A Lesson From Virginia Tech

A Lesson From Virginia Tech

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The consequences of failing to confront evil
From the June 2007 Trumpet Print Edition

Cho Seung-Hui allowed evil to grow in his heart for years. He hid in the back of his classes, silently, sullenly, behind shades; he sometimes, creepily, took pictures of his classmates under his desk with his cell phone; he stalked two female coeds; he set a fire in a dorm room; he wrote nightmarish, violent screenplays for one class. His miserable, lonely life was punctuated by run-ins with campus police and other authorities. After one incident, a district court declared him “mentally ill and in need of hospitalization” and said he posed “an imminent danger.” No correction he ever received, however, caused him to rethink his path. He failed to fight the evil that was swallowing his spirit.

Fellow students found Cho unnerving. Some stopped coming to class to avoid him; some worried he could become a school shooter. Several of his professors regularly communicated among themselves about how to deal with him; one threatened to quit if Cho wasn’t removed from her class. Everyone knew he was a time bomb. Still, everyone from student affairs to the dean’s office to the campus police said there was nothing they could do if Cho wasn’t making overt threats against himself or others. Constrained by politically correct policies and, undoubtedly, a mixture of sympathy and cowardice, school officials allowed this obvious evil to remain in their midst. Cho continued as a student until the day he turned the university into a mortuary, murdering 32 people and then killing himself.

Failing to confront evil—both within ourselves and within our society—can have devastating consequences.

Those who encountered Cho instinctually sensed the evil within him. It frightened and repulsed them, but they simply had no practice at dealing with it. They live in a culture where the line between good and evil is broad and gray, where many believe that the only real evil is to brand something as evil. Their culture seeks to understand evil, to accommodate it—to explain it as anything other than what it actually is.

The nature of evil is to spread. Like bacteria in a petri dish, self-absorption and negativity, left unchecked, grow into depression and ruin. Bad habits lead to addictions. Destructive cultural forces like vulgarity, violence and family breakdown fester and multiply. Political tyrants keep conquering territory and people until some stronger force intervenes to stop them.

Our society sits in profound denial of this plain fact—from parents who do not bridle their children, to judges who protect pornography rather than people, to politicians who insist that our enemies will vanish if we simply make nice with them.

A society loath to identify evil as something to be fought—if it is willing to identify evil at all—is helpless to resist it. Ambivalence about evil—or worse, fascination with it—invites its presence and encourages its growth. Permitting a profoundly creepy, antisocial, mentally ill arsonist and stalker to remain on a university campus is just one illustration of a whole culture dangerously tolerant of evil, even as its destructive influences seep into our lives.

Remember the biblical story of the first two children in human history. Cain, jealous and embittered, allowed evil to grow in his heart. God confronted him about it. “Why are you angry?” He asked. “Why is your face so dark with rage? It can be bright with joy if you will do what you should! But if you refuse to obey, watch out. Sin is waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you. But you can conquer it!” (Genesis 4:6-7, Living Bible). Surely today’s psychiatry would have supplied Cain with a myriad of excuses for his bad temper: family dysfunction, economic deprivation, alienation from authorities, probable chemical imbalance or hormonal deficiency. God, by contrast, went straight to the true cause of Cain’s misery: sin. Pointing Cain toward the solution to his problems, God advocated waging a personal battle against sin—kicking evil out of his life. Alas, Cain ignored the advice. Murder ensued.

God is unambivalent about evil. He witnessed its unhappy origin: when the archangel Lucifer, whom God created, began harboring vain thoughts that ultimately drove him to try to usurp God’s throne (read Ezekiel 28:14-18). God did not respond with sympathy, and certainly not with cowardice—but with violent force, kicking His adversary, along with all his demons, out of heaven and casting them down to Earth. These events are described in Revelation 12:7-12, a passage that concludes with a chilling warning to us: “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth … for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

Yes, the devil is right here among us—even, in some respects, within us. Do you recognize him?

Why would God curse us with the devil’s presence? Because He wants us to learn to confront evil. And He wants us to witness firsthand the devastating consequences of failing to do so. (That is why He didn’t prevent Cain from murdering his brother, or Cho from murdering his peers.) Anywhere we fail to confront evil—among nations, within communities and schools, in our families, within ourselves—it will spread. As God said, sin is waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you.

But don’t forget: You can conquer it.

Sharia Law for British Schools?

From the May 2007 Trumpet Print Edition

A new publication on British education released by the Muslim Council of Britain reveals a push for Islamic law to be imposed in the British school system.

Reporting for the Washington Times, Diana West stated, “At the crux of the Muslim council’s document is a call for special treatment for Britain’s Muslim students that is so special as to reorient the entire British system according to Islamic law” (February 23).

