The Shameful Lockerbie Trial

From the June 2000 Trumpet Print Edition

The Lockerbie trial began the last week of April. Here is what Alasdair Palmer wrote about it in the British Sunday Telegraph, April 30 (emphasis mine): “The pain, the relatives say, doesn’t diminish, because you don’t ever get used to the loss. What you burn for is justice: the knowledge that those who took the life of your child, your mother, your father or your spouse will be made to account for what they did, and to pay for it.

“Nearly 12 years after a bomb placed on PanAm flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie in Scotland, killing the 259 people on board [193 Americans] and 11 more in the village, the relatives seem poised to get the justice they ache for. That, at least, is what is stated by the British and American governments who arranged the trial of the two men they claim planted the bomb. That trial starts on Monday. Robin Cook, the foreign secretary, insists it will finally prove who was responsible for what is the worst terrorist outrage perpetrated against British and American citizens—and punish them for it.

“Mr. Cook’s claim is bold and inspiring. Unfortunately, it is transparently false. It does not survive a moment’s scrutiny, as most of the relatives, even those who are most hopeful about the outcome of the trial, will tell you. This is not because the evidence against the two Libyans is weak. It is because the trial will not touch the man who was responsible for what they did: Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qadhafi.

“Qadhafi was persuaded to hand over Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima, the men alleged to have planted the bomb, only on the condition that the trial was strictly limited to examining their culpability, and no one else’s. The prosecution was not to examine or even to raise the issue of who ordered them to place the bomb. This deal included the lifting of the trade embargo with Libya. The embargo, Britain, America and the UN stressed, would not be reimposed, whatever the outcome. The whole issue of Libyan involvement in the bomb would be closed.

“Even by the standards of ‘ethical’ foreign policy, that was a ludicrous concession to have made. It guarantees that the trial will be a charade. If international law has any principles, the most basic is that the guilty man is not just he who pulls the trigger, but he who orders the trigger to be pulled.”

Britain and America insist on the trial as a show of strength. But all we are doing is parading our pathetic weakness before the world.

Almost every adult on this planet knows that the mass murderer is Colonel Muammar Qadhafi. So Britain and America advertise to the world that a terrorist leader can attack our peoples and go unpunished.

That is the real story of this trial! Mr. Qadhafi is not being held personally responsible for what he initiated and orchestrated.

So expect terrorism and violence to intensify against our peoples! This is the inevitable fruit of our shameful weakness.

The evidence strongly indicates that Syria and Iran were also involved in placing the bomb on the PanAm flight 103. But that evidence can’t be presented at the trial either. We are afraid to offend these terrorist nations. They too are probably guilty of mass murder against our peoples.

We act like nothing happened and continue our childish game-playing. But what we are involved in is no game. It is about the survival of our nation. Any good history book should teach us that.

There can be no justice in this charade called a trial! We are a “superpower” too weak to administer justice for the victims and their families. We have the power but lack the will to use it.

Again, we need to learn from history. Great nations of the past collapsed because they lacked the will to fight and protect their rights in the world. They lacked the will to punish their enemies who abused them.

The worst news for a superpower is a broken will. We must have the will to face serious problems and fight for justice. Otherwise we are not a superpower.

God prophesied that He would break the pride of our power in this end time (Dan. 9:13-14; Lev. 26:19). Our national pride, or will, has been broken because of sin.

That is what the Lockerbie “trial” is really about.

Our big problem is not terrorist leaders who kill our citizens with impunity. The problem is sin against the Creator God. Our overwhelming problems will cease when we learn that lesson.