Fool’s Paradise

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Fool’s Paradise

An insular news media has significantly bent the minds of the English-speaking peoples away from having a grasp on reality.

Having just returned from two weeks in the land Down Under, I was struck by the extent to which the general level of ignorance to current world events within Australia is now very much like the United States. That was simply not the case a decade and a half ago when I became an expatriate Aussie living abroad.

Both America and Australia are prime First World economies, obviously the former being much larger in sheer economic scale and impact compared to the latter, though Australia has a decent edge on its northern ally in terms of the quality of life and security its population presently enjoys. Yet both American and Australian societies have been deeply penetrated by liberal socialist thought through the latter half of the 20th century. This has resulted in current-day educationalists, politicians, businessmen, religionists and community leaders in general bearing little resemblance in form to their more stalwart counterparts of pre-World War ii.

The result in both America and Australia is a milksop society generally intent on seeking “self-fulfillment” rather than the robust development of character and the strengthening of national heritage to which their progenitors aspired. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the education systems of each of these extremely blessed countries.

Prior to World War ii, so many British schools produced, as standard fare, curricula that stressed the very best of ideals upon which free societies in the democratic tradition were formed. Self-discipline, moral character, a clear distinction between the sexes in both nature and roles, the concept of fair play and true sportsmanship, patriotism and respect for law were de rigueur within that system. To a similar though somewhat lesser extent, the same could be said for the typical American schoolhouse of the time.

This education system produced high-caliber leaders who became renowned in their fields, most particularly in the political arena and in military leadership. In the case of the British, in many instances where Britain planted its flag, this system of education brought native populations from the status of savages to the level of civilized societies. It is no mere coincidence that the last great crop of leaders of real character, of true statesmen and heroes in battle, emerged from the pre-World War ii education system.

By contrast, increasingly the free democracies of the world (largely comprised of the English-speaking peoples) are today being led by prime ministers and presidents who developed as individuals within post-World War ii society. These have been the years of the feminizing of society, the blurring of gender roles, the emasculation of language, and the neutering of anything that might smack of the grand old days of empire.

That is all rather too sad for a realist to dwell on for long. Its results are far too demoralizing to contemplate. We now live out the legacy of the Marxist-Leninist theoreticians’ takeover of education in the ’60s, its flower-power results of the ’70s, the corporate greed backlash of the ’80s, the self-fulfillment rush of the ’90s, into what is now patently emerging as the increasingly high penalty that we are going to have to pay for our engorging lust of the flesh—the accelerating meltdown of the whole post-war system that Western society has constructed to satiate the senses at any price. The consumer society is simply doomed.

That so many in our First World societies (I have my recent experience in Australia and day-to-day experience in America in mind) can remain so oblivious to the reality of the times is simply amazing!

I gave up reading newspapers in the U.S. years ago. When I left Australia to live overseas 15 years back, one could still find a decent commentary on global events in the major dailies. It’s no longer so. The press at large and media generally within Australia have trashed their trade, following in the wake of their American and British counterparts, selling sleaze and feminized, politically correct junk for news. This is what has significantly bent the minds of people at large away from having a grasp on reality—and toward living out a vacuous existence in a fool’s paradise.

So I return to America to view a pink-tie-attired “conservative” commentator taking prime time on what is supposed to be a hard-hitting current affairs program, interviewing a court jester—oops, I mean a “celebrity.” I switch off very quickly, more convinced than ever that the bloggers have a corner on the market of hard news and decent analytical commentary.

Wake up America! Wake up you English-speaking peoples! You are living in a fool’s paradise that will soon come crashing down on your heads!

What is it about us essentially peace-loving, generally good-natured Anglo-Saxons that causes us to ignore any powerfully aggressive threat to our freedoms until our enemies smash us?

It should have been obvious, given their history, that the Teutonic peoples of Europe would use the Treaty of Versailles as a cloak under which to reap retribution on those nations that humiliated them in World War i. It ought to have been self-evident that the signature on a piece of paper of a rabble-rousing, Jew-hating, demonic demagogue gave absolutely no protection whatsoever against his imperialistic drives in 1939. It should have been clear to all that a corpulent, gun-toting, scraggy-bearded Palestinian addressing the United Nations was simply enhancing his platform calling for the annihilation of the tiny nation of Israel. It should have been apparent to any level-headed political leader looking into the eyes of a former Russian kgb agent who suddenly rises to the presidency of his own country, that he is certainly not “a man I can trust”!

Most of all, it ought to be apparent to the whole nation that breaking custom and tradition to invite a representative of any religion other than that espoused by one’s constitution (in particular a religion practiced by those intent on destroying free democratic society) to open Congress with a prayer to his God, is tantamount to putting the torch to the very underpinnings of the binding principles upon which one’s nation was founded!

Reflecting on better times, during an address to the Churchill Society in Canada, British politician Lord Hailsham raised the question, “Has anyone paused to wonder whether the ideas and the ideals which this great man [Churchill] fostered and defended in his long public life have worthy defenders left upon this Earth today?” (The Heroic Memory).

That was back in 1978. How much more emphasis could be placed on that question today!

Lord Hailsham added, “History is now, and no one knew better than Winston that history is always, ours to make” (ibid.). Any realist would have to agree that the history that Western—in particular Anglo-Saxon—civilization is writing today is a history we shall live to regret.

Take a look at a list of phenomena that contributed to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Be honest … name one that as yet does not apply to America, Britain and the whole system that has historically bound together Western society in its dominance of the globe for the past 200 years—then tell me if we are not living in a fool’s paradise.

Western society’s decline may have been accelerated by the events of 9/11. Its fall is but a matter of time.

Sound gloomy? It does not need to be. In fact, the sooner that this whole deeply corrupted system collapses—and collapse it will, as inerrant Bible prophecy clearly reveals—the sooner the way will be swept clean for a far, far better system—in fact, an ultimately perfect system of government administering religion, law, education, economy, and society in general—to replace it.

But, inevitably, as history shows, we will have to learn the hard way.

As we either ignore, or remain willingly ignorant of, the hard facts of the impending doom of our hedonistic way of life, it will be a matter of our enemy yet again smashing us over the head to wake us up to the reality of our great moral decline into Romanesque decadence.

While Western mass media remains stupidly hypnotized by a petty Persian windbag and lesser extremist Islamists loud on rhetoric and great on blowing themselves and others to bits, we ignore one great fact of history. There is one nation … one nation of very disciplined, highly organized people that has traditionally seen itself as the savior of true civilization, repeatedly, in times of crisis. It is a wonderfully cultured people given to great hospitality … until a demagogue tempts them away from their friendly, fun-loving ways. Then they can be brutal in the enforcement of their will on any nation that resists them.

This is a great fact of history of which our liberal revisionists would have us remain ignorant. Yet it is a reality that, because of their descent into the moral sewer, the Anglo-Saxons in particular will be forced to suffer yet one more time.

You need to study our booklet revealing the prophecy of Nahum for real insight into the history and the future of that great nation and how its actions, even now becoming apparent, will inevitably affect you and your loved ones in the near future. Our prayer is that you will break out of this fool’s paradise that currently enraptures Western society, and really WAKE UP to the reality of what is truly happening on the world scene … before it is too late!