazi Germany’s occupied territories. “This expression refers to the fact that the debates in the National Assembly and Senate were deliberately organized at night so that the media and tv could not report them: The government wanted the dirty little deed of ratifying a text previously rejected in a referendum to be done on the quiet” (European Foundation Digest, op. cit.).

Now, though all three major political parties in Britain promised the electorate a referendum on the EU constitution/reform treaty, the British Parliament has voted to deny the people their democratic right to such a referendum. This, despite the overwhelming evidence in polls that a great majority in Britain demanded such a referendum!

Democracy fled the British Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, March 5, with that parliamentary vote against a referendum.

Treason at Maastricht has mutated into high treason at Westminster!

Is there any hope for the British to yet escape the increasingly choking effect of Brussels/Berlin regulation on their lives?

Believe it or not, the only true hope lies within the pages of the very book upon which they place their hands to swear an oath of fealty to the Crown, or to tell the plain and simple truth in a court of law—the plain and simple truth which they have been patently and continually denied by successive governments about the true nature of this beastly, imperialist European Union.

If you are one who believes in the inerrancy of that ancient book called the Holy Bible, then read and study our book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. It reveals, with the powerful proof of biblical prophecy, how Britain got into its present lamentable relationship with the EU, and the only way it can effectively get out of it—before it is too late!