Houthis and Iran Plan Attack on U.S.-Aligned Eritrean Base

A base in Eritrea that supplies American and British forces with weapons could be the next target of Iran-backed Houthi terrorists, Geopolitical Futures reported on May 13.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Houthis agreed in a meeting last month to launch missile attacks against military bases providing support to international forces in the Red Sea. The base in Eritrea would be struck first because it is the main warehouse supplying weapons to American and British forces.

They also reviewed the process for announcing the Houthis’ possession of new missiles with better range, speed and explosive capacity.

Houthi attacks: Despite American and British efforts to neutralize the terrorist group, the Houthis have continued to destabilize the region with attacks. Earlier this month, the group launched its first blue-water attack on a Portuguese-flagged container ship. Two days later, they threatened to target ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

Iran has used the Houthis in its aim to control the Red Sea’s vital shipping lanes and antagonize the world. Watch as tensions surrounding the Red Sea rise, leading to the prophesied push from Iran.

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