Danger Stirs in Germany—Again

From the January 2005 Trumpet Print Edition

A leading German politician has just made statements very similar to those of Adolf Hitler. The highly respected Stratfor intelligence group is the first to tell us so, according to our knowledge. It is the most shocking report we have seen in years, when you consider that Germany started two world wars.

No nation has a history of causing more wars than Germany. That history makes this report much more alarming!

Here is what Stratfor wrote: “After being re-elected leader of Germany’s opposition Christian Democratic Union on December 6, Angela Merkel spoke out against multiculturalism and condemned Berlin’s attempts to integrate ethnic communities. Merkel’s statements echo the sentiments of a certain earlier German government [that of Adolf Hitler], and the re-emergence of right-wing parties there could portend another shift in the country’s policies toward foreigners.

“Angela Merkel, leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union party (cdu), lambasted Germany’s policies on multiculturalism during a party conference December 6 in Dusseldorf. Calling multiculturalism a resounding failure, Merkel repeated her opposition to Turkey’s membership in the European Union and emphasized patriotic and conservative values.

“… Merkel’s statements, combined with the increasing support enjoyed by other nationalistic, right-wing parties, are ominous” (Dec. 7, 2004; emphasis mine throughout).

Why is all of this “ominous”? Germany is rapidly shifting to the right wing politically. It is shifting toward policies “reminiscent of Hitler’s.”

Today, Germany is by far the greatest economic power in Europe. It leads the powerful 25-nation European Union superpower, which is frequently challenging the U.S.

A powerful right-wing Germany is far more dangerous to America than terrorism is. We just don’t know it yet.

The article continues: “The cdu, formed after World War ii, espouses a conservative, center-right platform. It draws support from all economic classes and trumpets a return to patriotism and ‘traditional’ German values. More recently, the cdu has called for economic reforms to bring Germany out of nearly a decade of slow growth and high unemployment.”

Hitler came to power in a time of high unemployment. The cdu’s pursuit of “traditional” values is beginning to frighten some people in the world. Those “traditional” values often remind us of Adolf Hitler. The only difference is, they are proclaimed today in a much more sophisticated way. But they are still coming in the spirit of Hitler.

Stratfor wrote, “With support for Germany’s ruling Social Democratic Party (spd) falling, the cdu might be able to capitalize on its near-equal popularity and gain the chancellorship in just a few years.”

Such a development should frighten the world, in light of Germany’s war-making history. But it is going to take more than words to awaken America and Britain.

“While Stratfor is not suggesting Germany is soon to see brownshirts on every street corner, the gains made by right-wing parties echo a period in German history when the rise of the right had disastrous results. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party won power at a time when Germany was plagued by high unemployment, economic depression and the destruction of its military.

“Germany posts joblessness of more than 10 percent, growth of under 2 percent of gross domestic product and enormous cutbacks in military spending.”

The rise of the right in World War ii led to 50 million deaths. Never before had the world experienced such a holocaust.

Are we about to see a more refined “Hitler” rise in Germany? Bible prophecy says it will happen. We have been prophesying of Germany’s rise to world power since it was pounded into the rubble in World War ii. This next time, it will be far more powerful than in World War ii. (Request our free booklets The United States and Britain in Prophecy and Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.)

“Right-wing German parties already have proposed several measures to limit immigration and the influence of minorities on German culture. …

“Although Stratfor will not accuse Merkel of being a Nazi sympathizer, her statements at the conference are reminiscent of Hitler’s. Merkel said in a 2004 interview, ‘The notion of multiculturalism has fallen apart. Anyone coming [to Germany] must respect our constitution and tolerate our Western and Christian roots.’ As Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, ‘a state may be called bad if, in spite of the existence of a high cultural level, it dooms to destruction the bearers of that culture by breaking up their racial uniformity.’

“Indeed, the cdu itself is not as troubling as what it could inspire. The multiculturalism encouraged by German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is something very recent and hardly resonates with most Germans. The era of German political leadership apologizing for being German is over, and it is not unimaginable that far-right parties could capitalize on their recent gains to move the country back into a xenophobic frame of mind.”

About 40 years ago we wrote, “The world heard and saw Hitler. But his real promoters and backers kept in the background. If Hitler failed in this second round of world war, they planned to let him shoulder the blame before the world, and keep themselves free to secretly plot the third round—World War iii!” (Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course, Lesson 3).

It is time for America and the world to awaken.

Germany is resurrecting the spirit of Adolf Hitler. The alarm bell has sounded! Will anybody hear it?