Face Up to the Future


Face Up to the Future

Ignorant of the past, ignoring the effects of the present, we can easily be blind to the future.

The Trumpet is not designed to impact closed minds. We recognize that the human mind has a most powerful capacity to fool itself. Closed-mindedness, it seems, is a phenomenon of our age. Even worse than this particular mental disorder that so massively impacts our society today, is that which leads a human mind, though subconsciously acknowledging reality, to deliberately blind itself to the truth!

Consider the Bloomsbury set of early 20th-century London which had such a strong and lasting influence on the movements to “liberalize” Victorian moralist society. They freely admitted that they embraced the godless theory of evolution and came up with their hedonistic, libertine, anarchic view of the world so as to justify their penchant for sexual immorality. Theirs was a “sophistication” born of rankly carnal lust, certainly not of reason.

The aging Apostle John clearly identified this natural capacity of man to be governed by the “lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life” in 1 John 2:16. His compatriot, the Apostle Peter, had earlier explained that this natural, carnal tendency of man was linked to a hatred of the principle of government. It is in fact this tendency of human nature to deny the laws that govern behavior, so as to justify fulfillment of its own self-centered ways, that is leading the white Anglo-Saxon race to its demise. In the process of pursuing hedonism, at the expense of controlling human behavior by submission to a higher law that was designed to govern the mind that influences the flesh, the British and American peoples are simply heading the way that all great societies throughout history have gone—into the throes of decadence, ultimate collapse and abject failure.

A few years ago, the British author and journalist Anatol Lieven summed up the path to collapse of the once-almighty United States—he deigned to even call America depraved in his headline—this way (Financial Times, Nov. 29, 2005):

The basic reasons why the American empire is bust are familiar from other imperial histories. The empire can no longer raise enough taxes or soldiers, it is increasingly indebted and key vassal states are no longer reliable. In an equally classical fashion, central to what is happening is the greed and decadence of the imperial elites. Like so many of their predecessors, the U.S. wealthy classes have gained a grip over the state that allows them to escape taxation. Mass acquiescence in this has to be bought with much smaller—but fiscally equally damaging—cuts to taxes on the middle classes.

The reality is that it has all happened before. Witness the rise and fall of every major nation, and empire, throughout history.

Rome has often furnished the classic tale of the rise and fall of empire from grace to depravity. Any decent history, from Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to more recently authored versions of today, reveals a common theme contributing to the collapse of those nations that at one time or another dominated the world. Small wonder, then, as Lieven lists the factors contributing to the demise of America, that it all sounds so familiar:

The result is that the empire can no longer pay for enough of the professional troops it needs to fulfil its self-assumed imperial tasks. It cannot introduce conscription because of the general demilitarisation of society and also because elite youths are no longer prepared to set an example of leadership and sacrifice by serving themselves. The result is that the U.S. is incapable of waging more wars of occupation, such as in Iraq. It can defeat other states in battle easily enough but it cannot turn them into loyal or stable allies. War therefore means simply creating more and more areas of anarchy and breeding grounds for terrorism.

Any major nation that loses the capacity to wage effective warfare to achieve a clear and decisive victory is destined for the scrap heap of history. As Sir Winston Churchill famously mused, the history of man is the history of war. The loss of this key element of national power—to wage effective warfare in the defense of its national security—can clearly have but one outcome for the United States. As it was with Rome, so it was with the British Empire, and so it will be for the United States of America.

But who really believes that in today’s culture of the blind? One only has to listen to those politicians who are currently stumping the American primaries to conclude that not one has a firm grasp on the reality of the massively dangerous position that the U.S. faces right now and in the immediate future.

Contrasting the strength of the moral society that underpinned the power of imperial Britain with the subculture that inhabits many a city street in Britain and America today, historian Gertrude Himmelfarb declares, “Where Victorians had the satisfaction of witnessing a significant improvement in their condition, we are confronting a considerable deterioration in ours” (The De-Moralization of Society). Now that’s reality!

Himmelfarb points to this innate tendency of the human mind to blind itself to reality, noting that “For a long time social critics and policy-makers have found it hard to face up to the realities of our moral condition, in spite of the statistical evidence.” So how many more surveys do we have to engage in to lift the blind off the fact that violent images in print or in video format beget violent behavior? How much research do we yet have to engage in to prove the reality that perverse behavior begets increasingly more perverse behavior? How many more reviews of the traditional nuclear family do we have to conduct to reach the conclusion that single-parent families produce unbalanced children?


It ought to be as plain as the nose on our face that to “normalize” behavior that has historically been defined and embedded in law as abnormal, illegitimate or deviant, based upon the soundest of all reasons—the immutable law of our Creator—will lead to the reduction of standards, basic human virtues and societal values to the point that the whole moral fiber and structure of our society will break down. That’s a recipe for national disaster. Yet our blind guides lead us into ever greater blindness, and we love to have it so!

Forty years ago, that great realist, Herbert W. Armstrong, declared and explained the prophecies of the Bible relating to world conditions of our time to a world that appeared to be in chaos. He explained them in terms relating specifically to current world events. Millions heard his message. Tens of thousands responded most readily as they experienced the great social disruptions of the ’60s, the space race and the threat of nuclear annihilation during the mid-to-late 20th century, and the prospect of the collapse of the world economy as our currencies were divorced from any tangible measures of value. Many perceived these very real threats to the survival of civilization and readily saw the link between those events and the clear prophecies of the Bible. They were able to see that the Bible forecast these events far in advance of those very conditions descending on the British and American peoples in particular, and the world in general. Yet, the great wonder is, in this 21st century, at a time when the record proves that so many of those prophecies have been clearly fulfilled—in detail, right on target, right on time—and so many more are in the making at this very moment, most of those who once saw this clear prophetic reality have drifted off into abject blindness. Most who once saw the clear light of revealed truth now, blinded to its revelation, pursue the ways of materialism and “self-fulfillment,” the ways of the selfish, the very ways of society that were prophesied to bring about the troubles we are facing today!

What a paradox!

Now, if you have read thus far, here’s the challenge. Take any major world event that has occurred, from the beginning of recorded history, and we will prove to you that it relates to Bible prophecy. Note any major recent world event that has happened, especially since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and we can prove to you that it was prophesied in your Bible! If you don’t believe us, put us to the test. Name any major event that has occurred anywhere in the world and we will point you to the Bible prophecies that revealed that event sometimes millennia before it occurred!

You see, that’s where we have the edge over just plain old news reports. There’s a multitude of sources out there that report the news.

That’s the easy bit.

To explain why current world events are happening, as they are, when they are, and point to their inevitable conclusion, now that takes a power beyond the scope of the human mind! It literally takes a power that is out of this world, a supernatural power! It’s that power that the Trumpet taps into, revealed through the scriptures embedded in the book that is an all-time best seller, translated into more languages and dialects than any other tome in existence, your Bible.

Want to know more? Then request our booklet The Proof of the Bible, gratis. It is designed to rip the blindfold off ignorance to the real meaning of today’s earth-shattering current events and open your eyes to the only true source of the revelation of the future.

It is all so provable to the open mind!

Why not take up the challenge and request your own personal copy of this vital booklet The Proof of the Bible? It may just change the whole course of your life and, despite the pall of negativity flooding the news pages, give you real confidence in the future, a confidence born of knowing, without doubt, the outcome of the great events shaping this age, and the tremendous purpose behind it all!