U.S. Appeases Venezuela

The United States announced new sanctions on Venezuela on Wednesday, but it will still allow some American and European companies to remain in Venezuela in an effort to coax Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to align with democratic values.

Backstory: In October, U.S. President Joe Biden lifted Trump-era sanctions on Venezuela, hoping Maduro would hold free and fair elections in return. Instead, Maduro:

  • Arrested dissenting activists
  • Banned his top rival, Maria Corina Machado, and her chosen stand-in from running against him
  • Blocked most of the 8 million who have left Venezuela during his rule from voting in the next election

In response, Biden is reimposing hollow sanctions, allowing U.S. companies in Venezuela to apply for permits to stay in business. In addition, Italian oil firm Eni and Spanish energy company Repsol, which started drilling before the October deal, do not face sanctions.

This appeasement is meant to induce Maduro into a change of heart to hold free, fair elections on July 28.

Weakness: These “sanctions” show how weak America has become. Bible prophecy shows that its foreign-policy failures will continue to increase. To learn more, read our Trends article “Why the Trumpet Watches America’s Retreat From Global Leadership.”