Donald Trump Returns to Court for ‘Hush Money’ Case

Donald Trump began fighting his Stephanie Clifford case in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday. The former president was charged with labeling hush money paid to pornographic actress Clifford as “legal expenses,” which is allegedly falsification of business records.

Even if convicted, Trump is unlikely to face jail time because the jury can only deem the charges as misdemeanors or lowest-level felonies. Most charged with similar offenses face only probation or fines.

Corruption: When Hillary Clinton’s campaign funded the Steele dossier, it filed that under “legal expenses.” Those responsible did not face a criminal trial, which shows a shameful instance of selective enforcement of law.

Since this case is very unlikely to imprison Trump, it is clearly a ploy to hurt his presidential campaign. Judge Juan Merchan has ordered Trump to personally attend every session of the case (which will likely last six to eight weeks), stopping him from campaigning during that time.

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