Religion and the Power of the Media


Religion and the Power of the Media

Religion and politics make a rich mix. Throw in the power of mass media, and you have a means of shaping public opinion second to none.

Pope Benedict xvi is rapidly seizing the initiative across the Atlantic in a determined effort to ensure that the secular materialistic liberalism destroying the moral fiber of Anglo-American society is arrested on the continent of Europe.

Benedict sees clearly that the power of the British and American peoples is rapidly waning. He sees their increasing lack of political will. He witnesses the sham of their pseudo-religiosity. He perceives their youth directionless, increasingly their minds perverted by their being unwittingly exploited by a multiplicity of forces that are both character- and soul-destroying. And he sees the power of the primary force that is bending their minds—the power of mass media, via the music, film, video, web-based and telephonic sources so freely placed at their disposal.

Witnessing this denigrating effect of media-driven attack on the morals of Western society, in particular its youth, Benedict has taken up the challenge to stem the evil tide from overflowing his European pastorate. Even before he gained the papal crown, Benedict, then cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, railed against that child of Anglo-American sub-culture that has had such deep effect on the morality of Western youth. In his book The Spirit of the Liturgy, published in 2000, he declared that “‘Rock’ [music] … is the expression of elemental passions, and at rock festivals it assumes a cultic character, a form of worship, in fact, in opposition to Christian worship. People are, so to speak, released from themselves by the experience of being part of a crowd and by the emotional shock of rhythm, noise and special lighting effects. However, in the ecstasy of having all their defenses torn down, the participants sink, as it were, beneath the elemental force of the universe.”

Two years later, in an observation on the spiritual and moral state of Western society at large, Ratzinger said, “It is true that the Muslim world is not totally mistaken when it reproaches the West of Christian tradition of moral decadence and the manipulation of human life” (Zenit, March 3, 2002).

Then, shortly before ascending the papal throne, commenting on the spiritual challenge that the Vatican faced in respect of the European Union, Ratzinger wrote, “In the hour of its greatest success, Europe seems to have become empty inside, paralyzed by a life-threatening crisis to its health and dependent on transplants” (Values in a Time of Upheaval, 2005).

During a 2005 mass one month before becoming pope, in a declarative statement about even the moral decline in the condition of the Catholic Church itself resulting from the impact of “liberation theology,” Ratzinger exclaimed, “How much filth there is in the church, even among those who, in the priesthood, should belong entirely to Him. How much pride, how much self-sufficiency!”

That same year, during an interview with a German journalist, Ratzinger officially declared war on the secularism that he sees as the root cause for the evils of a society in moral decline: “There really is an ideological, secular aggressiveness that gives cause to worry. … Laicism [secularism] is not any longer that element of neutrality that opens fields of freedom for everybody. It’s now turning into an ideology, which—with the help of politics—forces itself into the public and leaves no space for the Christian and Catholic conception—thereby turning it into a merely private and essentially mutilated concern. In this sense a fight has really begun in which we have to defend the religious freedom against the pretension of an ideology, that acts as if it were the only voice of reason—whereas it is only the expression of ‘a certain’ rationalism. … A society that is not at all concerned with God destroys itself. We saw that in the totalitarian experiments of the last century” (Die Welt, April 20, 2005).

Of the fact that Benedict is up to the fight, there can be no doubt. He proved that by his tenacious rooting out of liberation theologians during his term in office as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the ancient office of the Inquisition, now with its sanitized, politically correct name), under the papacy of John Paul ii. Now he has revealed that he will meet the mass media industry head on in the quest for the moral high ground globally!

With Pope Benedict having last week roundly challenged the mass media to change their largely destructive tune—destructive of basic family values and all that he sees as being fundamental to a good, “Christian and Catholic conception” of society—the Vatican announced this week that it will go on the offensive in the media war. The pope is about to build a global television audience to add to the rapidly growing global Web-based audience currently attracted to the Vatican’s well-developed online portal. The Vatican is on the verge of launching not just its own television station, but a global television network! With the call sign H20, the network is due to be launched by the end of the year, offering a mix of news and original entertainment in seven languages.

The timing could not be better. Figures just released indicate that “Christian” soft rock music now outsells all other forms of rock music combined. Not only that, Hollywood is on a binge of producing a plethora of films on pseudo-religious themes. That much of the content of these films bears no real comparison to the inerrancy of revealed Scripture matters little to Hollywood producers. What matters is that they have discovered that religion is back in fashion as a form of entertainment. Religion sells, no matter whether or not it depicts the truth. Even better if it doesn’t—like The Da Vinci Code. It’s the box office bottom line that counts!

So! Right at the juncture that the masses are clamoring to get religion, at least in its form as entertainment, Benedict xvi is about to go global with the Vatican’s own brand of religious entertainment via its own global television network.

Take our word for it or not, the day will soon dawn when that network will air shows of a nature that will leave the public absolutely spellbound! In time to come, the Vatican will produce religious entertainment that will make Hollywood box-office hits on religious themes look more like Disney cartoons by comparison. The visions coming down the tube from Vatican-networked TV will literally hypnotize their global audience with their out-of-this-world, mind-shattering imagery.

Believe it or not, Bible prophecy declares it will be so!

Read Revelation 13:13 in your own Bible. It’s a real show stopper! In time to come when you witness that event, broadcast around the world via globally networked television, remember where you read that it would one day become a reality. It just may mean that by remembering, you may then be able to do something positive and life-changing in light of the impending consequences of those startling events!