Germany Is Getting Control of Europe

From the February 2001 Trumpet Print Edition

Germany has just taken a major step in gaining control of Europe! They have been the economic powerhouse in Europe for years. Now they have gotten the upper hand in controlling the entire European Union (EU), which is destined to become the world’s number-one economic and military power.

The American people are almost oblivious to what is happening—even though this event will radically change the life of every U.S. citizen.

London’s Daily Telegraph, December 12, 2000, wrote this (emphasis mine): “Gerhard Schröder won praise even from German opposition leaders yesterday for strengthening his country’s position in Nice as the EU’s most powerful and influential member state….

“The result was all the sweeter for Mr. Schröder as he was able to achieve results despite having made what appeared to be a grand, statesmanlike sacrifice of German interests.

“Before the summit, German leaders said they wanted to increase their country’s vote in the Council of Ministers to above that of France, Britain and Italy to reflect its higher population.

During the Nice haggling, however, Mr. Schröder agreed not to push the demand. To do so, he decided, would endanger the Franco-German partnership and be too visible a sign of Paris’s weakening position vis-a-vis Berlin.

“But despite the gesture, what he did achieve by the back door in the complex recasting of voting systems will have similar effect, adding to German power.

“While giving the ‘big four’ 29 votes each, EU leaders agreed that any member state would be able to invoke a new clause requiring that a majority vote represents at least 62 percent of the total EU population. This will allow Germany and any other two big EU states to block any decision even though their combined votes do not add up to the necessary blocking minority.

“‘Without highlighting it, Germany’s weight has grown,’ Mr. Schröder said.

Notice very carefully what Germany is doing. They came to the conference appearing to make a “statesmanlike sacrifice of German interests,” when in fact they came “by the back door” to get control of the European Union.

Even German opposition leaders praised this master stroke!

We have prophesied for over 60 years that this would become Germany’s method of conducting policy. This is the kind of deceitful policy that is going to intensify, as it fulfills Daniel 8:23-25. You should read and study those verses. Also, write for our free booklets Germany in History and Prophecy and Daniel—Unsealed at Last!

The European press sees what is happening but doesn’t deeply understand its significance—while the American press doesn’t even seem to be aware of what is happening!

The European Foundation Intelligence Digest reported, “Much of the European press agreed that Nice has led to the strengthening of German power within Europe. Although Germany retains the same number of votes in the Council as France,Britain and Italy, she now becomes the only country which can block a decision by allying herself with two other big countries, on the basis of a double-majority system based on population. Britain, France and Italy cannot achieve the blocking majority on their own, while Germany can with two of them” (Dec. 1-14, 2000).

This emerged as a master stroke of German genius. The “double majority” agreement effectively gives Germany, in concert with only two of the “enhanced cooperation” EU nations, sole power to block any future EU policies with which it does not agree!

The European Foundation went on to say that “The Germans’ success is, according to the German press, thanks to psychological warfare waged successfully by the chancellor and his foreign minister.

The German press understands that their country is waging a war to get control of Europe! Germany is very successful because other European nations fail to grasp that frightening reality!

Reflecting a new mood of Germanophobia in the wake of the summit, the Paris daily Liberacion wrote, “German power has never been more glaring.

Indeed, “German power has never been more glaring”!

President Chirac of France and the other European leaders were deviously outmaneuvered by Germany.

A London Times headline read, “Germany Triumphs on the EU Battlefield.” It is indeed a battle, and Germany is always the winner.

The article stated (emphasis mine), “The Greeks left the summit [of Nice] grumbling about a new German-led ‘directorate’ at the European helm ….

The Greeks and many other nations are going to do a lot more than grumble before this is all over. In the near future, the whole world is going to be paralyzed with shock!

Germany’s leader, Gerhard Schröder, talked about “how Germany’s weight has grown”—“without highlighting it.” That is because he knows these other European leaders still fear a powerful Germany. And they have a very good reason for doing so!

Germany has started every major European war since 1870. And notice what Konrad Adenauer (the German leader for many years after World War ii) wrote: “National socialism could not have come to power in Germany if it had not found, in broad strata of the population, soil prepared for its sowing of poison. I stress, in broad strata of the population. It is not accurate to say that the high military or the great industrialists alone bear the guilt…. Broad strata of the people, of the peasants, middle classes, workers and intellectuals did not have the right intellectual attitude.”

German experts have also written how these same Germans were left to denazify themselves in 1947—just two years after the war! But somehow we thought that wrong “intellectual attitude” would just go away by itself. What happened at the Nice summit shows that the wrong “intellectual attitude” is still very much alive!

The Nazi spirit is far from dead. If the Germans understood their history, they would not be deceiving and bullying their way into ruling over Europe. This would be the last result they desired. The very fact that they are using these vile tactics at Nice shows that Germany has not learned from their history!

And neither has the rest of the world!

It also reveals that this world is heading for an unparalleled disaster! Write for our free booklet Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman for proof of what I am writing.

What foolish people we are. We won’t awaken from our stupor until Germany starts another world war.

But this time it will be nuclear. Thankfully it will culminate in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.