Based on the fact that a British poll found that religion “appears to be more important” to Muslim youth than those of other heritage, the report infers that Muslim religious requirements are also more important than those of other religions. Hence, the report proposes that a huge range of Islamic practices be incorporated into the British school system including: wearing of the hijab, the growing of beards, halal meals (including special staff training, food preparation and storage), prayer rooms for Muslim children, special washing facilities to perform Wudu, participation in Ramadan (including the rescheduling of certain school events to avoid clashes), Arabic classes, Koran recitation—and so on. “The Muslim council isn’t asking the British taxpayer to create the perfect Sharia state exactly,” writes West, “but rather the perfect Sharia state school system.”

Of course, this is just the latest—rather audacious—move in Islam’s assault on the West. The two-pronged approach—overtly through violence, and more subtly through a cultural offensive—seeks the Islamification of Western society. Islam expert Bernard Lewis once explained this phenomenon: “In the classical Islamic view, to which many Muslims are beginning to return, the world and all mankind are divided into two: the House of Islam, where the Muslim law and faith prevail, and the rest, known as the House of Unbelief or the House of War, which it is the duty of Muslims ultimately to bring to Islam” (Atlantic Monthly, September 1990).

When seen in this context, the Muslim council’s latest attempt to change school policy in Britain is far from a simple request for religious freedom.

“Family” Ruled as Hate Speech

From the May 2007 Trumpet Print Edition

You may want to take a permanent marker and black out “family,” “traditional values,” and “family values” in your interoffice notices: They could be construed as hate speech. So said the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a recent decision.

In response to a notice regarding the start of a homosexual employee association in a city office, two women posted a memo announcing the formation of a different group. The memo said, “Good News Employee Associations is a forum for people of faith to express their views on the contemporary issues of the day with respect for the natural family, marriage and family values.”

Their manager demanded the notice be taken down because of “statements of a homophobic nature.” The two women sue d, believing their First Amendment rights had been violated. The court ruled in favor of their supervisor (Cybercast News Service, March 14).

Christian rights groups are up in arms, and for good reason. The court’s ruling basically excluded a group advocating marriage and traditional values from First Amendment rights in a government workplace. The ruling stated public employers could regulate employee speech if their “administrative interest” was more important than the free speech of the employees. And apparently, anything that competes with homosexuality does irrevocable harm to the workplace.

The pro-homosexual posts received no repercussions whatsoever from the case. The court banned a pro-family notice and allowed a pro-homosexual one to remain. The two women’s post made no mention of homosexuals at all, but merely promoted “family values.” Is that an equal-minded judgment?

Wrong judgment is a hallmark of our society today. Free speech applies to a select few promoting their own set of values. The homosexual agenda is overshadowing the constitutional right to free speech. And at least two courts uphold that belief.

Hamas Invests in Media Upgrade

From the May 2007 Trumpet Print Edition

Hamas has spent millions of dollars upgrading its television stations and Internet sites. The Israeli government-aligned Intelligence Terrorism Information Center released a report dated February 23 that said Hamas’s media upgrade reflects the increasing role of the media in its strategy.

The report explains that, although the Hamas government is bankrupt, “the movement has invested massive sums in improving its propaganda assets, aware of their importance in the battle for hearts and minds against Israel and against its opponents in the internal Palestinian arena.”

Hamas leaders are well aware of how to use the media to manipulate global opinion against Israel. The organization has already been proven to stage events and concoct stories to gain pr advantage. Last June, for example, it fabricated a story accusing Israel of killing innocent Palestinian civilians. Headlines around the world picked up on Hamas’s version of the story, though further investigation ruled out Israeli involvement in the attack and instead pointed to evidence of Hamas responsibility.

The terrorist group Hezbollah also employs the same media strategy to its advantage; during Israel’s war in Lebanon last summer, Hezbollah’s tactics had a notable effect in swinging international opinion against Israel.

Sadly, such tactics only succeed because of the eagerness of much of the West’s anti-Israel mainstream press to publicize any injustice done to Palestinians, even if it is manufactured, and because of the credulity of a misinformed public.

China Swallowing Latin America

From the May 2007 Trumpet Print Edition

China has added one more acquisition to its sizeable collection of critical ports in Latin America.

After several months of delay, a Chinese company took over the management of Ecuador’s Manta port, the second-largest in the country, in February. The contract went to Chinese front company Hutchinson Whampoa, which agreed to spend about us$460 million to upgrade the port.

“The ultimate impact,” wrote BusinessWeek.com, “is that a Hong Kong conglomerate will have control of one of Ecuador’s economic linchpins” (February 8). Through Hutchinson, China already controls a number of strategic ports in Latin America including the ports at each end of the Panama Canal, the Buenos Aires Container Terminal in Argentina, the international terminal at one of the most important ports on Mexico’s Pacific coast, a large port on Mexico’s Atlantic coast, and two ports in the Bahamas.

So why are Latin Ameri _can countries allowing the Chinese to make such inroads? The answer is money. China is investing massive amounts of money in Latin America—particularly in the development of natural resources, including oil. In 2003, Latin America accounted for almost half of China’s overseas investments. Just how much money is at stake was revealed in the fact that Ecuador actually changed national laws to allow China to put in its bid for the 30-year contract for control of Manta’s port.

