Germany’s Olaf Scholz Visits China

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz started a three-day visit to China on April 14. Executives from major German businesses, such as bmw, Mercedes-Benz and Siemens, accompanied him.

Fair competition: Scholz called on the Chinese government to allow fair competition and warned about dumping and overproduction while speaking to students in Shanghai on Monday. He also called on the European Union not to act out of protectionist self-interest against China.

At some point there will also be Chinese cars in Germany and Europe. The only thing that must always be clear is that competition must be fair.
—Olaf Scholz

Trade relations: Scholz’s accompanying business executives noted that there is great potential in the Chinese market and that trade between the two is expected to increase.

Germany has a lot of technologies to offer. This is how we grow the economies. And going forward, I think we have the next level ahead of us to keep on going. We believe in the Chinese market, and we’ll be doubling down on our investment.
—Roland Busch, ceo of Siemens

China is Germany’s largest trading partner, with an estimated 5,000 German companies currently operating within China.

On Tuesday, Scholz met with Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping. He urged Xi to pressure Russia into ending the war in Ukraine.

This was Scholz’s second trip to China since taking office in 2021.

Anti-American trade bloc: The developing relationship between Germany and China is crucial to watch. Based on Bible prophecy, the Trumpet has forecast for years that a large trade bloc centered on these two powers will work to freeze America out of world trade.

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