Houthis Launch First Blue-water Attack

Houthi drones hit a Portuguese-flagged container ship in the Arabian Sea some 375 miles off the coast of Yemen on April 26. It appears to be the Houthis’ first blue-water attack since they began targeting ships in the region in November.

How? The assault inflicted only minor damage on the msc Orion, but it immediately raised the question: How did the Houthis carry out an attack so far from their coasts?

The terrorist group does not have a proper naval fleet and is not known to have the sophisticated technology required to operate long-distance drones.

The attack could indicate a significant upgrade of Houthi military capabilities, likely due to its main sponsor, Iran, giving it more advanced weaponry. The development also suggests the group might be able to hit targets in more remote parts of the Indian Ocean.

Stirring the pot: Conditions in the Red Sea are becoming more volatile. Iran is stirring the pot and destabilizing the region through proxies such as the Houthis.

Keep your eyes on the Red Sea. What we are witnessing is leading to the prophesied push from Iran.

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