Nine Injured in Michigan Shooting

An armed man shot nine people at a water park in Rochester Hills, Michigan, on Saturday.

Michael William Nash, a 42-year-old from Shelby Township, arrived at Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad, left his vehicle, and fired “potentially 28 times” with handguns on a crowd about 20 feet away, according to authorities.

Nash left an 8-year-old and his mother in critical condition before going home and killing himself. He also had a semiautomatic rifle, indicating that, had he not been tracked down by the police so quickly, his spree of violence may have continued. He did not have any previous police contact or criminal record.

Why suffering? What possesses someone to shoot up a crowd? What is the solution to these tragedies? If God exists, why does He allow such suffering?

The Bible prophesied the heightened violence we see today, specifically showing that modern-day America would suffer from it. The Bible alone explains the solution to mass shootings.

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