Clearly, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement: In return for its investments, China is gaining control of ports and much-needed resources such as iron ore from Brazil and oil from Venezuela. Beijing’s strategy is to secure sources for critical resources and the ability to transport those resources back to China. Toward this end, China recently opened a shipping route across the Pacific linking several ports in China with ports in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. In addition, Beijing is seeking to control the ships themselves; China is currently the world’s fourth-largest shipbuilder, with the aim to be world number one within the next three years.

China is not without competition in Latin America, however. Europe has been busy over recent years making inroads, particularly economically. What is building is a massive contest for resources—a battle that Latin American countries will find themselves caught in the middle of. Read our March 2006 article “The Battleground” for details on how this future struggle for resources, already beginning, will play out.

The Missing Dimension in Sex

The Missing Dimension in Sex

Eric Ward

From the June 2007 Trumpet Print Edition

One of our most requested books is The Missing Dimension in Sex by Herbert W. Armstrong.

Write or call for your free copy.

This book and other writings of Mr. Armstrong cost us several million dollars to win in court. If we hadn’t won, outside of a few used book stores you would not be able to find a copy anywhere on Earth.

The people we fought against in court also spent a few million dollars. However, they did it to prevent you from ever reading Missing Dimension and other writings of Mr. Armstrong. They said it was their “Christian duty” to keep those writings out of print. We strongly disagreed.

Why would they spend millions of dollars to prevent you from reading this book and other writings?

I believe it is one of the most fascinating events you will ever read about. The court case is explained in our free booklet on Habakkuk. I believe you will be stunned, even electrified, by this amazing booklet. It shows how we won a miraculous victory when it appeared that all was lost. The court case ended Jan. 16, 2003.

In the discovery process of the lawsuit, we received access to many internal documents of the Worldwide Church of God, which previously held the copyright to this book. Here is something it wrote on Sept. 20, 1989, after Mr. Armstrong died: “Attitudes towards sex have changed radically since the mid-1960s and Missing Dimension is becoming less effective as a result of these changes. In addition, the cost of producing even a paperback version is several times more expensive than a normal booklet.”

Our opponent, the wcg, said Missing Dimension was outdated. But Mr. Armstrong and our Church have always gotten an outstanding response from this book. This book has never been more up-to-date than today.

We hope you will request a free copy and judge for yourself.

Our opponents also said the book was too expensive for them to print. Mr. Armstrong thought it was well worth the expense and so do we.

Our court battle with the Worldwide Church of God, after Mr. Armstrong died, was not the first time some people tried to destroy that book. Why?

A wcg memo dated Oct. 17, 1977, about 22 years earlier, said this: “Our inventory of The Missing Dimension in Sex has been exhausted. It will be discontinued and the code will send a lit-out notice. Perhaps if Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s health permits, it will be updated and reprinted someday.”

At that time, Mr. Armstrong was leading the Worldwide Church of God, but he was gravely ill. It looked as though he would never recover, but he did.

His own son had led an effort to destroy this book and some other writings of his father.

When Mr. Armstrong recovered, he restored all those writings and again freely gave them away.

So there have been two massive attempts to destroy Missing Dimension. Why?

This book tells you the purpose of sex—and of man. There are evil forces in this world that don’t want to read that message! And they don’t want you to read it either. I hope you want to understand why.

There are more beings involved in this cover-up than just human beings. I hope you will prove this for yourself. This book and Habakkuk will explain the mystery to you.

Our society is glutted with sex information and entertainment. No other age has come close to proliferating X-rated movies and pornography as our people do today through our unparalleled technology.

And if people can’t get this perverted sex through our technology, they have unparalleled transportation to go and get it!

Never have we seen so much twisted, destructive sex information and entertainment. But none of it tells you the purpose of sex! There is the missing dimension in all of it. Sick sex is playing a major role in destroying the Western world—led by America and Britain.

Families are the backbone of any strong nation. And families are being destroyed by turning what God intended to be a blessing into something vile and twisted.

This problem is even more deadly than nuclear bombs! Marriages are broken. Children are left with one parent or with no parents in some cases. There is often extreme sexual abuse. Unlawful sex leaves emotional, mental and spiritual scars.

The Missing Dimension in Sex shows us how to solve our gigantic sex problems. Request this wonderful book and see how.

This book is changing lives in a miraculous way. I hope you will accept my challenge. Study this book and see why.

Here is what Mr. Armstrong wrote about this book: “This missing dimension in knowledge has not been revealed by religion, by the medical fraternity, by the ‘authorities’ on the subject nor by higher education. You will find it only in this book. Do not glance over and past that portion of this book. It is a million times more valuable than the technical-physical knowledge. The latter, without the former can be, ultimately, disastrously fatal. For this is, in true fact, the most important and necessary book ever published on sex!”