Plagues of Violence

From the July 2000 Trumpet Print Edition

On a hot summer day in New York’s Central Park last month, a pack of young men viciously attacked some 32 girls and women—stripping, groping and sexually abusing many of them. The assaults, which police say were instigated by at least seven men and involved as many as 40, happened during a Puerto Rican Day parade on June 11.

All the attacks took place in broad daylight, in heavily populated areas—near major hotels, apartment buildings and a zoo. Several witnesses and some victims have alleged that the attackers were intoxicated.

At a news conference, New York City’s police commissioner denied that the officers assigned to the Puerto Rican Day parade were told to relax public drinking regulations to avoid tension between police and the mostly Hispanic crowd. He also said that no officers were near Central Park when the incidents occurred, but some witnesses said they saw police ignoring the commotion.

One victim, a 29-year-old woman, said a policeman she approached “acted like it was nothing” and two others told her to file a report at a nearby precinct.

Eight days later, another riot broke out—this time in California. Exuberant sports fans turned violent following a championship basketball game in Los Angeles on June 19; revelers set a police car aflame and destroyed or damaged several other vehicles, including a limousine and TV news van. More than a dozen injuries were reported.

Incidents such as these are seriously damaging the credibility of America’s law enforcement. Moreover, because of increasing public outcry against police brutality and racial profiling, many policemen fear to aggressively act against some violent crimes in minority areas.

The Bible indicates that these problems are only going to worsen. Plagues of savagery and rioting will cripple U.S. cities in the near future—and authorities will be too afraid to forcefully stop the fury! The violence in New York and Los Angeles is merely a shadow of things to come.

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