NATO Not Doing Enough to Stop Russia, Swedish Official Says

Some nato nations are failing to “understand the sense of urgency” needed to stop Russia and are “not doing enough” toward that end, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said on March 27.

We have to understand that Russia is a neighbor that is behaving irresponsibly, which is threatening the world with irresponsible nuclear threats and the idea of re-creating its former empire at the expense of independent sovereign states. … We have to put an end to that.
—Tobias Billstrom

Sweden became the latest country to officially join nato on March 7, almost two years after issuing its bid to join the alliance in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In order to stop Russia’s broader expansionist ambitions, “we first of all have to stop the aggression against Ukraine,” Billstrom said.

Preparing for war? As war continues in Ukraine, nato countries have increasingly called for a stronger response to prepare for potential conflict.

As a whole, European countries are on a massive military spending spree.

Superpower coming: Europe will soon unite to form a militaristic superpower that will drastically change world affairs. Fear of Russia is accelerating this trend.

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